Framed Cupcake Felt Board

This project is just too sweet to pass up. Use an old photo frame to create a felt board and let little "bakers" get creative designing their own cupcake creations. The fun with felt boards is that you can remove the felt pieces and rebuild your cupcakes over and over again. Make clouds of pastel frosting, cheerful cherry toppers and colorful cupcake liners from felt scraps.
An artful cupcake would make great bedroom decor. Just stand the frame on a shelf and admire your sweet design.

Here's what you'll need to make a Felty Framed Cupcake:

8 1/2" x 11" frame
81/2" x 11" stiffened felt, such as easy felt
Felt scraps in a variety of colors

1. To start, design a variety of cupcake pieces from scrap felt. Be sure to make:
  * Lots of frosting in pastel colors
     To make the frosting look three dimensional add strips of darker felt.  
  * cupcake tops in vanilla (beige) and chocolate (brown)
  *decorative toppings like cherries, strawberries, and flags.
  * Cupcake liners
     Add ribbon to create the ridges in the liner.

2. Now, remove the back and glass from the frame and put the glass safely out of reach of little ones.

3. Make the felt board by gluing the stiffened felt to the back of the frame

4. Glue a rectangle of felt to the bottom of the board. This is the surface your cupcake will sit on.

5. Put the frame's backing into the frame and start creating. With a felt board you can build cupcakes and then take them down as many times as you like. Create cupcakes with different combinations of frosting and toppings!




Margo Tinnin says...

I am currently moving and I think this may be perfect to decorate the new kitchen! Thanks for the idea!

Miranda says...

Hi Margo, so glad you can use this idea, thanks for stopping by!!

The Angry Jackalope says...

I love this! My daughter is going to have a blast with it...she's the cupcake queen!

Love and Lollipops says...

This is a lovely idea!! I have boys, so perhaps I'll try something similar with a boy theme. I'll let you know if I do!

Take care,

Miranda says...

Hi Georgia, thank you for visiting! I'm so glad that you like my cupcake felt board. I have some ideas for a more boy-themed version -- so check back!!

Kristen says...

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. LOVE IT! I'll definitely be trying this out soon :)

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