Best FM Transmitter Reviews 2017 – 2018

This comprehensive guide will let you know the best FM transmitter you can get through its specifications and features. But what is an FM transmitter?

An FM transmitter is a kind of radio transmitter that uses FM radio waves to broadcast signals to your average FM radio from your portable sound device. An FM transmitter, or more specifically a car FM transmitter, can provide you enjoyment with other types of music and even podcasts.

You can access it from your MP3 player or your smartphone in your car. This is one of the reasons why many people would like to get an FM transmitter.

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Best FM Transmitter Review

VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter

The VicTsing Company was established in 2012. Their aim is to create high-quality products at very affordable prices while making sure their users enjoy them. It’s no wonder that their VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter does that. At the same time, it is considered to be one best car FM transmitter out in the market today.

The box includes a user manual, an audio cable that is a meter long and the VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless In-Car FM transmitter. The unit has a black and blue display, which you can see in a very clear large display with 1.44 inches screen. It displays the song’s name, the voltage of the car battery and even the incoming number when on a phone call.

The best part of this device is that it has CVC Technology where it provides a full surrounding duplex sound. It also supports wind and noise cancellation.

It’s very easy to install, you just need to plug the port in and play. It has a memory function that once it’s paired to a device, it automatically connects it once you use it again. The pairing time with another Bluetooth device is rapid. Additionally, it also has a voice prompt that notifies you when you’re successfully connected to it or not.

The VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter charges very fast and includes a 5V/ 2.1A charging port. The downside about getting this product is that there is only one port for the USB. It also does not allow or use any U disks but it can support Bluetooth, flash drives, and SD cards. It’s also compatible with Android, tablets, and iOS devices.

VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter,...
5,628 Reviews
VicTsing Bluetooth FM Transmitter,...
  • Wide Compatibility: VicTsing wireless in-car Bluetooth FM Transmitter is...
  • 1.44'' Large LCD Backlight Display Screen: 1.44 inches screen provides...
  • Crystal Sound and Memory Function: Adopted advanced interference and noise...

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THZY Black Wireless (Bluetooth) FM Transmitter

The THZY Wireless (Bluetooth) FM Transmitter is considered as one of the best iPhone FM transmitters out there today.

The box includes a user manual and the THZY Wireless FM Transmitter itself. One good feature this product has is that you can use it hands-free, listening to music or taking phone calls. It’s compatible with all device products that include a universal 3.5mm jack, including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Samsung devices and all smartphones. Unlike other FM transmitters, it also comes with an additional USB port.

The installation of this product is quick and easy. You just insert your car charger and plug it into your auto’s cigarette lighter. Just find an unused or unoccupied station. Then, make sure your car’s FM radio and transmitter are matching similar frequency. Lastly, you just connect your audio cable to your device and voila! You can use it.

This device has an easy to read, a high-contrast display that includes button controls. It uses Lithium batteries, which has a high endurance for performance and provides you enjoyable long hours of listening to keep you preoccupied.

The frequency range is from 88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz. In addition, its USB output is 5V 1A and is effective for 200 inches.

If you experience any static on your FM transmitter, just make sure that you try to locate empty stations or pure statics in your area. You can do this manually or automatically using SiriusXM or other radio websites. Make sure that the volume is compatible with it and it is recommended to set the volume 3/4 of the capacity.

FM Transmitter - THZY Black Wireless FM...
192 Reviews
FM Transmitter - THZY Black Wireless FM...
  • Play audio devices and smartphones through your car stereo system with 3.5...
  • Comes with an extra USB port to charge your cell phones, GPS and other...
  • Features a high-contrast, easily-read display and prominent button...

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JETech Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

JETech is one of the leading providers of cell phone and computer equipment worldwide. They also provide calculators and electronic equipment for the office, home or travel use.

The box includes an instructions manual, a warranty card, and the JETech Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter. It can be connected to Bluetooth and it is compatible with Bluetooth devices such as Android, smartphones, tablet, iOS and even laptops.

One distinctive feature of this in-car FM transmitter is that it has a flexible gooseneck design that can be detachable. It is equipped with prominent hardware buttons that make it easier to use while you’re on the go. It also has a clear, high-contrast screen that indicates the frequency of the radio.

The frequency ranges from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz with a standard 5V 1A charging port. This will help keep your phone or tablet ready to be played and can fit into a 12V standard cigarette lighter or carport. It also has an extra port for a USB connection that you can use to charge your other devices that are 3.5mm in size.

