Best Floor Mats for Cars Reviews 2016-2017

Floor mats for cars may not seem like a significant addition to your vehicle but it actually serves vital functions. These accessories are meant to protect your cars from debris, dust and even from constant wears and tears especially when you are vigorously using your automobile.

Although some people don’t necessarily push their cars to the limit, it is still necessary to protect it so that you can still get the best resale value when you plan on upgrading to a different vehicle in the future. When properly used, the mats can help preserve the interior for your cars so it can last even after a long time.

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Armor All 78840 (4.6 / 5)
910+ Reviews
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OxGOrd FMPV01A-BK (3.9 / 5)
1066+ Reviews
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Mann MN02169AMA (4.3 / 5)
149+ Reviews
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BDK MT-643-FM (4.4 / 5)
227+ Reviews
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BDK MT-783-GR_AMF (4 / 5)
236+ Reviews
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Best Floor Mats for Cars Review

Armor All 78840 Floor Mat for Cars

The 78840 is the type of floor mat for cars which is designed to be cut so that if can be customized to perfectly fit into any type of car. It has a simple universal cut line making it easy to trim and secure onto your car flooring.

This particular floor mat for cars is specially designed so that it will not crack, crumple and harden even during very cold weather or during winter. It also features Rug Claw anti-slip backing that is why it stays securely in place and you don’t need to constantly reposition it. The Rug Claw technology also adds a safety feature as you are driving.

You can use the 78840 regardless of the climate because it is an all-weather type of car floor mat. Whether the climate is extremely hot or freezing cold, the 78840 still works efficiently as it provides protection to the interior floors of your car.

When you closely look at the mat, you can see deep moulded channels which function as a trap to different substances like road salt, water, sand and even mud. This ensures that any debris or dirt will stay on it and not ruin the actual flooring of your vehicle.

One thing that you might notice the moment you unpack the 78840 is that it has a slightly rubbery smell to it. To resolve this problem you can leave the product overnight in an open space so the rubber odor can evaporate.

OxGOrd Heavy Duty Floor Mat for Cars

OxGord is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers of best floor mats for cars as well as other car accessories. One of their best floor mats is the heavy duty OxGord which is a 4 piece all-weather rubber mat. This is an ideal accessory not just for cars but for SUVs and trucks too.

Just like with the 78840, it is also specially designed to protect the interiors of your vehicle regardless of the weather. This mat acts as a shield against different environmental elements. This also helps channel water and mud towards specific ridges and pockets found on the mat for easy cleaning.

The 4 piece mat can be easily trimmed to fit to your vehicle. The 2 front mat measures 17.7 inches x 28.35 inches while the rear mats are 17.7 inches x 17.5 inches. The mat is precisely designed so that it will fit in almost all kinds of vehicle.

Since the OxGord is an all-weather car mat, it is made from high quality durable rubber, constructed to last for a long time. The product is also stain resistant so it can retain its looks even after several years of usage.

Its heavy duty divots and ridges helps remove snow and mud trapped underneath your shoes and it secures the debris on the mat to keep the interiors of the vehicle free from dirt.

Because this car mat is made from rubber, you can easily clean it by directly spraying water to remove any dirt lodged on the floor.

Mann Pack Floor Mat for Cars

If you want the best truck floor mats which are made from an almost indestructible rubber compound, the Mann Pack is something you should consider. This is a 4 piece floor mat that is very efficient in trapping grime, dirt, and spills so you can be sure that your car flooring is kept clean at all times.

This floor mat for cars is designed to protect as well as enhance the look of your vehicle especially the car floor. With its rugged construction, it is able to give superior waterproof protection thus ensuring that you won’t have to deal with tarnished factory carpets later on.

Another advantage of Mann Pack is that it is extremely easy to clean. All you need is a little soap and hot water to efficiently remove any stubborn spills and grime. Just spray the water and soap solution onto the mat and leave it for a few minutes to loosen any dirt that may have lodged into the crevices of the floor mat. Then, just rinse with water and you’re good to go.

This all-weather and waterproof floor mat for cars comes in 4-pieces, with 2 front and 2 rear mats. The front ones have a measurement of 19 inches x 27.35 inches while the rear mats measures 18.5 inches x 18.75 inches. The complete set weighs about 8.4 pounds.

In producing this car mat, the manufacturer uses modern computer technology so you can be sure of its reliable quality and fit.

BDK MT-643-FM Floor Mat for Cars

The BDK MT-643-FM is another best car floor mat that is manufactured by BDK USA Inc., a company founded in 1990 and is responsible for engineering with a passion for motorized parts and accessories.

This product is made from 100% rubber polymer, an extremely durable material which is specially manufactured by BDK company. Because of its durability, it is suitable for use in any type of weather. All throughout the year, your car will be protected from any forms of damage due to changes in temperature or to exposures to dirt and other substances.

The heavy duty polymer made from dense rubber has nibs and ridges that prevent water, mud, and dirt from seeping through the carpet floor of the vehicle. It covers the entire front and rear car flooring and it does not leave any gaps thus even droplets of water can’t get pass through this protective covering.

Unlike other floor mats for cars made from rubber, the BDK mats are odorless and non-toxic hence it is safe for kid and pet passengers.

This is a 3-piece floor mat for cars that measures 27 inches x 18 inches for the front and 17 inches x 54 inches for the back. It comes with a 1-year full manufacturer’s warranty too.

The BDK MT-643-FM floor mat will give the interiors of your can an instant makeover without spending a lot because this accessory adds a sophisticated feel ti your car at a reasonable price.

BDK MT-783-GR_AMF Floor Mat for Cars

The BDK MT-783-GR_AMF provides superior protection since it is made from heavy duty PVC v2. It has broad channels and its edges are elevated to keep the dirt and mud on the mat and prevent spillage to the car floor.

