14 Most Popular Interior Design Ideas

Planning on the construction of your own home or intending to renovate the existing one? Whether it is a specific room or the whole house, it is important to match the architecture with your personal style.

Often, it is difficult to express your ideas in words or actual design. The expectations, thus, do not match the reality.

Here is an introduction to the 14 most popular interior design ideas. Being well-versed means less confusion next time you try to make changes to your living quarters.

1. Modern

Do not let the term confuse you. Modern is all about what is opposite to a Victorian style. It means more of simplicity.

The modern interior design is a display of clean, clear and sharp lines. Singular primary colors are used in a bold manner. The use of metal, chrome, glass, and steel is obvious. The furniture line follows the same sleek sequences. Built-in shelves and discrete storage spaces de-clutter the space.

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The kitchen is modern design displays an open floor space. It incorporates the living room as well. A counter space divides the two. The cabinets and counters are clear with clean lines. There are no decorations or raised edges.

2. Contemporary

Often understood as synonyms, Contemporary and Modern interior designs are opposite. Where Modern is simple, a Contemporary interior design is more about curves and sweeps.

The color hues are black, white and grey with a touch of bold color like red or orange. The Contemporary design flaunts state-of-the-art materials in metal and glass. Yet, it shares its taste of minimalism with the Modern design with clean surfaces and shelves.

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The kitchen in a contemporary design uses chrome and glass with tiled or polished wood flooring. Bright color against a simple backdrop is used. Glass tiles give an illuminating and open look to your contemporary kitchen.

3. Minimalist

Minimalist is the new fad of the current millennium. Less is more; the concept is taking the world by storm in every field. Less becomes more with enhanced functionality.

So the minimalist task is challenging in interior design. Inspired by Japanese interior, it simplifies the elements of interior design into more basic form. The restricted color palette of neutral colors as grey, white and beige shows the result.

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With minimal or no accessories, empty spaces are a welcome feature. The emphasis lies on more of storage spaces. Each item in a minimalist design plays a specific role; for example,

  • accent spotlights,
  • lamps,
  • a comfortable piece of a sofa,
  • large glass windows for light,
  • bare polished floors,
  • simple patterned rugs,
  • big art display and so on.

The best thing about a minimalist design; it can be incorporated with a Modern or a Contemporary look.

4. Industrial

Raw is what comes to mind with the Industrial look in interior design.

  • Exposed ceiling beams,
  • Headboard planks,
  • hanging pendant lights,
  • stone flooring,
  • stone veneer wall panels, and
  • bare ductwork is some of the features of the Industrial design.

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The unrefined look brings a dramatic look.

  • Paint the beams with dark contrasting color
  • Select suitable stone color
  • Complement with pine or oak furniture
  • Add a rustic wrought iron chandelier

Get a cozy cabin look for all seasons.

5. Mid-Century Modern

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Experience the nostalgia from the 50s and 60s era with the Mid-Century Modern interior design. With an inclination towards the minimalist design, this is a ‘no-fuss’ approach. The focus remains on enhancing functionality around the house.

Colors as camel, olive, tangerine, copper are used. The Mid-Century Modern design is accentuated with vintage accessories. Single signature pieces of furniture as The Ball or The Egg chair highlight the living room.

6. Scandinavian

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Simple and sleek lines with super functionality are the highlights of the Scandinavian design. The selection of pale colors adds to airiness and well-lit interior. The furniture comprises minimal upholstery that follows the natural hues and gentle shapes.

  • Light colored hardwood flooring
  • complemented with high ceilings
  • glass windows and wall moldings

The accessories comprise of glass and silver crafts work with floral wreaths.

7. Traditional

The traditional interior design is all about

  • enriched colors,
  • plentiful decorations and
  • lavish upholstered furniture

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Colonial kitchens are the hallmark of this design. Recreate the colonial look in your modern kitchen by adding are another classy feature of a Traditional Colonial Kitchen.

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  • a raised fireplace,
  • wooden floor,
  • brick accent wall, and
  • transom windows
  • Open shelves made of polished silver or brass
  • marble or granite countertops

8. Transitional

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Transitional interior design creates a harmony between the Traditional and Modern approaches. With a play of neutral colors, the accessories are minimal. The furnishings are modern and appealing.

9. French Country

Inspired by the picturesque villages of southern France, the French Country interior design is warm and welcoming. With earthly color tones, rustic furniture, and accessories, this budget-friendly design appeal to many hearts.

The bright red and yellow splashed with occasional blues, pinks and lavender complement the rustic wood and wrought iron decorations. Toile is used as upholstery with furniture that has a lived-in feel. Another trademark of this design is a rooster print on almost anything.

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The warm and bright color sequence is maintained in the kitchen. With stone flooring and Ready to Install RTA cabinets, the kitchen can be given an up to date feel.

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10. Bohemian

Bohemian or Boho Chic is popular with young free-spirited souls. Featuring a hippy and tribal combination, the interior comprises of ethnic hand-made accessories as rugs, floor cushions, wall hangings etc.

Indoor plants make you feel at home by adding a fresh touch.

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The interior is a show of your favorites from around the world, reflecting on your personal inspirations.

11. Rustic

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Rustic defines many sub-styles with a focus on nature and antique elements. Log cabin, country, farmhouse, Western and Southwestern are some of its subdivisions. Wood and stone are, thus, present. Wooden beams and cultivated wooden floors are complemented with modern furnishings to deliver a chic look.

12. Shabby Chic

With a classic inspiration, the Shabby Chic integrates a feminine touch to the interior. So, a soft and delicate touch is evident everywhere. The colors are of hues that are more neutral with furnishings carrying a worn look.

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13. Hollywood Glam

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Trended by former actor William Haines, who was a self-taught interior designer, the Hollywood Glam interior design is all about glitz and glamour. Featuring crystals and mirrors, shiny metallic finishes and lavish fabric as velvet and satin, it is not easy on your pocket. Yet, introducing a few touches into your Modern design can add the sparkle to your interior.

14. Coastal/ Hampton

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As the name indicates; the Coastal or Hampton interior design delivers

  • an airy,
  • well-lit look
  • with beach-inspired furnishings and accessories

Very popular in the US beachside habitats, the dominant colors are cool blues and fresh greens. The furniture and draperies are in white or beige. Large glass windows are the principal feature with white painted wood fixtures. You will find large sofas with big cushions. Place a few indoor plants and bring a feast to your eyes.

Upgrade your interior design aesthetics. Delight your family with new ideas every now and then.