Hand washing tip

Teaching kids to wash their hands is a no-brainer, but preschoolers are masters at the soapless hand rinse and the lightning fast wash. How do you teach preschoolers to get a good sudsy wash?
Here's a tip from my days as a toddler and preschool teacher - to make hand washing fun, and to be certain they get a solid 15 - 20 second scrub, teach kids to sing a song while they wash. Songs like Twinkle Twinkle, the Alphabet song, or The Itsy Bitsy spider are good choices.

This soap dispenser is a cute way to remind preschoolers to sing their hand washing song.
I bought the dispenser at Target for a few dollars, and then added the Itsy Bitsy spider art with adhesive craft foam. I reinforced the foam with a bit of hot glue and then drew on my spider with a permanent marker. Start good habits now and by the time cold season rolls around you will be a step ahead.

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