Frightful Felt Jack-O-Lantern

As a crafter I'm always trying to find new ways to re-purpose containers. Things like cans, cereal boxes and milk cartons could become a million different things with a little glue and craft paper. This becomes a problem when my craft closet starts to look like a recycling station, but I hate to let useful things go to waste. 

I had been eyeing an empty mixed-nuts container for a week or two. It's a great shape, perfect size, nice and sturdy. I knew I could do something with it. Finally, a bit of Halloween inspiration hit and here it is -- my mixed-nut container turned felt Jack-O-Lantern.

This no-carve Jack-O-Lantern could be made out of any cylinder container you have lying around - an oatmeal tub or coffee can would work just fine. Store the felt features inside and change your Jack-O-Lantern's expression to suit your mood. 

Here's what you'll need:

A recycled container with a lid
Orange, black and green felt
Hot glue
Cork, recycled or from the craft store
Green pipe cleaners

1. To start, wash and dry the inside of the tub. If your container has a label,  remove it. 

2. I used the label to measure the width of the container on the felt. If you don't have a label, just use a ruler.

3. Cut the measured felt.

4. Spread hot glue on the felt and then wrap it around the container. My felt didn't quite cover the whole container, so used a small scrap of felt to fill in the gap.

5. Here's how it looked with the addition of the felt scrap. Not perfect, but don't worry, you can hide that side.

6. Cut a felt circle to cover the lid, and use hot glue to secure it.

7. To make you're orange cylinder look like a pumpkin -- just add a stem. I made mine using a piece of cork from the craft store, green felt, and pipe cleaners.

8. Glue 2 pipe cleaners to the wide end of the cork.

9. Wrap the pipe cleaners around the cork, and then curl the loose ends around your finger to make them look like the pumpkin's vines.

10. Glue a green felt leaf to the stem. 

11. Now that looks like a pumpkin! Or at least a pumpkin-container.

12. Here's the fun part - cut felt pumpkin "features" out of black felt. Get creative and make as many eyes, noses and mouths as you can think of.

13. Give your pumpkin a face, and then store the extra felt features inside. 

14. Ta-da! Felt Jack-O-Lantern. He's cute, he's customizable - and you didn't even have to get your hands dirty in that pumpkin seed goo. says...

Oh my gosh that is so cute! I love the stem! Thanks so much for this, I'll be linking.

k-e-household says...

This would be great with formula containers too. We have a zillion of those that I keep coming up with ways to use them!

Miranda says...

Love that idea K-e, thank you for sharing it!

k-e-household says...

here is mine!

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