This offers all-weather all-season protection so even if it comes in contact with rain, mud, debris or even snow, you’re sure that the interior is protected.

Since the BDK MT-783-GR_AMF is made from durable and flexible rubber polymer, it is very easy to clean. No need to extensive scrubbing because you can easily use a hose to directly spray onto the mat to remove lodged debris. You can also use soap and water for stubborn dirt and stain. After cleaning, it will be as good as new.

The anti-slip is another useful feature of this one. Its nib backing helps keep the mat in place to prevent it from getting displaced which can cause problems when you drive. This particular feature also ensures that no matter how much movement is made inside the car, this stays in place hence enables full protection coverage of the car floors.

The contours of it can be trimmed so you can customize it to snugly fit into your vehicle. It set comes with 3 pieces of mat: 2 pieces for the front which measures 27.5 inches x 18 inches and 1 piece at the back measuring about 54.2 inches x 17.3 inches. Its total package dimension is 18 inches x 6 inches x 10 inches.

Floor Mats for Cars Buying Guide

People have varying reason for buying this for their cars. Some want to improve the look of their vehicles without spending a lot while others just want to protect the interiors from stains and damage.

Whatever your reason is for buying a floor mat for your car, you need to know the basics so you can make a good choice.

Types of Floor Mats

1) All Weather – If you live in a place where there is a usual dramatic change in the climate, the all-weather floor mat is the best option for you. During rainy seasons or when it snows, the interior of your car can easily get soiled. With an all-weather type, you can protect your car floor from all kinds of debris.

This one is often very easy to clean. All you have to do is to remove it from the car then wash with soap and water. When all the dirt is removed, just let dry and you’re ready to use it again.

2) Custom – Majority of floor mats for cars come in standard sizes so you can easily fit any of the standard ones into your car. However, some vehicles have distinctive interiors and the standard kinds won’t snugly fit hence you need to opt for custom floor mats.

To get this type of floor mat, you need to contact a particular manufacturer and provide them with the necessary measurement so ensure that the accessory will securely fit into the car.

The downside with custom floor mat is that it can be slightly pricier compared to the other types.

Floor Mat Materials

1) Carpet – Carpet is suited for light use only because it not specially designed for constant usage. It still offers a little protection to your car floor but not as much as with rubber.

Just like with the carpets you see at home, these are hard to clean. You need to vacuum or even shampoo it especially when there are stains. Then, it takes a long time to dry hence you won’t be able to use it right after cleaning.

2) Rubber – Rubber is ideal for heavy duty usage and it is designed to withstand spillage and even moisture since it can be easily directed away from the car’s upholstery.

These are very easily to clean. You can simply use a hose and direct it towards the mat to remove the dirt and debris. The downside with rubber floor mats is that it can’t endure direct exposure to sunlight for extended period of time.

3) Cargo Liner – A cargo liner is used to cover the back part of the car and still offers the same function. It protects the rear part of your vehicle from staining and damaging.

Different Brands of Floor Mats

1) Husky Floor Mats – Husky is an automotive accessory manufacturer which specializes in floor liners and floor mats too. The product made by Husky is designed for heavy usage and these are ideally used on pick-up trucks. Because of the durability, these are preferred by people who do hauling activities.

Mats manufactured by Husky are made out of durable thermoplastic material and rubberized vinyl so it can fight wear as well as water damage.

If you want one that performs well when it comes to channeling water and dirt away from the car floor, then a floor mat made by this manufacturer is a great option for you.

2) WeatherTech Floor Mats – Just like Husky, WeatherTech company is also dedicating a huge part of their business in producing liners and mats.

Aside from the basic floor mat function which is to protect the interiors of the car from wears and tears, WeatherTech added a fun side to their products. They created mats with multiple colors which can be matched with the car’s interior.

The best part about their product is that it’s very affordable.

3) Lloyd Floor Mats – When we mention floor liners people instantly thinks about Husky liners vs WeatherTech since these two are the leading manufacturers of floor mats for cars. Many overlook the products produced by Lloyd but if you want to be unique and your willing to pay, then you should consider this brand.

Lloyd floor mats are geared more on providing an aesthetic feel to your car. They have mats which have the cars logo inscribed hence it complements the overall look of your vehicle. When you opt of Lloyd floor mats, you will have the option to choose what materials you want and you can even have your initials embroidered on the mat itself.

If you are willing to pay more to improve the look of your car, you may want to check out Lloyd floor mats.

Things to Consider When Buying a Floor Mat

Aside from the types, materials, and brands of floor mat, there are two more things that you need to consider before making the final purchase.

1) Consider your lifestyle – Before you pick a floor mat for your car, you need to assess what your needs are. For instance, you need to consider the weather in your area. If you constantly experience rain and snow then you should choose a mat that is suited for such climate like WeatherTech mats.

These are waterproof and have a special design so spills and dirt will stay on it and will not have the chance of ruining the flooring of your vehicle.

If you use your car for heavy duty activities, floor mats from Husky are your best option.

2) Option to customize – You don’t have to settle on plain floor mats because you can also add a touch of sophistication or fun depending on your preference by adding logos or images on the mat. To accomplish this you just need to contact the manufacturer so they can produce and customize a design just for you.

Aside from the design, you also have the option to shape the mat according to your liking.


Taking good care of your car’s interior is also as important as taking care of the exterior hence you need to find the best car floor mats.

When you choose a floor mat for your car, remember the different types and its particular purpose as well as the various brands. Carefully weigh your options with the help of this buying guideline so you can select the best floor mats.

Bear in mind that your mat should not only snugly fit onto your car’s exterior but it should also be able to comprehensively protect from the various elements and damage due to usage, heat, spill, and dirt.

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