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It's been very quiet here at MirandaMade, but Spring has finally sprung, and it's brought with it lots of inspiration for sweet Spring crafting. I couldn't let Easter pass me by without creating some fun Easter eggs. I loved the idea of creating a whole flock of spring birds, and these yarn and twine nests make them easy to display.
Be sure to let your eggs sit in the dye for a long time -- it takes a while to get these super-saturated colors. These eggs sat in their dye for at least 15 minutes. 
Hard boiled eggs, cooled and dried
PAAS Easter Egg Dyes
Toilet paper rolls
Jute twine
Tacky glue
Sticky backed craft foam; yellow, orange, blue
Black marker

1. First, dye eggs according to package instructions. Be sure to let them sit for 10+ minutes if you want to achieve rich jewel tones.

2. While the eggs are sitting in the dye, cut a toilet paper tube into three rings.

3. Cut 6 12" lengths of yarn and braid them together. 

4. Spread tacky glue around the cardboard ring, and wrap the braid around it. Secure the end of the braid inside the cardboard ring with a dot of glue.

5. You can use yarn, jute twine, or even ribbon to make your nests.

6. Cut teardrop wing shapes from the sticky backed foam. Once the eggs are dyed, and dried you can decorate them.

7. For the tale feathers, stick two pieces of craft foam together and trim. Stick the narrow ends to the back of the egg, as shown in the picture.

8. For the beak trim two small triangles from yellow foam and stick together. Attach these to the wider end of the egg, as shown.

9. Finally, draw on eyes with the black marker, and place your bird in his nest.

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Another adorable craft. Will be sharing on FB.

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Thank you Christine :)

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