Music quality is very great. It has a stereo quality capacity that gives out a great audio experience for everyone. You can also do music playbacks like a pro using the Bluetooth. The Bluetooth also has a charging indicator to let you know if it is fully charged or not.

The JETech Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter is considered as one of the best FM transmitters for iPhone in this generation. Many users all over the world are taking advantage of its features. However, its charging port has low amperage which means slower charging speed.

JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car...
6,855 Reviews
JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car...
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets with a 3.5mm headphone jack,...
  • Plays music or audible books from audio devices through your car stereo...
  • Extra built-in USB port charges your smartphones, tablets, GPS and other...

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Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter

The Nulaxy Company mostly creates tablet, USB and cell phone accessories that provide high-quality performance and compatibility. These accessories include wireless keyboards, USB ports, and Bluetooth FM transmitters. They created the Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter, which is beautiful, compatible and versatile. It’s a great favorite among music lovers and the like.

The box includes the Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter and a user manual. It has a huge LCD screen display that uses your automobiles’ battery voltage when detected. The screen displays the name of the song or the phone number showing up for calls. Please take note that Bluetooth songs will not be displayed on the screen.

The buttons on its display can display the song information; can control playback and can help in pairing devices. The music capability gives out crystal clear and excellent sound quality because it has A2DP syncing, using Bluetooth and CVC audio. Additionally, it also has noise cancellation effects technology.

The device’s 5V 2.1A fast charging port has 2.1 amps that work on 87.5 to 108.0 Mhz. It works well with any Android tablet or iOS device (considered as one best FM transmitter for iPhone to date) and can connect with any Bluetooth, flash drive or SD card devices.

One feature that most people don’t like about the Nulaxy Wireless Bluetooth In-Car FM Transmitter is that it only has a single USB port. The only sound file formats it can support are those in MP3 and WMA format but can support AUX input and output. Also, the large screen interface may be too big for some users.

Nulaxy Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM...
15,420 Reviews
Nulaxy Wireless in-Car Bluetooth FM...
  • 1. THE BEST: Consolidated for customers the best FM Transmitter on the...
  • 2. GREAT ADVANTAGES: Compatible with most devices on the market. Play your...
  • 3. BIG LCD DISPLAY: 1.44 inch screen to better visualize phone calls,...

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TeckNet F27 In-Car Universal FM Transmitter

TeckNet provides high-quality digital media and electronic accessories, especially FM transmitters. Their best one yet is the TeckNet F27 In-Car Universal FM transmitter. This device is an amazing piece of equipment with a simple yet elegant design. It operates at 88.1 to 107.9 MHz.

The box includes a warranty card, a user manual, and the F27 FM Transmitter. It has a two-button control for easy accessibility. This helps prevent any confusions on what buttons to press but can be a disadvantage if you’re looking for other optional buttons. It has a very big high-contrast LED display for channel information. If you’re at the back of the car, you’ll definitely enjoy the ease of access with the long cable length it provides.

The transmitter also comes with an additional USB port which you can use to charge another device. It’s a 2.1A USB charge type. The music quality it produces is of stereo quality. It gives you the ability to transmit FM radio waves and provide you tracks of your favorite music using your mobile device together with a nearby FM frequency radio station. You just need to plug it into your car socket and tune into any FM radio that has a clear frequency and just enjoy the rich, stereo surround sound.

It’s a compact FM transmitter that makes using it extremely convenient, useful and affordable while on the go. It’s a great device that you’ll definitely enjoy on any Apple product or smartphone that has a 3.55mm socket. It’s one of the reasons why it’s considered one of the best Bluetooth FM transmitters nowadays.

TECKNET F27 In Car Universal Wireless FM...
1,283 Reviews
TECKNET F27 In Car Universal Wireless FM...
  • Wireless FM Transmitter: Transmits your broadcast audio, smartphone and...
  • High Visibility Display: Equipped with clear and high-contrast display,...
  • Extra USB Car Charger Port: Car Charger with an extra built-in USB port to...

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A Buying Guide for the Best FM Transmitter for Phone

FM transmitters are very handy devices that can transform your device into an excellent mini radio-like station. A good FM transmitter will let you normally just plug it into your device’s socket or charging port and it begins to transmit the played music into your preferred FM radio station frequency. This will help you tweak and tune the music using the radio of your car.

