Gilded Walnut Ornament

It's Monday and I'm finally back with some NEW ideas.
I hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic. Mine was really lovely this year -- lots of good friends, great food and TWO Turkeys - yum! I think I finally figured out my system for prep and set-up and I'm going to write up the whole plan in my organizer to be sure I don't forget. I'll share that as soon as I get it together!
Now, with Thanksgiving over, it's time to get into the Christmas spirit. We wasted no time this year and bought our tree on Saturday. The weather here in Los Angeles has been cold  (by LA standards) and that's really helped to set the holiday mood. With the tree up, and some of my favorite Christmas music playing, I've turned my dining room table into a Christmas workshop and I have some really cute, EASY, decorations to share with you this week.
First up -- this beautiful Gilded Walnut Ornament. I had a big bowl of Walnuts left over from Thanksgiving and I thought their shape and cool texture would make for some really pretty decorations. Check out the Gilded Walnut tutorial today, and check back for two more Walnut ornament ideas.
You will need:

Walnuts in their shells
Rub n' Buff - Grecian Gold (This can be found in hardware stores or Craft stores)
Cloth, for rubbing
Hot glue
* NOTE: Decorated Walnuts are no longer safe to eat
1. Rub n' Buff is one of those really cool supplies that I know will change the way that I craft. It's fantastic! 
That being said, I would not recommend this project for kids -- although the packaging says it can be applied with your finger tip,  Rub n' Buff is definitely toxic and should not be ingested. 
The great thing about Rub n' buff is that it dries much faster then paint and can be washed off easily. Plus, it's just really pretty.

If you do want to involve the kids try gilding your Walnuts first, let dry, and then have kids add decoration with markers or paints.

To gild just put a little bit of the Rub n' Buff on a clean rag and then just rub it into the surface of the Walnut. Be sure to work on a covered surface. 

2. Once the Walnuts are gilded use a hot glue gun to add a ribbon hanger.
3. Tie a bow and then use hot glue to attach that to the top of the walnut.
Hang your golden walnut from your tree!

Amaco says...

Hi from AMACO! Love how you've used the Rub 'n Buff on this project. So simple with such a nice effect. I'd like to post this on our Facebook page.

Miranda says...

Hi Amaco, SO thrilled that you like my project! Thank you!! Feel free to share, but please credit me and link back to MirandaMade. Many thanks :)

Rebecca Everett says...

Very cute!

Miranda says...

Thank you Rebecca!

The Sweetest One Over The Moon says...

I love this project, so simple and chic.
Thanks for sharing AMACO.

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