Felt Halloween Ornaments

Yay!! It's here, the felt ornament tutorial I promised!!
You may be getting a bit Halloween-crafted-out, but I think these guys are so adorable they just can't be missed. Plus, they can be packed-away and saved for next year.

My tutorial is for the black cat, but you will use the same technique to make the Jack-o-Lantern.

Oh, just a note, this project uses straight pins which are pointy and small -- so it's really not for little ones.
Keep the ornaments out of reach of kids under 3, or anyone who likes to put small things (like buttons) into their mouths.

here's what you'll need:

2 1/2" Styrofoam balls
Straight pins
Black felt
Buttons, assorted sizes
White yarn
Glue, optional

1. Fold the end of the black felt over, so that you have a 21/4" fold.

3. Make flower petal shapes by cutting rounded triangles out of the folded felt. The bottom of the triangle should be the fold.

4. Your petals will look like this when they are cut-out and folded open. You'll need approx. 10 1" wide petals.

5. Arrange the petals on the styrofoam so that the pointy ends meet, and overlap. Hold the pointy ends secure as you add the petals. You will cover the entire ball.

6. When you have covered the entire ball with the felt petals stick a pin in the center, through the felt, to keep them secure.

7. Now flip the ball over and secure the petals on the other end. Use a pin to hold them in place.

8. For the whiskers, trim two pieces of yarn about 1 1/2" long. For the nose you will also need 2 buttons, a medium sized button and a small button, plus 2 straight pins. 
Check the straight pins to be sure that head doesn't slip through the holes of the small button. The small button holes should be just narrow enough that the head of the needle cannot pass through.

9. Make a cross with the two pieces of yarn and place them at the pinned-end of the ball.  Then, place the buttons on top. Push the straight pins through both buttons and the yarn to hold them place.

10. Now lets make the eyes. Find two medium-sized green buttons, two small black buttons and four straight pins. Again, check to see that the head of the needle does not slide through the holes of the small buttons. 

11. Pin the eyes in place above the nose and whiskers.

12. Take one of the felt petals and cut it in half. This will make two triangles for ears. Fold the bottom end of the triangle over and pinch the felt so that it is slightly creased and will stand up.  Push two pins into the corners to secure it to the styrofoam ball.

13. Now, make a loop of ribbon and pin it to the top of the ornament, just behind the ears.
You can use a few dabs of glue to help keep the cat's features secure. You may also want to add glue to the pin that you use to attach the ribbon hanger. 

PS -  I have no idea why I took a picture of myself holding the cat upside down, but you get the idea, right??

CEMurphy says...

I cannot get over how clever all of your ideas are!! SO cute & seems so easy!

Miranda says...

Thank you Cait!! xo

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