Valentine's Day Sticker Fun

Here's a homemade Valentine idea for your dearest little one. Instead of making a card, create a little activity folder stuffed with sticker fun. I made the folder by taping two envelopes together. Slide stickers into one side of the folder, and hand-drawn activity sheets into the other. You could even download Valentine-themed coloring or activity pages online and scale them down to fit inside your folder.

Check out the simple how-to!

You will need:
2 Envelopes (I used little 3"x5" ones)
Tape runner or glue stick
Decorative paper, for lining the envelopes
Doily (choose a size that will compliment your envelope)
Stamp pad
3"x5" Card stock, or card stock sized to fit inside your envelopes
Heart stickers

1. Gather your materials, I used a combination of vintage letter stamps and a small heart stamp. Use whatever you like. If you don't have stamps on hand you could just as easily write a message using markers on the outside of the folder.

2. Create your folder by placing the flap of one envelope inside the other. You can glue or tape this down. The second flap will fold over the back of the outside of the folder. Glue or tape the flap down to keep it secure.

3. Choose a decorative paper that compliments your design. Trim it down so that it is the size of your folder. You can use this to line the inside of the envelope. Trim the corners of the paper into triangles, so that it's easier to fit into the envelope. You won't need to glue the paper, the fit will be snug.

4. Here's how it will look once it's been lined - so pretty!

5. Hold the envelope vertically in front of you. Find the center using ruler and mark a straight line. Trace the line using your tape runner, or place a line of glue on top. Press your ribbon into the glue or tape. Be sure to leave enough ribbon overhang to tie the folder up later. Repeat this on the other side of the folder so that the ribbon wraps all the way around.

6. You will have two piece of ribbon hanging over the open end so that you can tie the folder closed.

7. Now, take your doily and fold it in half.

8. Place it along the seam of the envelope and use the tape runner or glue stick to attach it.

9. Add your Valentine's Day message. I used stamps and pink ink, but you could easily write a message using marker.

10. I think the abbreviated i (heart) U, is fun.

11. Now, create your activity pages. I came up with little games and pictures that could be easily decorated using the tiny heart stickers. For example: a butterfly with undecorated wings, a tree that can be filled with heart-shaped apples, and a tic-tac-toe game that can be played using different colored heart stickers. Get creative and make things that your kids will enjoy, or find activity pages online and print them scaled down to fit inside your folder.

12. Slip small sticker pages into the other side of the envelope so that kids have everything they need to play with their activity pages.

Christine @ Pure Joy Events says...

What a great idea. My kids will love this. Thanks so sharing.

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