Fall Centerpiece: Pile of Pumpkins

Yesterday was the hottest day EVER. Literally. It was a record shattering 113 degrees in Los Angeles. It was the hottest day on record since they started taking records, way back in 1877! So, what am I thinking about in all of this blistering, record breaking heat? Pumpkins. Yup, still on that pumpkin kick.

In the floral section of the grocery store I spotted a display of fall decor - gourds, mums and perfect little pumpkins. I just had to take some home. I bought a few tiny pumpkins and a branch full of preserved fall leaves. I don't love the idea of fake foliage, but I knew I wouldn't come across any real fall leaves around here, so these would have to do. If you have real leaves at home that's even better -- and I'm really jealous  -- did I mention that it's 113 degrees here?!

Anyway, back to the pumpkins. These little guys were just begging to be displayed, but lining them up on the table felt tired, predictable. Instead, how about a pile of pumpkins? I grabbed a tall glass vase and dropped them in, alternating them with the fall leaves. Presto - pretty fall centerpiece for less than five dollars!

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