First Day Ribbons

I have a really vivid memory of starting the 3rd grade. It was a BIG deal. On the first day of school I was excited to be one of the "old" kids at my k-3rd elementary school. I was going to have class on the 3rd floor - the top floor, and I was wearing my brand new (very cool) neon green and aqua blue culotte* outfit.

* If you don't know what culottes are, chances are you weren't a child of the 80's. Or, maybe, you actually managed to dodge that fashion bullet. If you want a mental picture think baggy knee-length shorts that look something like a skirt. In a word - awesome.

Point is -- going back to school is a big deal, and every new year is a milestone that deserves some recognition. These first day ribbons are a fun way to celebrate. Pin one on for first day pictures or sneak one into your child's backpack to let her know how proud you are. Paper, glue and ribbon, simple -- now go make some!

Here's what you'll need:

2 1/2" cardboard circle (cut one from a cereal box)
2 1/12" card stock circle, patterned
2" card stock circle
tacky glue
Pin backing

1. Glue 2 4" pieces of ribbon to your cardboard circle.

2. Glue the patterned card stock on top of the cardboard and ribbon.

3. Now glue the 2" circle on top of that.

4. Flip over and glue the pin backing onto the cardboard - let dry.

5. Once dry, clip the ribbon ends and write on your child's grade and the year.

Jessica says...

Too bad I didn't see this last week! Its now on my to-remember list for my class next year! Thanks MirandaMade!

Kim @ seven thirty three says...

These are so cute! I featured you today in my 19 Creative Back to School Ideas and Treats Round-Up. Feel free to grab a button!

anne amer says...

lovely! I will definitely be doing this for my class this year

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