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Let me introduce you to the incredibly talented Lindsay, from Lindsay Nicole Design Studio. She's the html-savvy lady who whipped my boring blog into shape. Not only is she crazy talented, and creative - she's also completely lovely to work with. 
Did I mention she nailed my blog design on the first go-around? Seriously.
I gave Lindsay a few vague adjectives, and she (quickly!) put together the most lovely little blog I have ever seen. Then, just as fast, she was installing, troubleshooting and making all of my blog dreams come true. 

I couldn't be happier and, guess what, I have the BEST news -- she's giving away (for free!!) one of her amazing templates. Rush over to her truly inspiring design blog, Busy Thoughts, to enter to win. BUT, do it today, October 14th, because the sweepstakes closes at 5pm.

If you don't get to enter, that's okay, because Lindsay has tons of templates available for purchase on her website: Lindsay Nicole Design Studio 

Thank you for being so fabulous Lindsay, and helping to make MirandaMade!

Lindsay says...

Thanks Miranda!! It was so wonderful working with you too. You are so sweet to post this :)

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