Best Butane Torch Reviews 2017 – 2018

If you’re looking for the best butane torch that could best help your culinary needs such as caramelizing sugar or melting toppings and cheese as well as roasting vegetables and spices, consider the following butane torch reviews that will aide your choice. After all, this hot flame-creating tool using butane flammable gas is not only useful as kitchen gadget but is also good in melting common metals and glass.

Pocket sized torches are commonly used as lighters and some are aide in vaporizing drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine. It is also ideal for general repairs such as welding, bending materials, jewelry moulding and plumbing.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Torch (3.8 / 5)
435+ Reviews
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Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch (4.6 / 5)
629+ Reviews
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Dremel 2000-01 Versa Tip Precision (4.4 / 5)
309+ Reviews
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Master Appliance MT-70 (3.5 / 5)
82+ Reviews
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Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T Micro Flame (4.2 / 5)
83+ Reviews
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Best Butane Torch Reviews

SE MT3001

This butane power torch is perfect for hobbyist, culinary artist, and the best butane torch for jewelry making. On its side is a continuous flame switch which when turned on could use up 60 minutes deluxe butane power, provided that it is fully fuelled. Due to its built-in ignition system, it can immediately ignite a spark of flame in just one strike heating up to 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,315 degrees Celsius.

It is highly safe to be used at home since it has a lock mechanism that when pressed, can prevent children’s unintentional use, a system approved by CPSC. One of the best micro torches as rated by its users because despite its small size, it is portable and durable.

It cannot be easily destroyed when accidentally falls and may work for a longer period of time if used well. The torch emits a small intensely hot flame that stays stable even when used sideways. The heat can be easily adjusted into a bright blue flame and works well with heating up titanium nail, micro coils, and basic soldering.

It is the best mini torch for starting fire place firewood or heating snow jammed locks during winter days. It is an inexpensive torch that is worth its price. It can hold only a small amount of butane and is not freely provided along with this product so you may buy it separately. The flame ignited is small and is good only for home non heavy-duty use. The child lock switch can be annoying if inappropriately pressed during activity.

Blazer GT8000

One of the best butane torches is the Blazer GT800 Big Shot butane torch. It is attached with a brass frame nozzle that enables the torch to emit direct and precise flame to an object. It is designed for detailed works that are difficult to access and having a limited space such as soldering, brazing, plumbing, laboratory and dental applications.

The gas-flow adjustment dial will help the user control its flame length while one can have a free hand use because of its attachable table top base. One of the amazing features of this blazer butane torch is that it no longer requires electrical connection.

The piezoelectric ignition system inside it starts with a molecular pressure reaction that activates energy and strikes crystals resulting to emission of sparks and gas flames. Though it can intensely heat up to 35 minutes at 2,500 degrees F, it is very safe to use because of its manual lock when not in use.

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars among its users, users commonly observed that blazer micro torches don’t wear and tear easily and it is good in regulating the gas giving a good flame before it completely becomes empty. Other torches of the same kind usually emit small flames at the last 10% of the gas.

This might be a little expensive compared to other torches, but it can be used for a longer period on a daily basis without having the need to be replaced. It is probably one of the best torches in the market, with the totally controlled consistent flame, it quickly heats with a blast.

This however cannot be used for smaller brazing works, the flame is large enough to solder a small object. It is also difficult for a beginner to handle it in one hand due to its safety mechanism. Also, the top is heavy so it may sometimes fall over needing a bigger base. Since the product is highly recommended for scientific and industrial use, as per federal regulation, it must not be for home use.

Dremel 2000-01

It is not hard to look for the best soldering torch if you look hardly enough for Dremel 2000-01. This one is easy to start up because it is built with integrated ignition trigger. There is no need to use outside tools to ignite the flame since it’s already built in.

It has 14 pieces versatile accessories primarily used for soldering, shrinking, area heating, hot cutting and wood burning. It offers precise control over flame through its variable temperature and can secure a lock-on of flame for long extended usage of the torch. It is well known to have top-most quality and life-long durability among loyal users of this product.

If you like an all-in-one tool for numerous activities such as hot air emission, pyrography, soldering, and rope cutting and heat shrinking, this can be one of the best torches you’ll ever find. Some tools can only be used for one function alone, but usually lack portability and versatility.

If you need to do instant soldering outdoors, no need to plug in to electricity since this torch is flexible enough to first solder an iron then use hot air top for heat shrinking afterwards. The versatility in the tip options enables you to work with many options with a single tip.

Because Versa Tip is packed along with some accessories, you have many options to choose from; a hot air tip, cutting knife, wide blower tip and shaping knife making it suitable for jobs that need precision, fine control and accuracy.

The case however is difficult to lock causing the accessories to fall off sometimes. When the micro soldering torch is used, and the top blue switch locked the flame already, it must not be pointed away from you because it might burn as it blows toward your finger.

Master Appliance MT-70

One of the best micro butane torches is the MT-70 Palm-Sized Triggertorch. This is highly portable due to the fact that it is very handy and light. It ignites by itself and can run up to 60 minutes if plastic tank will be filled in full with butane.

It is the best mini butane torch with multi-purpose capacity can let you do various activities such as heating parts, melting plastic, shrinking tubes, terminate specialty connectors, solder and desolder items and more. It has gas adjustment wheel that adjusts long blue flames up to 2500-Degree Fahrenheit/1300-Degree C.

Many butane micro torch reviews indicate that users mostly utilize it for dabs and it is good for lighting nails. Some find it useful in lighting camp fires during camping and such. With a strong and solid plastic covering, it can survive any accidental fall and can still work well. Handheld butane torch is highly recommended for simple tasks such as building coils or electrical repairs. The flame is easy to adjust and flame locks well.

