Best Fog Light Bulbs Reviews 2016 – 2017

You need the best fog light bulbs in order to eliminate frequent changing of your vehicle’s lamps to simply ascertain these are working properly. It is customary that fog lights are checked every half of the year. You do not necessarily have to bring your car to a repair shop for the replacement of fog lights.

You may find the best fog lights that are very easy to install despite the wiring and the ballast work. Furthermore, there are best lights for fog that come at an affordable price, saving you a lot of costs.

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Best Fog Light Bulbs Review

Nilight NI23C-18W Fog Light Bulbs

Nilight NI23C-18W is listed among the best-LED fog light bulbs due to its variety of considerable features. Apart from its considerable size of 4.8 inches, it consumes less energy at 3 watts. The fog lights are a pair of clustered six LED lights.

The fog lights have a flood type of beam pattern. Compared to other products, it has an intensively brighter spot beam due to its concentrated illumination in spite of the distance. Besides, it has specially made die-cast aluminum alloy material that cools the lights effectively.

The temperature-lowering attribute of Nilight NI23C-18W results to increased lifespan of the fog lights more than 30,000 hours. It is also resistant to water even when submerged up to 3.3 feet for half an hour. Dust guard is also added to the lamps to guarantee its long-lasting efficacy.

Included in the package are two pieces of 18W LED light bars. The mounting brackets are also added for easier installation. This pod could be fixated at around 45 degrees, making the light beam’s direction more customizable.

The mounting bracket of the fog lights is also quakeproof, ensuring protection against rugged travel. Besides the durable housing of LED lights, it has silicone sealing strip and waterproof rubber pad.


  • Emits incredibly bright light
  • Does not retain moisture
  • Easy to install
  • Very durable material
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Front screws are quite long
Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Fog...
4,277 Reviews
Nilight 2PCS 18W 1260lm Spot Driving Fog...
  • SUPER BRIGHT SPOT BEAM: High-quality LED chips emits bright white light;...
  • ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING BRACKET: The pod can be adjusted to about 45 degrees,...
  • BETTER HEAT DISSIPATION: Special designed die-cast aluminum alloy cooling...

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Valeo 88358 Fog Light Bulbs

The halogen light bulbs are best for the passenger or driver side illumination. It is claimed to be 100 percent original equipment (OE) quality product. The assembly of its housing and lens is also guaranteed compliant to professional standards.

The equal parts of Valeo 88358 are both highly resistant to damage and reasonably priced. These fog lights are made of carefully crafted materials without requiring higher upfront costs. Moreover, it comes from a global firm specializing in automotive, thermal, and powertrain systems and products.

Optimum visibility is ensured by the fog lights and is safe to use. It is even designed to ascertain manageable and proper fitting. The package is also compliant to DOT/ SAE standards. This means it is legal to be used in roads.

Valeo 88358 could be a replacement to LED fog lights for trucks, which have been your primary choices. It could last longer since its filament could get repaired when broken. It does not require replacing the entire fixture all the time.

A whiter light is also anticipated from the product, which is more appealing and warmer. Energy savings could also not be denied since it translates more energy to light.


  • Fits perfectly to different vehicles
  • Can be adjusted easily
  • Easy installation
  • Last longer
  • Good build quality


  • Does not fit Mustang cars
Valeo 88358 Driver Side/Passenger Side...
107 Reviews
Valeo 88358 Driver Side/Passenger Side...
  • 100 percent original equipment (OE) quality product
  • Stock original equipment (OE) lens and housing assembly
  • Includes premium quality bulb

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Auxbeam 77718286AX Fog Light Bulbs

The light bulbs replacement for your car is made of high-quality 6063 aluminum material. This means the fog lights could resist even the worst conditions during driving. You could also save gas since it has a lower current draw, ensuring battery protection at the same time.

Compared to the normal halogen bulb, the fog lights replacement has longer irradiation distance. For improved cooling, it has vertical fins. Furthermore, its entire structure is designed for utmost protection against corrosion, water, dust, and shock.

Auxbeam 77718286AX could also be your best LED fog lights for trucks. It could work on farming vehicles, boating, off-road vehicles, military, and 4×4 automobiles. The working life of the fog lights is 50,000 hours.

Upon installation of the fog lights, you may adjust the installation around 45 minutes. Light beam direction could then be altered as well. You may uninstall the fixture by sliding it off from the mount.

There are six clustered LED lights in Auxbeam 77718286AX. The color temperature of the lamps is 6,000 K with total 1,800 lumens. It enhances visibility with its 60-degree flood beam pattern minus the eye strain.


