Five Minute Art: Whimsical Craft Foam Pictures

What to do with stir-crazy kids on a snowy winter afternoon? How about a five-minute art project that will get kids thinking creatively? This one is so easy, and it's good for all ages. The best part is that you probably have everything you need stashed away with your craft supplies.

Grab paper, markers, and self adhesive craft foam shapes. 

Stick a few craft foam shapes onto each piece of paper. Ask kids to create whimsical drawings that incorporate all the shapes.

The sillier the picture the better! The only rule is that every shape should be turned into something

In these drawings a craft foam circle becomes a pigs snout, a purple oval is the window of a rocket ship. After your child creates her drawings, encourage her to tell you a story about it. Who is that silly pig holding the umbrella? Where's that rocket ship going? 

CEMurphy says...

That pig is adorable! So creative.

milk tea + polkadots says...

That's such a creative and easy craft activity!

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