Halloween Door Hangers

Here's a simple way to decorate your door for Halloween. These pressed wood door hangers can be purchased at the craft store for about 50 cents each, and they're easy to dress up. The "Gone Witching" version is a play on those classic "Gone Fishing" signs. Too punny??
Painting the signs is easy, but write out your lettering with pencil before you start to paint. I had a classic Homer Simpson d'oh moment when I finished painting the "Gone Witching" sign (feeling oh so proud of my handiwork) only to realize that I had had spelled out "gone withing" - no c - d'oh!
Good thing you can always paint over your mistakes, and start fresh.
Check out the how-to, plus instructions for making that cute little witches' broom!

Here's what you'll need:

Door hangers
Paints and brushes
Jute twine
Wooden dowel
Hot Glue

1. First, paint your hangers. You may need a few coats. Let dry completely.

2. To make the witches' broom, measure a 4 1/2" length of the dowel. Use scissors to score the dowel, and then break it on the scored lines.

3. Cut 6, 4" lengths of the jute twine.

4. Fold the twine in half and then place the end of the 41/2" dowel between the folded ends. Use a ribbon to tie the twine onto the dowel.

5. Snip the ends of the twine to even them out and make the twine look like the brush of the broom.

6. Here's the broom, isn't it cute? Could be fun for a child's doll house too!

7. Put a dab of hot glue on the brush of the broom and glue it to the door hanger, near the bottom.

8. For the candy corn draw a triangle with rounded ends. Make curved lines to mark the 3 layers of the candy corn. 

9. Paint the bottom layer yellow, middle orange, and leave the top white.

10. Outline the candy corn in black and add black  lettering. For the Gone Witching sign, use white lettering and make the T look like a witches' hat. 

CEMurphy says...

What a great idea for a halloween party!! You are so clever!

Miranda says...

Thank you Cait!!

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