Back to school pencil pocket

With September around the corner, and back to school supplies crowding store shelves, my brain is spinning with school-themed crafts.
Isn't there something wonderful about the promise of a new school year and a backpack brimming with shiny new supplies? If the kids aren't feeling so optimistic about bidding adieu to the care-free days of summer, some back to school crafting may be in order.
This pencil case is simple and easy to personalize -- perfect for beating the back-to-school blues.

Here's what you need to make your own:

1 9"x12" piece of felt
Hot glue gun, with glue
Stiff felt (for trim and decoration)
Adhesive Velcro dots

** Note: using a hot glue gun is always a parents job!

Get started by cutting a 4" piece of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and add a little dollop of hot glue to the end, making a loop.

Next, make your pencil pocket -- just think of it as a felt envelope.
Fold the felt into thirds, with the bottom edge landing at the center of the felt, and the top half folding over it. Mark where the bottom edge hits the center, and unfold the felt.
Now, spread a thin line of hot glue right along the edge of the felt -- from the mark to the bottom edge.
Be sure to glue both sides and work fast, hot glue cools quickly!
Place the ribbon loop into the glue at the mark. Fold the felt back up and press to seal it in place.

Now you have a little pencil pocket. Isn't that easy?
Add Velcro dots to flap to keep the pocket closed.
Finally, decorate with ribbon and felt shapes.

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