Best Epoxy Reviews 2017 – 2018

It is very sensible to analyze the overall formulation of the compounds, while looking for the strongest epoxy. The constitution of epoxy is essentially created by polymerizing a combination of 2 starting compounds, the hardener, and the resin. Keep in mind that the perfect mixture of these substances usually dictates the strength and rigidity of the entire epoxy.

Today, epoxy adhesives have been formulated to suit a wide array of operating conditions and applications, while adhering to different materials. The properties of epoxy are depending on the certain chemistry of the entire system as well as the nature of the cross-linking available. Among the most crucial performance requirements include an outstanding chemical resistance, heat resistance, exceptional adhesion, and water resistance.

There should also be a characteristic that meets satisfactory mechanical, including electrical insulating qualities. With this information in mind, it is now time to take a look at the best epoxy reviews, giving you only the best-of-the-best products on the market today with their corresponding customer ratings, and distinctive features.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
J-B Weld 8280 Original (4.6 / 5)
908+ Reviews
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System Three 1100K10 (4.7 / 5)
47+ Reviews
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Loctite 1365736 (4.6 / 5)
88+ Reviews
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Quik-cure 5min epoxy (4.6 / 5)
114+ Reviews
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Great Planes Pro Epoxy 30-Minute Formula (4.1 / 5)
89+ Reviews
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Best Epoxy Reviews

J-B Weld 8280 Original – Professional Size Steel Reinforced Epoxy

The very first item on the list is the J-B Weld 8280 Original with an average rating of 4.6-Stars. This professional-size steel reinforced epoxy system provides strong and long-lasting repairs to metal as well as multiple surfaces. It claims to be the strongest epoxy for metal with a 1:1 mix ratio.

This product can form a bond between materials, while allowing you to shape it, tap, sand, file, and drill it after curing. The J-B Weld 8280 I pliable within 30 minutes, sets between 4 and 6 hours, resulting in a dark gray color at room temperature. It requires between 15 and 24 hours reaching its full cure. Hence, it features a 3960 PSI tensile strength, while setting a hard bond overnight. This epoxy can also withstand extreme temperatures such as at 550 degrees Fahrenheit when fully cured.

This Cold Weld 10OZ Compound is very easy to use in different applications and materials such as on metal, brick, automotive, concrete fiberglass, and more. All the more, it is quick and easy to prepare. In order to obtain the best results, it is just sensible to clean the surface from any debris, paint, grease, and dirt by using a degreaser or detergent, roughening the surface with course sandpaper or a file.

Mixing the compound is also a fuss with the J-B Weld 8280 by simply squeezing equal portions from each tube, mixing them thoroughly on a disposable surface. With an appropriate tool, apply the compound in an even coat, extruded shape, or weld bead as needed.

Letting is dry is essential, waiting between 4 and 6 hours, while curing takes between 15 and 24 hours. Allow at least 4 hours before handling, and another 15 hours before putting back the object in use. Certainly, the J-B Weld 8280 is a reliable epoxy for metal and other materials.

System Three 1100K10 Amber T-88 Kit

Meanwhile, the System Three 1100K10 Amber T-88 Kit receives a 4.7-Star rating. This product claims to be the most widely used and best epoxy for general woodworking and marine use throughout the United States. Also with a 1:1 by volume ratio, the 1100K10 Amber T-88 cures at room temperature of as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once fully cured, the T-88 is never affected by oil, kerosene, water, and other chemicals. It does not stain the wood, and it can withstand rot and fungus. This compound has a very unique composition, allowing you to apply it on damp wood, as long as it worked very well into the surface.

Claiming to be the best epoxy for wood and marine use, the T-88 has impressive features, including non-brittle, high-performance, and 2-part epoxy adhesive design, giving superior results, despite adverse conditions. This adhesive can be applied without modifications in normally fitted joints, while curing in any thickness without the risk of shrinkage.

This clear amber epoxy becomes invisible when the varnish is applied. Hence, it exhibits exceptional adhesion and outstanding permanence on multiple materials. In fact, it is highly recommended by leading builders, designers, and organizations.

T-88 is also available in cartridges, which dispense through a standard caulking gun, allowing optimum user convenience. Additionally, this adhesive meets the requirements of certain product specifications such CID A-A-3053, MIL-A-81236 (OS), and MMM-A-134 (1). Certainly, the System Three 1100K10 Amber T-88 is far way better than the hardware store counterparts, working well without cracking or chipping easily.

Loctite Heavy Duty Epoxy Quick Set

With an average rating of 4.5-Stars is the Loctite Heavy Duty Epoxy Quick Set, which is said to be the most reliable Loctite epoxy plastic bonder. It is available in project-size bottles that are ideal for large and multi-piece jobs, requiring ultra-bond strength.

