Mother's Day Ring Garden Gift

Here's a sweet and simple gift for the kids to craft this Mother's day. Plant a little ring garden using golf tees, Styrofoam and felt. It's the perfect place for storing your rings and it looks darling on a dresser or vanity -- just slip your rings over the felt flowers. If this gift strikes your fancy just print out the tutorial and pass it on to dad -- he can help the kids get crafty.

3 golf tees
Styrofoam disc, sold at craft stores
green, purple, ivory felt
hot glue
lace trim
adhesive rhinestones

1. Cut petal shapes from felt, you will need about 12 of them total.

2. Put a drop of hot glue on the end of a golf tee. Be careful, hot glue is a parent's job!

3. Press four petals into the dot of hot glue. Repeat on all three tees.

4. Put a tiny dab of hot glue on the back of the rhinestone, and glue to the center of your flower. Repeat for all three tees.

5. Now trace the Styrofoam disc onto the green felt.

6. Cut out the felt circle and make three tiny snips, this is where your tees will slip through the felt.

7. Use hot glue to attach the green felt to the top of the disc. Be careful to avoid gluing the spots you snipped. Glue a band of ivory felt around the outer edge. You can glue on lace, or whatever decorative trim you prefer.

8. Now you can push the tees through the snipped felt, into the Styrofoam.

9. Once complete you can simply slip rings over the felt flowers. The felt is pliable so the rings can be pushed right over them.

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Great idea!

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