  • Very bright light.
  • Easy to install.
  • Does not retain moisture inside.
  • Mount eliminates vibration.
  • Instant-on


  • No manual included.
Auxbeam 4' LED Pods 18W Flood LED Light...
1,636 Reviews
Auxbeam 4" LED Pods 18W Flood LED Light...
  • 4inch LED PODS with super bright CREE LED Chips; Lumen: 1260~1800lm; Flood...
  • 18w LED light bar has low current draw- no harms to battery and save gas,...
  • Better Heat Dissipation: the pods has die-cast aluminum alloy cooling fins...

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OPT7 Lighting CREE xMount Fog Light Bulbs

OPT7 Lighting CREE xMount is one of the newly designed fog lights from OPT7, which makes use of XB-D LEDs that are commonly utilized in flashlights for professional use. Each of the fog light is packed with six LEDs, resulting in the longer light distance and higher density of illumination. The lights are also considered ideal for DRL fog light conversion.

The use of fog lights ensures uniform light spread since illumination expands to four sides. It makes use of natural beam pattern. Its ridges are made from an aluminum material, granting better cooling for the entire fixture.

OPT7 Lighting CREE xMount fog lights also emit 700 lumens, which mean these lamps are brighter than the Plasma Series coming from the same brand. It will not crack or break easily due to the stronger material making up the fog lights. The lamps will also serve at longer periods since it is powered by Advanced Bright LED Circuitry Technology.

The lifecycle of the fog lights is extended to more than 60,000 hours. Future replacement using halogen bulbs will no longer be your problem due to a cost-saving feature of the bulbs. Plus, it comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Emits very bright light.
  • Remains water-resistant despite submersion.
  • Simple installation.
  • Works on trucks.
  • Comes from trusted manufacturer.


  • Reports on poor customer service.
OPT7 CREE xMount LED Pod Pair with...
109 Reviews
OPT7 CREE xMount LED Pod Pair with...
  • Uses 6-advanced bright Cree LEDs per LED pod
  • Ip67 rated: waterproof up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes
  • 50,000+ hours of light

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JDM ASTAR H10 9145 Fog Light Bulbs

JDM ASTAR H10 9145 comes with 10 pieces of 5-watt high power LED lights for every bulb. It emits 6,000 K xenon white color. For each bulb, it could produce as much as 950 lumens.

These fog lights are made with exceptional aesthetics, superior features, and added protection. It could be a great choice if you want to replace your DRL or original fog light. It could work longer up to 20,000 hours.

In order to avoid wiring issues, the fog light has a built-in automotive circuit. Its heat sink is also designed out of aluminum material for cooling. Moreover, it will not retain moisture inside since the material used is waterproof.

You may not consider this tool a primary choice due to its lower popularity rating, but it is an exceedingly satisfactory product. Its existing users have provided it highly positive reviews. Many have commended its easy installation.

The JDM ASTAR H10 9145 has an anti-glare feature for enhanced visibility while on the road. Its beam angle is 360 degrees, giving you the opportunity for easier fixation.


  • Does not require modification
  • Very bright light
  • Fares well with HID lights
  • Fast shipping
  • Cost-effective


  • Light distance is unsatisfactory
JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 2600 Lumens...
1,126 Reviews
JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright 2600 Lumens...
  • (Set of 2) 10 pieces 5W high power LEDs per bulb. Buy with confidence, We...
  • Color:6000K Xenon White.Size: 1.5" long and 0.75" in diameter(LED part)
  • Max Capacity: 50W; Operate at 10W. It is perfect for customers who are...

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Types of Fog Light Bulbs

You could select the best aftermarket fog lights if you would consider learning its different types. The choice will likely depend on your preferences and your vehicle’s specifications. The following are your primary choices of fog light bulbs:

1) Light-Emitting Diode Fog Lights – You would always find shops selling their claimed best-LED fog lights because the type of lighting is known for its energy efficiency and long-lasting use. Nonetheless, it was clarified that LED fog lights are not replacements for all types of bulbs. Basically, it only provides a one-direction illumination.

Moreover, LED lights do not deliver diffused light. This is why it is commonly installed for the purpose of under-the-counter or supporting lighting. However, newer releases of LED lights are made with a wide range of light clusters.

LED fog light

2) Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) – These are lightings that last 10 times longer and consume lower amount of energy. CFLs also provide the benefit of instant illumination upon turning on and quiet operation. Compared to other bulbs, CFLs will provide your fog lights a color-corrected and warm attribute.

CFLs are known for containing trace quantities of a harmful substance, mercury. It is crucial to handle it with care and prevent its breakage. Also, it must be recycled once burned.

3) Halogen Fog Light Bulbs – These are fog light bulbs significantly lighter than its counterparts. In addition, it has a lower cost. Compared to CFLs, it does not use mercury or other harmful substances.

The light it emits is close to sunlight in brightness and has improved color temperature. It may be used for a longer time as well with the added benefit of instant-on. You do not even need to warm it up to work.