FM transmitters can either be wired or wireless and can be typically used in any type of car. However, depending on your car’s stereo quality, the sound can be of poor quality or give out interference. The most recent models can be used hands-free or can charge your compatible devices while you’re on the go.

Most of the time, they have 3.5mm connections and can be plugged into the headphone socket. Some are powered by batteries while others use the car’s cigarette lighter (12V). Some have both of these. Charging time will vary depending on the amperes of the charging port.

Always check the device compatibility when you buy. A number of radios can receive the FM signal, but you have to check and see if the FM transmitter is compatible with your MP3 player. You can get that information on the transmitter description and its corresponding compatible model number.

Multiple channels or bands also provide you more options. Using a wireless FM transmitter may only have a single FM frequency. However, an all-channel or multi-channel FM transmitter can discover an unused radio frequency so you can use multiple channels. This helps a lot if the channel you’re using is experiencing interference.

If you would like to find out what’s the best FM transmitters out there or what to purchase, please consider these five vital things before buying:

  • Convenience and Usability –  Some places regulate the usage of FM transmitter devices because it works by sending their radio waves on the radio and can interfere it with other areas. Check and see if your area permits it before buying.
  • Performance and Quality of Sound – The sound quality should be exceptional and has no performance issues. It shouldn’t have any issues with signal drops or intermittent static.

However, the quality of sound is, sometimes, associated with your car’s audio stereo system than the FM transmitter. The sounds connected to the car stereo often transmit analog quality sounds so don’t expect too much if you use them.

The Bluetooth technology allows users the chance to listen to music at the best highest quality sound and has a narrow chance of any loud disturbances. Just make sure that if you would like this option, get one that is compatible with your device and is A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) capable.

Please take note that not all open frequencies can get the best reception. You also need to consider the distance between your car’s antenna and your FM transmitter. It should only be a short distance and is recommended to have a location that is just two seats away from each other.

  • Easy Installation and Fast Charging – Having a portable device means that you can easily carry it around and can install it anywhere at any time almost immediately. It can also be charged while you’re on the go.
  • Check and see if the device supports your transmission range – The typical FM transmitter has a range of about 10 to 30 feet. If you are located in a highly populated area or with too many FM radio stations nearby, you may not have an option to have open frequencies. The recommended frequency spectrum is between 88.1 to 107.9 Mhz.
  • The features it has should match the price you’re paying for – It should be reasonably priced without sacrificing the quality.

If you are choosing an FM Transmitter, make sure that they work with your devices. A selected number of FM transmitters can only work with a specific music player. It may give out fuzzy signals or static on the background if the device is not compatible.

You would also like to make sure it could be compatible with your apps if it has that feature. For example, if you’re using an iPhone 6, get an app that’s compatible with the FM transmitter for iPhone 6 users. Using an app can help you discover frequencies that are clear and the best in your area. Usage of an app can also provide you multiple modes but are specific to a selected operating system.

Other things you may want to look for is the auto scan feature and add preset stations to save you time in finding the music you want. It’s very useful to have a car FM transmitter with the ability to save frequencies. This will save you time, as you do not need to reset the FM transmitter when you travel away from your base or home.

It’s also very handy to have an FM transmitter that can instantly recognize any overlapping stations or interferences and automatically search for another transmitter frequency.

Going back to sound, a noise cancellation feature is great if you hate static or background noise. If you’re an audiophile, choose an FM transmitter that has an equalizer function. You can just adjust your sound quality even on the go.

Additionally, you may also get an FM transmitter that has RDS or Radio Data System that shows you information on the radio’s screen display, such as the artist’s name or the song name.

A stand or the ability to mount a device is also a great feature. The ability to manually tweak the frequencies and skip tracks using media controls is also some of the features most people look for in an FM transmitter. Even though all of these FM transmitters are compatible with most devices, this review can also be considered as an iPhone FM transmitter review.

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If you are choosing what FM transmitter to buy, it will mostly depend on your usage. The best FM transmitter for car may be the range of music or radio stations you can listen to. It can also be because of the extra features it has or the price.

As mentioned earlier, an FM transmitter can be plugged into a music player or a phone that can broadcast music using FM frequency directly to your speakers. You can use it to tune your automobile’s radio to any channel you want to listen. It’s also a great way to listen to podcasts or audiobooks.

So if you would like to get a wireless FM transmitter, don’t forget to read this review to help you discover the FM transmitter that matches your lifestyle needs.

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