Heart-felt Headband

Lately I've been spending far too much time gazing dreamily at wedding blogs, and far too little time crafting. My weekend should have been FULL of crafting, but instead it was full of wedding planning, wedding re-thinking and coming to terms with wedding realities. 
While planning a wedding is exciting and wonderful I've come to realize that the process bears some resemblance to the 7 stages of grief:
1. Shock & Denial - "Your site fee is what?? Oh no, that can't be right. We're talking about JUST the location right?"
2. Pain & Guilt - "This is crazy, we're out of our minds if we spend this kind of money on just ONE day of our life."
3. Anger & Bargaining - "Weddings are silly anyway, right? I mean who needs cake and flowers and all of that pink??"
4. Depression -- "Ohhh... I'll never have a wedding. I'll never get to have cake!"
5. Upward turn - "Okay, so my wedding won't be in Martha Stewart, but it will be perfect for US"
6. Reconstruction & Working through - "Who cares? I'm the luckiest lady in the world -- I'm marrying my best friend, the love of my life."
7. Hope - "We can get married on a street corner, it's going to be the best wedding ever!"
Yup, that's pretty much how my weekend went. If you've been through the process maybe it looks familiar...
Fortunately, somewhere between Shock and Reconstruction I did manage to make one simply-cute craft that would be adorable to wear on Valentine's day, or any day you're feeling love-ly. It's a felt heart headband that requires no glue, just scissors, ribbon and felt. So pretty - check out the tutorial 
You will need:

Felt, Ribbon, Scissors

1. Cut hearts from felt. Fold the felt in half to make a symmetrical heart. Use scissors to snip two small slits in the center of each heart. You will pull the ribbon through these slits.

2. Weave the Ribbon through the slits in each heart.

3. Flip the headband over and tie it into your hair.

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