Button Bouquet

Keep a jar of buttons on hand and you will never run out of craft projects. Buttons are one of my all-time favorite supplies - colorful, classic, so easy to use. This sweet little button bouquet is a good example of just how versatile they are. All you need to make these beautiful buds are buttons, pipe cleaners and a little ribbon.

*Just remember buttons are for kids 3 and up!

To make a bouquet:
12 buttons in various sizes and colors
4 pipe cleaners
4 4" pieces green ribbon

Tip: Stash some supplies in a baggy and tuck them away in your purse. Bust out your button baggy on a long car trip, or when the kids get restless at a restaurant. This no-mess craft will keep kids busy, and you get to be the rock star mom or auntie who pulls fun right out of her bag.

1. Stack buttons in groups of three, with the largest button on the bottom, smallest at the top.
Each stack will make one flower.
2. Thread a pipe cleaner through one hole on each button, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest. Push the buttons to the center of the pipe cleaner.
3. Now, bend the pipe cleaner in half and weave it back down through the buttons, just as you would when sewing a button.
4. Twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together, making a stem.
5. Tie a piece of ribbon at the top of the pipe cleaner. Clip the ends into a tapered shape, like a leaf.

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