Wedding Planning: Candle Table Numbers

I'm full of craft ideas lately, but they have a lot more to do with wedding planning then they do with kid's crafts. To say I've been distracted would be an understatement. So, here's a budget friendly centerpiece idea I've been playing with.
Creating a wedding budget is a major priority for most soon-to-be-weds, and I've been thinking of all kinds of ways to keep our wedding budget on track. Fortunately, there are tons of really beautiful, simple designs out there, and I'm THRILLED that DIY weddings are popular right now. So, let the crafting begin!
For this centerpiece, table numbers are made using parchment paper and glass hurricanes. Be sure to choose a beautiful font, this one is Buttermilk, by Jessica Hische, I'm a huge fan!
While this project is perfect for a wedding tablescape it could be used for any kind of entertaining. Pretty glowing candle centerpieces would be elegant decor for a dinner party, or for your Easter table. Not sure if this project will make the final cut for our reception tables, but I'm happy to know something this pretty is so easy to make!

You will need:
Glass hurricane candle holders
Pillar candles
Parchment paper
Craft knife
Table numbers and monogram, printed from your computer
Double sided tape

1. Measure the height of your hurricane containers, you will cut your parchment paper to be the same width as the containers.

2. Cut the parchment paper to the desired width.

3. place the printed number under the parchment paper. Make sure that it's centered. Use your craft knife to trim through the parchment paper following the lines of the number.

4. Once your number is cut from the parchment paper it's time to tape it to the hurricane.

5. Use double-sided tape to stick the paper to the hurricane. Wrap it around and secure using another piece of tape.

6. Place a candle inside and light it. Check out that pretty glow.

7. Now repeat the process with your monogram.
* Always be careful when lighting candles, especially near paper - so make sure that you keep an eye on these centerpieces and don't leave them unattended!

CEMurphy says...

Sucha a great idea!! Simple and elegant.

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