Halogen is often contained in a layer of highly resistant glass for its breakage may result to shattered hot glass. Moreover, when not covered, it may cause burns to skin in contact with it.

4) Incandescent Fog Light Bulbs – The type of fog light bulb is commonly used not only due to its appealing quality but considerably lower cost. Moreover, it could last up to 1,000 hours. It is also dimmable but could be regarded a less energy-efficient option.

The incandescent type may not be among the brightest fog lights since its luminous value is only 16 lumens for every watt. This is lower than LED light with 150 lumens for every watt. It was found out that it converts less than five percent of energy into illumination.

5) Xenon Fog Light Bulbs – These may be termed as high-intensity discharge (HID) lights as well. It uses xenon gas in order to deliver a high amount of illumination. These are considered the most popular due to the emission of illumination almost alike to sunlight.

What to Look For When Buying

You have several considerations to take in selecting the most suitable aftermarket fog lights for your vehicle. To help you succeed in finding the proper product, here are tips to keep in mind:

1) Search for the Automotive Light Restrictions – You have to be very careful in selecting a replacement for your fog lights. Consider checking the updated restrictions in your area on the color and type of fog lights you can install. Your locality’s regulations will provide specifics on lights that comply with their standards.

If in case you could not find one on the internet, you may consider calling the Department of Transportation. This may be extra time consumption, but it is safer to be a law-abiding resident.

2) Always Consider the Fitting – Before you select the right fog light bulb for your car, ensure it has the correct fitting. A car may have different made than another. The best thing you could do is take the old fog light to the store.

In case you cannot bring your old fog light to the store, simply take a picture of your fog light. There are also guidelines online, which will give you reference to match the lighting to your car.

fog light right fit

3) Check the Lighting Style – There are different mounting types you need to consider when buying a replacement fog light. You could begin with the bumper mount lights, which are installed using holes. These are commonly found in a rectangle or round shape.

Another placement of fog light is grill mount, which is normally round and larger in dimensions. These are lights fixated on the front grille. You could find this mounting type in SUVs and trucks.

Lastly, you have the rack mounting lights that could either be placed on the front brush guard or above your car. These are in a rectangle or round shapes. Rack mount is also common in SUVs and trucks.

4) Do Not Focus on Upfront Costs – There are fog light bulbs that are more expensive during the purchase but may last longer, which allows you to save money in the long run. In contrary, there are cheaper fog lights but could work longer as well. Assess not only the upfront costs but the features of the product as a whole.

5) Get Help When Needed – There are people who prefer to consult a mechanic to change their fog lights or find the right product. This may be done if you are really confused about the car’s component. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to learn for your repair fog light

 Safety Tips When Using

In the case of finding the suitable LED fog light for car, you should proceed into learning how to carry out the replacement properly. Given below are the tips that may help with your DIY work:

  • Read the Manual – Fog lamp kits come with instructions, which you should read beforehand. Most steps are simplified, but you could ask for help if you cannot understand the manual.
  • Prepare the Things You Need – Replacement of fog lights requires the materials for safety and success of the activity. Apart from the new fog lights, you also need your safety glasses, ratchet wrench, gloves, and screwdrivers.
  • Prepare Your Vehicle – Besides the tools you need, you also have to prepare your vehicle. Park it and turn off the engine. If you could level it at the surface as possible, you should do so.

turn off engine car

  • Locate the Fog Lights – Open the hood of your vehicle. Fog lights are oftentimes found under the headlights. In case you are having difficulty finding it, you may check your vehicle’s manual.
  • Secure the Wiring – The wiring of the fog lights could be fixated around the engine through the electrical conduit and zip ties. You should not let the cable fall on the engine, radiator, belts, or even fans of your engine.
  • Replace the Entire Fixture – You may leave the cable if you will simply change the light bulb. However, if you should replace the entire fixture, the wiring must come with it.
  • Make Holes – You may need to create holes for new fog lamps installation. This could be done by removing a few slats, using a rotary cutting tool, or operating a power drill.
  • Care in Discarding Parts – It is imperative to remove the bolt, nut, and washer when changing the fog lights. You should not dispose of your old fog light’s similar parts unless these are present with the new set you bought.
  • Check After Installation – You should verify if the new set of fog lights you installed works. Turn on the engine of your car and switch it on. If it does not open, you may either be mistaken with the fixation or the product is defective.
  • Let the Professional Do it – You could ask others to install the new fog lights, particularly if you will drill or cut holes. Besides accessories stores, you may also look for car service centers. Look for places trusted by customers that offer warranty-guaranteed services.

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The provided reviews and guidelines in selecting, purchasing, and installing fog lights will help keep your vehicle maintained accordingly. Moreover, it will now be more manageable for you to choose a set of fog lights that will serve your car longer with efficiency.

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