Best Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews 2017 – 2018

Driving to school or work is a big part of anyone’s daily routine, and when it comes to long steers or rush hour traffic, keeping yourself or more importantly the kids, is crucial. To pass the boredom or lower the stress on both the driver and the passengers, your vehicle’s on board entertainment system is vital.

The quality of these entertainment systems highly depends on the vehicle’s head stereo unit, no matter how many speakers, monitors, or any other devices are installed. And though most factory vehicle entertainment setups are quite adequate, picking up common radio signals, playing CDs and MP3s, upgrading to newer touch screen radio for cars available today will significantly improve the whole driving experience.

Use of such car stereo systems makes any ride more comfortable and entertaining. Installing the best double din head unit in your vehicle can certainly turn any driving day a pleasant one. Here are some of the best models to consider basing on Amazon reviews and a helpful buying guide at the end to assure a top notch purchase.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
Pioneer AVH-280BT DVD Receiver (4.3 / 5)
290+ Reviews
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VC KW-HDR81BT Double DIN Car Receiver (4.2 / 5)
91+ Reviews
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Jensen VX7022 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver (4 / 5)
729+ Reviews
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Kenwood DDX-371 Car Stereo Receiver (4.1 / 5)
97+ Reviews
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BOSS AUDIO BV9364B Double-DIN Receiver (3.4 / 5)
1169+ Reviews
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Best Double Din Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

Pioneer AVH-280BT DVD Receiver with 6.2-inch Display

First on the list is the Pioneer AVH-280BT DVD Receiver that flaunts a 6.2-inch Display that gets an average 4.3-Star Amazon rating. It is an in-dash receiver that also features hands-free calling via Bluetooth, audio streaming and also DVD/CD playback. It also features a 6.2″ WVGA LED Backlight Touchscreen Display. A built-in Graphic Equalizer (5 band) is also utilized for more sound quality.

Considered as one of the best double din car stereo units available today, many users recognize its versatility and easy to use features because of its Bluetooth Wideband Speech and Clear Resistive Touch screen. Added with the option to connect a Back-up Camera, the Pioneer AVH-280BT is certainly worth considering.

It is ready to directly connect to iPods or iPhones for easy music playback via use of an interface cable (CD-IU51 – 30-pin devices or CD-IU52 – Lightning devices) which are sold separately. 30-pin devices with the ability to play both music and video, will need a different interface cable (CD-IU201V – sold separately). Song details like song title, recording artist, time and also album information are clearly displayed on the Pioneer AVH-280BT’s screen. The USB wire connection’s transfer of direct digital signal from said devices leads to clear and clean sound. It also provides enough current to charge for longer use.

Minor complaints were cited and one is the lack of a remote and SIRI. Another is the location of the volume display when being adjusted since it’s located below the hand making it difficult to see. The only negatives stated on some reviews are very minor, making the Pioneer AVH-280BTone of the best touch screen radio for cars available today.

JVC KW-HDR81BT Double DIN Car Receiver Player

Next is the JVC KW-HDR81BT Double DIN Car Receiver Player that gets a 4.4-Star average on Amazon’s customer reviews. It features Bluetooth Wireless Technology, 24-bit DAC, and MOS-FET of 50W and 20W RMS by 4. One major plus of this touch screen car radio is its impressive phone connectivity. It features Voice Recognition Dialing, Text Message Notification, Compatibility Check Mode, Phone Book Transfer, Phone Book Access, Hands-Free Call, AVRCP, Audio Streaming, Internet/Pandora Radio Control, and Full-Time Connection of 2 Phones.

A lot of owners admire the JVC KW-HDR81BT’s sufficient speaker output power. Many also appreciate the availability of a front USB port, and the capability to still play CDs, CD-RWs and CD-Rs loaded with WMA and MP3 files. For more connectivity and convenience an external microphone is even included.

As many reviews states, the HD radio on the JVC KW-HDR81BT works flawlessly, this of course highly depends on the vehicle’s antenna and signal distance. It will easily fit any 2 din opening on any car model or make, some prompt to use a Metra wiring harness and dash kit for an easy DIY installation. It is still advisable though that this JVC touch screen car stereo is installed by a professional.

Once connected, it is user-friendly. Many say that its mute knob push feature comes in really handy. A USB cable at the rear can be pulled and be made available in the dash compartment allowing for easy device connection. Aside from being packed with useful and convenient features, sound quality provided is considered to be one of the best.

