Bench Dog 40-001Benchtop Router Table Review

The Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table is a portable, compact table filled with full-sized features that make it one of the best appliances or “furniture” for your routing and woodworking needs. It’s recognized by many sites as one of the finest on-the-jobsite router tables you’ll ever find on the market at present. It’s also able to stand out from the other router tables out there (its competition) with its unique forward offset router location and dual position fence.

These features make it a dependable table surface that gives you loads of leverage when dealing with your work pieces, as though you have a huge table on hand. Even with its portability, you still have a huge surface area to work with, in other words. Sometimes, it’s possible for you to have your cake and eat it too (or eat the same cake twice). It’s certainly the case for the Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Router Table.


Go about Routing Work Pieces like a Pro

The Bench Dog Benchtop Router Table can house any router with its 15 inches of cabinet height. What’s more, its phenolic insert plate has been drilled beforehand for the following routers. Ryobi: 161K, 180PL; Skil: 1823/35/40/45-02; Milwaukee: 5615/16/19 series, 5625; Porter-Cable: 690/890 series, 7529 plunge; Makita: 1100 series (includes plunge bases); Hitachi: M12VC (fixed and kit); Fein: RT1800; DeWalt: DW616/18 series, DW621, DW625; Craftsman: Fixed base; and Bosch: 1617/1618 series.

If you want precision with every cut, then this is the unit you should get your hands on. The unit includes a non-marring laminate top and Bench Dog’s 22-inch ProFence with integral 2½ dust port for all your cleanup needs in one go. As you feed the work piece into the table, the cutters then mold a profile onto it. The item is then guided by the vertical fence in order to ensure control of its cut depth horizontally. It also has an aluminum miter accessory track for added adjustments.

Miter Gauges and Insert Plates

More to the point, the versatile, all-universal router table’s miter accessory adjusts its track for a no-slop fit for any and all standard miter gauges you might have. This product even has a pre-drilled router insert plate that, as mentioned earlier, makes the table slide smoothly into many of the most popular routers out there. This is significant because many other tables might require extra drillings for mounting holes. This one is already filled with mounting holes to save you the trouble for the majority of routers out there.

As for noise cancelation and dust minimization, the ProTop Benchtop Router Table also has an enclosed plywood cabinet installed. You can store your work pieces there while at the same time stabilizing your machine so that it can cut in peace without dealing with so much dust and noise. It’s a router table machine that’s more than meets the eye in terms of its size; it’s as compact yet useful as a smartphone or a Swiss Army Knife, except all its extra features fulfill a focused purpose.

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Here are the specs of the Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table.

  • Size and Function: Don’t let the portability of the award-winning Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table fool you into thinking it’s compromising on its function.
  • Ample Surface and Woodworking Space: Even with its mobility, when you stretch the item out to its fullest size, you get a 16 inch by 22 inch table with a plastic laminate top for all your woodworking needs
  • Universal Acceptance of the Best Routers: Aside from Bench Dog routers, you can also fit in other brands—from DeWalt to Makita—with its clear acrylic insert.
  • Hardware and Instructions: The power tool assistant comes complete with extruded aluminum fence with T-slots, melamine cabinet, and all the necessary hardware plus assembly instructions.
  • Warranty: The Bench Dog 40-001 comes with a limited two-year warranty.

Customer Review

I think the Bench Dog ProTop Router Table is one of the best benchtop router tables around, and here’s why. I have zero complaints about it. It’s in A1 condition as soon as I got it, every piece is carefully packed, and assembly was simple because the instructions were clearer than what you’d get out of an IKEA store. All the components were there and in good quality.

I was able to construct the table quite fast too. Barely took 15-20 minutes to get it all down after sorting out what the instructions said. As for the unit itself, it worked like a dream. I did all sorts of routing and cutting work for my home improvement projects, and the stability of the unit was a sight for sore eyes.

According to 200 customer reviews, the Bench Dog Router Table has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating (at the time of this writing)

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There are at least several Amazonian users from—verified purchasers at that—that are warning people not to buy the item. Long story short, they’re complaining about defective parts on the Bench Dog 40-001 and the unwillingness of the Bench Dog customer service to get things sorted out. It’s disappointing to get a table that cannot be leveled because of how warped it was.

They were quite hyped by all the positive reviews that the benchtop router table was getting, only to have their hopes dashed after seeing the router plate was manufactured wrong. Some might say it’s the age-old story of defective tables straight off the factory, but it’s disconcerting how it happens to more than one person. Customer service was no help either.


The Bench Dog Router Table is an award-winning table. Its criticisms aside (although it is 0.7 stars shy from a perfect 5.0-star grade) and complaints about its customer service notwithstanding, when the machine works, it works excellently thanks to features like its forward offset router location and dual-position ProFence.

The secret of its success comes from how it provides you with as much usable work space and surface as possible so that you won’t have to put your work piece at awkward angles just to make it work. It’s designed to be as tough as possible and as stable as a solid block of wood, immovable even by the router’s high RPM. That’s the bottom line: If you get a non-defective router table, it’s one of the best out there. Check out the list of router table manuals too!

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