However for safety mechanisms, it takes two hands to light the torch. You need to pull the safety in one hand pull the trigger on the other hand to light it. But once you get used of the trigger, you will eventually get used to it in succeeding usages.

The adjust ability works better than any micro torch, an awesome gift for all fathers and brothers out there. If you wonder if there is best butane for torch, there’s nothing in particular, any butane brand will do. But if you encounter leaking butane during refill, the Ronson refills is highly recommended. It refills better than any other brands. There’s always butane leakage when your tank gets full, but no leak should happen during refilling process.

Bernz-O-Matic ST2200T

Finally, the one that completes the micro flame butane torch list is the Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit ST2200T. It works very well on constructing concrete items and metal tools, also good for soldering or can sometimes serve as heat guns.

You can be sure that this is of premium quality because this was highly manufactured in United States. Since its flame is micro, it is a kind of miniature butane torch that works best in small miniature works that requires accuracy and precision.

This micro butane torch, according to numerous micro torch reviews held, has a more concentrated and tighter flame than most torches and has been very effective in heating up smaller nails like dome nails. Attached with a soldering tip, it can also function for heat shrinks and lighting up cigarettes and fireworks. Unlike others brands, this one has a stable and sturdy base which prevents the top from falling.

The fine flame in this pencil torch helps you focus on a specific object that you are working on, you can also freely lock the flames to better manipulate the solder. Its concentrated flame makes it the number one choice for cooking and heating shrink tubing. It is very handy and easy to refill. It also works great in doing electrical works and engine compartments.

However, soldering tips are not for lifetime use and are consumable items. You cannot buy it from the market so when your solder tip goes wrong; the only way is to buy another torch. One common problem that users encounter is the difficulty of lighting the torch. You must carefully slide the small red piece (below the red button) down. When you feel the click in your thumb, this small butane torch must already be lighted.

Safety Measures in Handling Butane Torches

Aside from knowing highly recommended butane torches, we must also consider our safety in handling these highly flammable devices. The following are best butane safety measures that one should carefully observe when refilling and using the torch:

  1. Do all means to avoid inhalation and take precautions such as wearing masks.
  2. Butane canisters are flammable substances, so keep it away from hot surfaces or flames or too much heat.
  3. Strictly no smoking near the area.
  4. Make sure that you store them in a well-ventilated area.
  5. Let butane canisters cool down first before refilling.
  6. Use approved containers, not substandard products or imitation.
  7. Keep the containers closed and label properly.
  8. To avoid any explosion during transport of product, ground and bind it.
  9. Wear protective equipments such apron, goggles, and gloves in industrial plants.
  10. When there is a fire caused by a butane torch, close the source of the gas first before extinguishing.
  11. Ask for fire assistance when the fire is too large for you to handle.
  12. Wash or dispose all clothing used for butane, it might start a fire elsewhere.
  13. Always keep a nearby fire extinguisher.
  14. Store fuel separately and away from the working area.
  15. Lastly, keep it away from children’s reach.

Safe Torch Lighting and Filling

First, check if your torch is fully fuelled before you start using it. Fuel the container in a wide and well-ventilated area and not near to any form of flame or smoke. Others go out from their houses just to refill at the porch or in the front yard.

This way, fresh air can cool the containers down and combustion can be avoided. You should also carefully read the manuals before trying to use or refill this device. Some manuals clearly provide the “Do’s and Dont’s” giving you a better idea on how to operate it. Any instructions improperly done might cause disaster to you and your home.

Next, remove the butane torch from its base. Invert it upside down and insert the canister of the butane gas into the small hole at the bottom part. The process of refuelling any good butane torch can only take for 10-15 seconds and it is already full when you hear that sputtering sound. Carefully move the container away from the lighting after replacing it at the base.

Finally, if your torches have a safety switch, deactivate it first before turning the device on. Then turn the ring in circular motion so that the butane will begin to flow. Press the ignition button in order to light it and rotate the ring as desired to control the flame size appropriate to your working needs. After using, rotate the ring backwards until the flame completely lights off or stop the button that steadies the flame.

How to Turn it On

Take a look at directions given in your specific butane torch manual or user’s guide on how to operate the start switch of your butane torch. However, there are common basic start-up instructions that are applicable to all micro butane torches.

Make sure that your working space should be covered first with a fire-proof material so that it won’t flare in case heat is directed to it during start up. Wear protective equipment like safety glasses or goggles before you turn on your torch.

The torch head must be 8-10 inches above your working space when you point it downwards with a 45-degree angle. When you turn the torch on, let the butane flow towards the head and press the ignition button. Try out adjusting the flame by turning the knob or lever; adjust it to its highest to lowest flame size. The flame size depends on the size of the object that you want to apply heat with.

Examining the Flame

You need to know how to understand how you can use it and whether you already need to refill the fuel. If you observe the flame, you’ll see a dark blue transparent outer flame and a lighter blue inner flame. The tip of the light blue inner flame is the hottest part of the flame where you can easily heat a metal. By moving the tip of the inner flame towards or away from the metal, you can control the heat.

The inside part of the light blue inner flame is cooler than the tip, so if you move the flame too close to the surface or object, it will take longer time to melt it. If you see a flickering light, that means that the head is not very well attached to the butane gas, so you have to tighten it up and shake the butane well. A yellow flickering light signifies that the flame is dying so you need to refill it. After observing the flame, turn the switch off and place the torch upright so that its hot tip cannot burn anything.


Overall, maximizing the benefit of using best butane micro torch can be a great deal to you and your business, but it can all fall down with a simple mistake. Choose the best butane torch according to your desired activities and use them at their maximum potential. Most torches price is just right for your budget. If you find the need to have one, do not be afraid to use it. Just carefully observe the proper usage and handling of this product, this amazing butane torch can serve you fairly well.

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