Jensen VX7022 Multimedia Receiver with 6.2″ Screen and Bluetooth

The Jensen VX7022 Multimedia Receiver that features a 6.2″ Screen and Bluetooth connectivity is also worth looking at, getting a 4.0-Star rating average in touch screen car stereo reviews at Amazon. For connectivity, in the front panel, a USB port (2.1 Amp) is available that can also charge USB-powered devices. An Aux jack (3.5 mm) is also available, supporting music playback with devices without Bluetooth capabilities. An SD-Card slot (micro) is also available, allowing playback of music and videos as well.

The ability to use USB hard drives makes the Jensen VX7022 a very versatile device, making it a favorite among users who consider their vehicle’s entertainment very important. Especially that it has a control interface with the vehicle’s steering wheel and it is compatible with 3rd party SWC modules also. RCA rear line-out connectors can also be used to connect to car speakers allowing full sound integration. Another function many users admire is that it is also Sirius XM ready.

The display on the Jensen VX7022, a 6.2 inch TFT high-resolution screen, is considered as one of the best in-dash touch screen radio available today. Offering crystal clear images and large size icons makes screen interactions easy. And with the use of an HDMI/HML connection, Smartphone screens can be mirrored on the device’s large screen.

It comes with a Pandora Link feature that allows users direct Pandora control via the device’s display screen. Its built-in navigation utilizes the latest software (iGo Primo). 5 available UI colors and background images, plus thousands of different illuminating panel colors, attain interior color matching a breeze.

Kenwood DDX-371 6.1-inch Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth

The Kenwood 6.1-inch DDX-371 Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth meanwhile, also gets a 4.0-Star rating in Amazon touch screen car stereo reviews. This double-DIN WVGA DVD receiver offers built-in Bluetooth connectivity that automatically pairs with iPhone units. With the use of Siri, the Kenwood DDX-371 can be controlled by voice. A USB on the rear can be used to make iPhones, iPods, and even Android devices act as mass storage.

When it comes to connectivity, the Kenwood DDX-371 offers a bunch of features; it is Pandora Internet Radio ready and is compatible to both iPhones and Android devices with the use of Bluetooth connection. It is SiriusXM ready, making it a very favorable and versatile device for any in-car entertainment system.

The touch screen on this is very responsive compared to other models available today. Many had mentioned in reviews how much they appreciate the better and easier iPod Menu interface it utilizes. Owners consider it a big plus that the need of purchasing additional devices for device connectivity is removed. The Bluetooth connection of the Kenwood DDX-371 is amazingly fast, it almost instantly connects once the external device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

In fact, numerous Amazon client reviews will say that the quality of this Bluetooth touch screen radio units’ connection is faultless. Compared to other similar devices that are currently available, less hiss noise can be heard, resulting in a much clearer and cleaner sound. This, of course, leads to better call quality, both sides can hear clearly without any issues.

BOSS AUDIO BV9364B DVD Player Receiver with Bluetooth & Wireless Remote

Last on the list is the BOSS AUDIO BV9364B that gets a 3.4-Star consumer rating average. Though a bit lower average compared to the previously discussed in dash touch screen radio units, this one is certainly also a good model to consider. It is a very versatile head unit, CDs and DVDs can be played, an SD card can be used, USB and Aux ports are available for better connectivity, and it also utilizes Bluetooth technology.

Its Bluetooth technology allows music streaming via Pandora or Spotify. It also allows hands-free calls, leading to a safer drive. It also includes a rear-view camera that makes reverse driving easier by increasing the driver’s confidence. Aside from its touchscreen monitor, it also comes with a remote that allows the user to control the device. Existing vehicle steering wheel controls can also be manipulated with the use of an interface device (sold separately).

The use of Bluetooth technology on this leads to superb connectivity. But for those who prefer simple connecting options, the BOSS AUDIO BV9364B recognizes USB flash drives (32 GB) perfect for those who love to bring along tons of music on the road. Its Auxiliary Input allows connection of non-Bluetooth audio devices, while the AV Input connection allows video playback from other external devices.

The BOSS AUDIO BV9364B may not be the best aftermarket touch screen car stereo available today, but with its offered features and price make it a favorite among drivers. It is very versatile, easy to use, and well worth it.

