Game Day Banner

Football season kicks off this week, and for football fans, that's huge. For me, it's just another sign of the fall. I'm not a huge sports fan, but for some reason I'm feeling in the spirit this season and thought I would try my hand at some football crafting. Football crafting...hmmm... is that an oxymoron?

This banner is a fun decoration if you're hosting a football party, or cute bedroom decor for a little football fan. Swap the red and blue for your team's colors and customize it with your team's name.

Here's what you'll need:

Cardboard, from a cereal box
Blue card stock
Red card stock
Brown stiffened felt, such as easy felt
Paint - blue and white
Hole punch

1. To start, trace a cookie cutter, or use a paper punch to make 7 - 2 1/2"cardboard circles, 7 - 2 1/2" blue circles, and 7 - 2" red circles.

2. Glue the blue circle to the cardboard.

3. And glue the red circle on top of that. You will need 7 total. Let dry.

4. Now cut 8- 3 1/2" Ovals from the stiffened felt. These will be your footballs.

4. Paint on laces and other details. Let dry.

5. Paint one letter on each red and blue circle, to spell out GAME DAY.  If you like use a stencil or a stamp to be sure you get the lettering clear.

6. Punch two holes at the top of each letter and at the pointy end of each of the footballs. 

7. Use ribbon to thread the letters an footballs together, spelling out GAME DAY. Alternate the footballs with the letters.

8. Leave a bit of the ribbon length on each end, so that you can hang your banner. says...

Cutest football banner ever! I love the football ribbon! Thanks so much for the how-to, I'll be linking.

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