Actron CP7527 Timing Light Review

Actron CP7527 Timing Light is a tool for standard base timing with a broad range of lights. It could help both beginners and mechanical experts in engine timing. It could work on electronic, conventional, and computer-controlled ignition systems. The timing tool is also suitable for DIS and two-cycle systems.

The timing light from Acton features an on and off touch control. Apart from the digital setting, it has super bright xenon flash, all metal inductive pickup, and one-touch control feature. You will find the timing tool durable not only in terms of its structure, but relative to its ABS housing. It could resist heat over the battery clip molding.

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Standard Base Engine Timing

The Actron timing tool is effective for standard yet correct ignition timing. It maintains the top performance of any vehicle by spark plug firing instantly at the precise moment to set combustion into the cylinder’s air and fuel. Even if your engine has a conventional distributor ignition system, this timing tool could set the timing with its lights.

Through the standard base timing functionality of this Actron model, you could check probable engine problems. It has a very easy hookup procedure. After the preparatory steps for timing check, you simply have to attach the inductive pickup clamp, connect bed and black battery clips, and locate the timing marks. This will be followed by two/ four cycle operation setting.

Heat Resistant Material

The build of Actron CP7527 Timing Light is sturdy enough to last for a number of years. Unlike other timing lights that use easily melted materials, Actron utilizes a battery clip molding resistant to heat. Whenever your engine breaks down due to improperly set timing, temperature inside increases. This is paired with high frequency waves of electronic components and scale reduction of some parts.

Actron aims to prevent further problems with your engine failure. It uses agents that could resist heat and promote motor’s high reliability. You could even save yourself from acquiring warranties or paying extra for replacement of automotive parts.

Actron CP7527 Features & Specifications

  • Heat-resistant battery clips molding
  • All metal inductive pickup
  • Easy on and off touch control
  • One touch control for convenience
  • Durable, plated housing
  • Super bright xenon flash

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Actron CP7527 Reviews

The timing light received an editor’s rating of 8.4 out of 10.

Actron CP7527 Timing Light became one of the highly-commended timing lights due to its positive client feedbacks. According to most of its reviews, the product is very simple to use and operate. If you compare it to other products of the same features, it works better at a lower price. Furthermore, you simply have to set a few adjustments to make it work.

Others even described it as a point and shoot timing tool. Though it is simple, there has been no record of spark wires’ interference in incorrect signals. It even has a brighter light, which makes it usable even in daylight. Some even tried shining a general flashlight alongside the tool, but the latter still dominated and remains readable.

There are clients who even measured the time of using the equipment. They claimed that it only takes a couple of minutes to adjust timing with the product. It is simple to hook up and use even on classic vehicles.

If you are looking for a lightweight product, this is recommended by its users. It works as claimed and is very accurate.  It could even be gifted to others since it could last for years. Many have found Actron CP7527 Timing Light as a great replacement for their old timing tool.

Things to Improve

The customers relayed their suggestions on the product’s enhancement, starting with the reduction of the light’s intensity. According to them, when used without daylight, it could be very bright. Furthermore, they recommended using a sturdier housing for the tool since the plastic material is a bit fragile

The button of the timing tool was also hinted to be redesigned for it is slightly discomfited to use. If the manufacturer could also prevent using lead, then it will be better. At present, the timing tool’s cable has lead.

Actron CP7527 Timing Light’s brightness may be convenient or not depending on the use. Others may have complained about it, but most preferred its less dimmed feature. The material is well-built even if it is plastic. You simply have to prevent frequent drops to keep it utilizable.

Some may found the button quite implausible, but it does not degrade the quality of the product. Lastly, the lead content of cable is indicated in the product’s label, which also advises users to wash hands after use.


Actron CP7527 Timing Light is a generally recommended product if you want a decent set of timing light features at a reasonable price. It also has a handsome set of positive reviews, making it recommendable.

Nonetheless, if you are still looking for timing tool alternatives, check out other best timing light reviews for comparing and contrasting.

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