Touch Screen Car Stereo Buying Guide

Features to Consider

Aside from the discussed best double din car stereo units available today, there are abundant models to choose from. It is very important to do enough research and comparison before purchasing one. Here are some factors to consider in order to get what you really need and the best value for money.

  • General Features – Knowing the core features of any device may be a simple task, but with the various models available and tons of features they possess, it can be very complex to understand. Depending on the speakers it will drive and additional devices that will be used, the unit’s customization options, overall power output, connectivity options, and user interface should be considered. Knowing what you need is a key in determining which device would work best on your in-car entertainment system.
  • Audio Features – Modern aftermarket touch screen radio for cars are equipped with different audio equalizers, controllers, retrievers, and other customization options. These, of course, depend on the level of the user’s wants to achieve the best and most precise sound output from the vehicle’s entertainment system. Considering these features is perfect for those who loves music and have a thing about customizing their head unit’s sound settings.
  • Compatibility – Most available units in the market today are Bluetooth ready, but it is vital to know that other connections should be also considered. The needed number of available connections on the touch screen head unit highly depends on the quantity of speakers or devices to be used. This is why it is essential to plan ahead and know the number of additional apparatuses to be used and match the precise head unit for the job.
  • Interface – Installing the newest and even the most expensive head unit is useless if it is hard to use. Checking its user interface is crucial, particularly if you don’t want to have a headache in engaging yourself in very complex systems especially while driving. It is essential to find out if the control system is easy to access and use. Large buttons and easy to use multipurpose knobs are always a plus.

Upgrade Benefits

Most in-car entertainment systems included in modern vehicles today are quite good. Some may already have Bluetooth connectivity or GPS. But still, some may want to enhance the overall experience when it comes to their vehicle’s entertainment system. Upgrading to a newer and better touch screen head unit will provide you with the best and latest technology available. Here are some advantages of newer models over basic units.

  • More Power – These new devices have higher power capabilities that allow more and bigger speaker use. Sufficient amount of driving power leads to louder and cleaner sound.
  • Better Connectivity – Because of the advanced technology used in such devices, connecting to other devices like smartphones, Android devices, and even the internet, is much easier. Though some old units do have Bluetooth technology, the new models provide better signal quality the leads to better connections.
  • Better GPS System – Aftermarket touch screen car radio units do provide better and updated GPS systems. It’s easier to use and understand compared to older releases.
  • Master Control – Though these devices do take more space compared to single din devices, its new and exciting features can make any in-car entertainment system perform better. Such devices allow full control of all gadgets that are part of the system. One can easily adjust both audio and video settings that leads to a more personal and customized overall experience.

Genuine Head Units

Thousands of sellers are offering such double din touchscreen head unit packages in Amazon and eBay. Aside from knowing the specs that you need, it is vital to know if the unit you are about to purchase is a genuine product. Unfortunately, some products sold in the market today are cheap knockoffs.  May it be a Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC, or Alpine product; a lot of these fake products are circulating around.

Such counterfeit products astonishingly look like the real deal, and anyone can easily fall for them. The biggest difference is on its functionality. Some of these products lack the essential features genuine units have. Most of these items will not even work at all. Basically, it is a good copy of the shell of the unit that uses low-quality parts.

To determine if a product is genuine or fake, it is crucial to be very vigilant and be very observant. Crazy low prices can be an indicator if the unit is genuine or not. Especially on brand new touch screens for cars that are newly released. Often, offering low prices has been the seller’s way to lure potential victims. So be vigilant and stick to products with realistic pricing.


Searching for the best double din stereo today may be quite overwhelming. Thousands of various models, capabilities, and price ranges may make selecting an ordeal. This is why proper research and comparison is crucial, especially if one aims to achieve high-quality in-car entertainment. Selecting the correct head unit will lead to a more satisfying drive by enhancing your vehicle’s audio and video system.

Technology is moving in a fast phase, and newer and better models are being released every day. It is vital to know that personal preference is still a key, and knowing what you want to achieve is crucial. New releases or higher price doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right choice. Some may still lack the features you need, and some may have features you will never use. In choosing the best touch screen car stereo, aside from the many features it offers, it is vital to know that operating such head units while driving is not advisable. It is better to set up everything before driving, or pull-over if needed. And learn more

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