Oh, hello Fall

first fall leaves, in Vermont

Yesterday was the official first day of Fall, although you wouldn't know it in Los Angeles. It's supposed to be 83 degrees today, but I ordered my Pumpkin Spice Latte hot, in defiance.

I love the fall. It's hands down my favorite season and, sadly, it's a season that could be completely overlooked in Los Angeles. There are no embankments of orange and red leaves to tromp through in boots. You will never wake up to the sweet, earthy-thick smell of damp leaves on a rainy morning. You won't look in the mirror and find your cheeks turned the perfect shade of cherry by the cold.
Fall in the North is vibrant, sharp, and clear --  here it's like a dull ache.

But, before I get too Fall-sick, here are a few things I will be doing to embrace the fall here in sunny Los Angeles:
* Eating pumpkin flavored anything -- recipes coming soon!
* Turning on the fireplace
yes, I said "turning on" -- it's a gas fireplace. I know, what can I say? This is LA.
* Cooking stewy, saucy, comfort foods
* Wearing boots, even in 80 degree weather.
* Buying tart, crisp apples at the farmers market
* Snuggling up with a good book
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen, can't wait to dive in
* Fall crafting, because it makes me happy.

CEMurphy says...

Oh, I am missing the fall too! Down here in BsAs we're entering summer!

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