Joyful Mantle Decor

Happy Friday! 
Just a joyful little project to take you into the weekend. I designed this JOY sign to decorate a mantle, but it would bring holiday cheer to any room in the house. You can design your stars to say anything you like, but I'm feeling full of joy this week and it's spilling into my crafting. 
The little white buckets are from Target's fabulous dollar bins, and the felt stars were actually purchased at Ikea. In case you don't have an Ikea nearby I've included a template for the stars which would be simple to make using stiffened red felt. A fun budget project that will bring lots of joy to your holiday decor.
Have a great weekend, I'll be back next week with more ideas to share!

You will need:
Stiffened Red felt or 3 red holiday stars from IKEA
Adhesive-backed white felt
white snowflake buckets, Target
3 styrofoam balls
hot glue gun
3 12" dowels
White paint
Poly-fill snow or cotton batting

1. For the stars, click on the image above and print at 150% scale. Use as template to create 3 red felt stars.

2. For the letters, click on the image above and print. 

3. Cut out each letter, leaving a square of white paper around it. Use double sided tape to secure the letter to the felt side of the adhesive-backed felt. Now cut out the letter using the paper template as your guide.

4. Remove the paper template, and the adhesive backing and attach a letter to each star.

5. Paint your wooden dowels white, and let them dry completely.

6. Once dry spread a line of hot glue on the back of the star and attach your dowel.

7. Push the dowel through the styrofoam ball, and then spread hot glue on the bottom of the ball. Press the glued ball into the bottom of the bucket and hold in place until glue sets. Fill the bucket to the top with the cotton snow.

Anonymous – 

I love this decoration! Great stuff, Miranda!

Oh, and congratulations on your engagement! Wooohooo!!!

Jennifer BoGray

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