despite my brown thumb, we've kept this little shamrock alive for 2 years
we lovingly refer to it as "lucky"
Hello, blog.  Goodness, it's been a very, very long time since I've posted anything.  Despite the obvious lack of activity around here, I've been checking in on this little blog over the last year or so.  It's been wonderful to find that people still come here to find crafts, make recipes and leave feedback.  I've been longing to get back here myself and share all that's been happening.

But, the truth is that it's been like the creative outlet in my life has been switched OFF.  Worse yet, as time has passed I've had this growing sense of blog-fright. What should I share?  Do I have good ideas? Does anyone really want to see them?

If you've ever written a blog post you might know the feeling I'm talking about.  It's that paralyzing moment before you hit PUBLISH where you wonder if the things you're sending out to the world are really worth sharing.

On top of the blog-paralysis, life has been busy.  Really busy...  But, wonderful busy.
MirandaMade has taken the back burner to a lot of other life projects...

Matt and I got married.  Yay!  And then we moved from a tiny apartment to a tiny house.  We've worked hard to find life/work balance and, recently, we got the best news of our lives -- we're expecting a baby this winter!

I feel totally lucky and completely blessed.  More so, I feel like... I need to get back to my blog!!

Lots of fun to come, little blog -- I've missed you!

Loren says...

YAY! So happy you are back to blogging. I have missed it : ) Congratulations to you and Matt on the past year of fabulous events/news. So happy for you!


Organized By Naomi says...

So glad you're back to blogging! You're a creative inspiration and I'm happy the switch is "flipped on" again :)

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