Best Garage Air Compressor Reviews 2019

Searching for the best garage air compressor available in the market can be hard, especially if you are new to this. Basically, an air compressor is an engine that uses compressed air to convert electrical power into kinetic energy.

The energy created by this machine can be collected and used for numerous purposes like powering up electric tools such as nail guns, spray guns, air staplers, and others. It can also fill up tires and other items that need air.

Before purchasing, it is important to read reviews in order to learn the various brands of air compressors that you are planning to buy and their corresponding specifications. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the performance of the compressors.

Here is a review of the top rated air compressors that you may consider buying.

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Best Garage Air Compressor Reviews

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

The Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor is an excellent machine that has garnered an overwhelming rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Produced by one of the largest power tool manufacturers in the world, the MAC2400 Twin Stack air compressor is among the best air compressors for garage due to its redeeming qualities.

First, it is a quiet compressor that runs with a very silent motor, creating a sound reaching only 79 decibels due to its1720 revolutions per minute (RPM). This particular feature is one of its outstanding characteristics since various reviews state that the motor only hums or purrs, proving that this product lives up to its claims.

This oil-lubed machine requires only 12.3 amperes to function, which is relatively low compared to other compressors. Running with a heavy-duty Intake Air Filter system designed like a large automotive filter, this increases the entry of air and enhances efficiency.

It distributes air at 4.2 cube feet per minute (CFM) at 90 pounds per square inch (PSI) and has a unique valve drainage system to remove condensation that is accumulated inside the tank.

In addition, it is equipped with finned discharge tubing that is helpful in temperature reduction while decreasing humidity in the lines. This will prevent you from getting seared when handling the compressor. Moreover, the machine consists of an easily detachable cast iron cylinder that lessens wear for the pump’s life longevity.

With its quiet motor, handy size, superior quality, exceptional performance, and long-lasting durability, the Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor is the best brand of air compressor worth spending for. Check out detailed Makita MAC2400 Review.

Rolair JC10 1 HP Oil-Less Compressor

Next in line is the Rolair JC10 Compressor1 HP Oil-Less Compressor. This is another top air compressor that gained a 4.7-star rating. Most of the user ratings are satisfied with the performance of this lightweight, inaudible engine.

This promising device runs on low RPM at 1725 RPM to achieve an optimum, noiseless work experience. It produces only 60 decibels, which is the quietest small air compressor amongst the entire compressor brands mentioned in this review.

The air compressor consists of several standard gears that include a pressure lever, a pressure relief solenoid valve, a line regulator, and a pressure gauge. It also has a roll-cage that is engineered to keep the pump or motor from getting damaged, and an intake filter that reduces the noise being made when using this device.

It runs oil-free that requires less maintenance and functions with 1 horsepower (HP). This compressor has a single-stage, 8 amp motor with a two-cylinder pump. This is equipped with cast aluminum cylinders, one quick port, and a steel valve. The air transfer is 2.35 CFM at 90 PSI, with a tank capacity of 2.5 gallons. Additionally, the Rolair compressor has rubber feet and mountings that lessen vibrations from the machine.

If you are searching for a compressor that can accomplish light tasks without creating too much noise, Rolair JC10 Compressor1 HP Oil-Less Compressor is the answer to your problem. It is by far the best machine to purchase if you are in need of a decent air compressor for home use. Check out the Rolair JC10 Review here!

PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 3.5-Gallon 135 PSI Pancake Compressor

Another highly rated air compressor is the PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003. Reviewers give this machine a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This is the best oil-free air compressor that is intended for longevity and minimal maintenance.

It runs with a 120-volt motor and has an air distribution of 2.0 CFM, which is conveyed at 90 PSI to a maximum of 135 PSI for extended run time and faster retrieval. Its tank has the capacity to hold 3.5 gallons of air. This low ampere device starts effortlessly in cold conditions or with the use of an extension cord. It also has a quick connect coupler for faster access to the compressed air.

As compared to all other brands, this unit is the lightest air compressor, weighing at only 26 lbs., which enables convenience in terms of portability. Most users who have reviewed this product are pleased with its size and weight. The handiness of this product is its major asset since it is lightweight and very convenient to carry anywhere.

It produces the loudest sound at about 82 decibels. This pancake compressor has 2 gauges. Also, it supports various air compressor-related works such as small framing, roofing jobs, finishing nailers, and all overall inflation, blowing, and smaller CFM for air tools.

The PORTER-CABLE PCFP02003 is perfect for people who want a compact unit that is extremely comfortable to carry that can accomplish tile inflation, woodwork, give power to minor tools, and other tasks.

Check out the Porter Cable PCFP02003 Review!

