My First Succulents

Here they are -- my first succulents. Aren't they pretty?
I don't think I'll ever stop missing the towering Maple, Oak and Pine trees of the North East, but I've found myself feeling quite smitten with Southern California's plant life lately. It still surprises me to look out my bedroom window and see towering palm trees, and while hiking in the canyons I'm amazed at the resilient, irrepressible cacti that grow wild and full along the twisting paths.
But, my new favorite Southern California flora are succulent plants. I'm in love with their earthy colors -- which range from rusty oranges to soft grey-greens.  And, when a variety of plants are potted together you can really appreciate their varied textures and subtle color differences.
I picked up a few varieties including Hens and Chicks (love that name!) and I'm planning to re-plant them in new pots this weekend. This will be a test not only of my gardening skills, but also a sort of training session. I would love to use succulents for our wedding decor, and what better way to cut-costs then to DIY the centerpieces? So, I'm embarking on my first little succulent experiment -- woohoo. I'll have pictures of the process and completed project to share soon.

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