Ghostly goodies

There are lots of cute ghost cupcake ideas out there, and this is my take on the fondant ghost. To make this little guy just lay a circle of fondant over a Dum-dum lollipop and then poke the lollipop into the cupcake. I love the way the lollipop stick makes the ghost look like he really is hovering over the cupcake, and the hidden lollipop is a fun treat. Check out the super-simple photo tutorial.

For a dozen cupcakes you'll need:
12 cupcakes, baked from your favorite recipe and cooled
White frosting
Orange sugar
12 Dum-dum lollipops
White fondant, I used Wilton brand
Black edible marker, I used Wilton

1. Start with a cupcake.

2. Frost with white frosting.

3. Pour decorator sugar into a small bowl and dip frosted cupcakes into the sugar to coat. Tap off excess.

4. Unwrap a light colored Dum-dum -- like yellow or white. The white fondant can be slightly translucent and you don't want to see the lollipop underneath.

5. Roll the fondant thin, to about 1/8 of an inch and cut it into circles with a 3" diameter. A cookie or fondant cutter works best.

6. Dot on eyes using the edible marker.

7. Now lay the fondant over the lollipop and bend and fold it. The creases and folds enhance the ghostly look.

8. Press the lollipop stick into the center of the cupcake.

grace says...

soooo cute! i love this little guy.

Amy says...

I agree! What a fabulous, delicious post.

Linda@Coastal Charm says...

Sooooo dang CUTE!!!


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