Compared to other adhesives, this formula tends to set within 5 minutes, bonding metal, wood, plastic, concrete, glass, ceramic, fiberglass, stone, and wide selections of materials in a breeze. This 0.82-pound gel epoxy (consisting of 1 epoxy resin bottle and 1 hardener) is widely used not only with different materials, but in wide ranges of applications.

It can be mixed with fiberglass cloth, resulting in a durable patch. Additionally, the Loctite Heavy Duty Epoxy is water-resistant, without the risks of shrinking, and features a high-impact resistance. This means that it will never crack when drilled.

Loctite is surely a trusted and recognizable name in the industry, ensuring you with no less than reliable products. Loctite has been providing consumers with innovative adhesive and sealing solutions for more than 50 years now. Hence, quality and dependability of the products are ensured.

Once mixed in the correct ratio, the epoxy resin and hardener tend to create a tough and high-strength bond within 5 minutes, allowing you to accomplish your projects in no time. Loctite Heavy Duty Epoxy is not only popular as an adhesive, but also versatile filler for bonding gaps, laminating, and surface repairs. This super strong epoxy is surely a product of a brand’s unwavering commitment, research, and development.

Quik-cure 5min epoxy 9oz Bob Smith Ind.

Next up is the Quik-cure 5min Epoxy by Bob Smith Ind., which receives a 4.6-Star as an average customer rating. It claims to cure to a somewhat flexible consistency. Such lack of brittleness lets it form a long-lasting bond in areas or surfaces that are subjected to high stress or vibration. However, this compound should never be used in areas, which are subject to long-term water immersion.

QUIKCURE generally works well with the internal structure of wood framed boats, and it is the only epoxy that allows you to apply polyester resins. In order to create quick-setting metal epoxy putty, it should be mixed with micro balloons. Items that are bonded with this epoxy can be touched after 15 minutes at least, while its full strength is obtained after an hour.

With the proper combination or mixture, QUIKCURE can stick together any two items. It requires a slightly kneading technique rather than a mixing method. Using a glossy paper will the best choice throughout the mixing and kneading, mashing everything flat for a minute, scraping the mixture up, and then applying it onto areas that need bonding.

Furthermore, QUIKCURE is seriously generating a lot of positive reviews from actual users due to their first-hand experiences with the product. While many projects need only epoxy in accomplishing them QUIKCURE has been one of the top choices over pricier epoxy solutions. It gives users less working time and waiting periods, unlike other solutions that require long hours for it to set, cure, and harden. Without a doubt, QUIKCURE is the fastest and the strongest epoxy glue to date.

Great Planes Pro Epoxy 30-Minute Formula

Finally, the Great Planes Pro Epoxy 30-Minute Formula garners an average rating of 4.1-Stars. As its name implies, this solution features a consistently reliable 30-minute and accurately controlled curing time. The kit includes a 4.5-ounce bottle of clear resin and a 4.5-ounce bottle of yellowish hardener.

Before anything else, this adhesive requires epoxy mixing cups and mixing brushes or sticks. This top-notch quality, slow-curing adhesive offers a moderate to high-strength property for bonding virtually any items or materials. The resin and the hardener have close viscosity, making mixing and dispensing easy and precise.

Furthermore, these substances come in the liquid form; thereby, making everything more convenient and more precise. While most of these adhesives are skin-irritant and eye-irritant, the use of disposable gloves is highly recommended for precaution and protection.

Each of the two bottles has molded nozzles with closed ends, allowing you to cut the tips for dispensing. With colored cap covers and ridges on the nozzles, the containers also seal very well, making it practical in measuring equal portions, while storing the containers when not in use.

Gluing metal to plastic, metal to metal, plastic to plastic, and other materials and surfaces has been very easy with Great Planes Pro Epoxy 30-Minute Formula. It can hold materials together very well, making it the best solution for small-sized to moderate-sized bonding projects. It is also a perfect finish tool throughout woodworking tasks and can serve as a coloring dye in filling small cracks. Certainly, it serves unlimited purposes beyond gluing items together.


In a nutshell, epoxy adhesives are the most widely used structural type bonding agents that are generally offered as one-component or a two-component system. Keep in mind that the one-component epoxy adhesive is usually cured between temperatures of 250 and 300°F and is often used as an alternative adhesive to rivets and welding.

On the other hand, the two-component epoxy system may require heat to accelerate its catalytic property. It is perfect for bonding most areas and surfaces and is highly stable because of its ability in handling a constant force or weight over an extended period. A two-component epoxy system, such as the reviewed products in this article, also features exceptional resistance to physical and chemical reactions. Therefore, the two-component variety is the best epoxy glue for bonding various surfaces and areas.

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