Industrial Air ILA1883054 30-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor

Making its way on this list is the Industrial Air ILA1883054. This unit is rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars by several users. This is the only 30-gallon compressor that has made into this review. It has the maximum air tank capacity among all brands.

This compressor has numerous features such as a cast iron case, a heat-stable twin cylinder body, aluminum head, and valve plate, durable Swedish steel valves, a glass sight where you can see the compressor’s oil level, an oil fill you can access with ease, and a 12-inch flywheel.

It has an oil-lubricated pump that functions by means of a belt-driven technology. Its induction motor together with the 155 PSI maximum pressure is made for heavy-duty usage. This ensures top performance and efficacy. This 30-Gallon tank has air-filled tires to allow transportability.

In addition, its dual voltage motor allows it to work for the standard 120-volt outlet, but it is possible to convert it for a 240-volt application. If you order this compressor, it will be shipped with artificial oil needed to run the unit to guarantee its high performance and longevity.

With the highest air capacity, the Industrial Air ILA1883054 is a high-quality air compressor that is capable of keeping up with your garage work needs and providing sustainable power for heavy duty for your air tools. This product is a must for people who need a long-lasting, portable, and durable air compressor.

California Air Tools CAT-10020 Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

Rated with 4.3 out of 5 stars by different users, the California Air Tools 10020 is one of the popular garage air compressors. One of its greatest features is its sound of 70 decibels, making it one of the noiseless brands of air compressors.

This machine has a low ampere (amp) usage of only 14.0 amps, which means that you can use the usual 15 amp outlets to run this equipment. Its oil-free pump system feature is made for durability and great performance. This pump can be used in various temperatures and uneven landscapes.

Furthermore, this compressor has a steel air tank with the capacity to carry 10.0 gallons, which can easily be filled within 130 seconds. This machine is also equipped with wheels. Its small size and portability make it more convenient to move around when needed.

Another impressive feature loved by other users is its control panel that is equipped with two ¼-inch quick connectors. This enables you to make use of 2 tools simultaneously. Having dual ports is beneficial since an extra manifold is no longer needed, which is why it is considered one of the best compressors.

Additionally, the CAT-10020 air compressor transports 5.30 CFM at 90 PSI, which enables you to make use of bigger air tools and other air devices all at once. Overall, this inaudible, durable, and portable garage air compressor is the ideal device to purchase especially if you are avoiding noise in your garage or workplace.

Basic Air Compressor Maintenance Tips

At this point, you are now aware of the top compressors available. You already have an idea of what compressor you need to purchase. Although you are already well informed of the types of air compressors and how they work, there are other factors that you still need to take into consideration.

After getting your own air compressor, it is important to know the basic steps in maintaining your machine. This will prevent any potential damages from your unit and preserve its excellent working condition for a long period of time. These are some simple tips you can follow.

  • Consult the Air Compressor Manual try giving the manual a quick read. There are tips and tricks provided in this handbook that you may use eventually. Reading it will give you an idea of the do’s and don’ts for your machine. Refer to the manual in case of problems you might encounter with your air compressor.
  • Remove the Tank’s Stored Moisture the tank accumulates moisture from the compressed air, especially in humid temperatures. Make certain that the tanks are drained frequently. Release the tank’s pressure first before draining.
  • Check and Clean Your Intake Vents cleaning your air compressor is one way to prevent your machine from working too hard to take in the air. An overworked compressor loses its working power and will slowly damage your tool. Always keep the intake vents clean at all times. Frequently check on your vents especially when if you are working in a dirty or dust-filled work environment.
  • Make Sure All Fasteners Are Tightened due to the vibrations from your engine, there is a possibility that its screws, nut, and bolts might loosen up. It is best to conduct visual inspections and see whether these fasteners are in place or not. Tighten them when needed in order to avoid any damages.
  • Inspect the Hoses these serve as the passageways of air inside the compressor. If any of the hoses are damaged, the entire system of your machine will be affected. Periodically check on these parts, and if you spot a broken hose, immediately replace it with a new one.
  • Maintain Air Filters just like the intake vents, having accumulated dirt on the filters may force your compressor to double its working effort, which may cause the entire system to deteriorate. Check on the filters and change them if necessary.
  • Remove Residual Fuel From the Tank for engines that run on fuel, it is important to get rid of extra deposits out of the tank. Fuel buildup may cause the compressor’s system to malfunction, so it is recommended to remove them.
  • Monitor the Compressor Oil for every 5001000 hours of using oil-lubed compressors, it is necessary to change the oil to guarantee your compressor’s optimum performance.

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At this point, you are now equipped with the essential knowledge about what air compressors are, what are the best air compressors available, how they work, and the basics of keeping air compressors in good working condition.

This gives you an edge in making the best decision when purchasing a good quality air compressor.

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