Best Headlight Restoration Kit Reviews 2020

You need the best headlight restoration kit in order to prevent collisions on the road, which are revealed to have been caused by yellowed, cloudy, or foggy headlights. With the kit, you will be able to eliminate drills or other strenuous work ending with mess. You do not have to wait for the occurrence of an accident before changing your car headlights.

The good news is you need not purchase expensive replacements or ask someone to do the work for you. Best headlight restorer is straightforward and requires a simplified process. It eliminates added cost for the repairman’s compensation.

You have to simply look for a headlight that will work perfectly on any headlight of vehicles you have. Remember, not all restoration kits may meet or exceed your standards.

Best Headlight Restoration Kit Review

3M 39008 Headlight Restoration Kit


The headlight restoration kit review of this product states that the package contains light sanding discs, wax protectant, pads, tape, and polish. Apart from restoring your headlights, it may also be used for directional lights, taillights, and fog lights, among others. 3M boasts of the abrasive technology in the kit which can get rid of build-up and yellow stains from your headlights’ surfaces instantly.

The easy-to-use product requires a straightforward process consisting of four steps. It requires less than 60 minutes to restore your headlamps. It also guarantees hundreds of dollars of savings instead of replacing your entire headlights.

3M 39008 kit contains professional-grade products better than what standard cleaners do in restoring plastic lenses. First, you simply have to use the automotive masking tape on areas surrounding the lens. This is necessary to protect painted surfaces of your car.

Then, you have to use the Trizact™ abrasive discs to remove all spots or strains on the headlight’s surface. After which, the 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant shall be applied using a soft cloth. Once done, you may now remove the masking tape, and your headlights will be restored and look like they were replaced.

The headlight restoration kit from 3M aims to save you time and lengthen the lifespan of your headlamp. It also prioritizes the use of basic tools to make the restoration process easier.


  • Instructions are very easy to follow.
  • May work in less than an hour.
  • Products included are durable.
  • Can mask hairline cracks.
  • One pack can work on two vehicles.


  • Not enough pads.

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Meguiar’s G3000 Headlight Restoration Kit

The product is another choice for your best headlight restorer kit, which is composed of professional solutions for safe and effective handling of the car component. It guarantees to sand and polish your vehicle’s headlamps safely, even if they are heavily scratched, oxidized, or yellowed.

Meguiar’s G3000 Headlight Restoration Kit is inclusive of products that are designed for worst cases of headlight damage. Among its components are professional 1000 and 3000 Unigrit Sanding Discs, Easy Buff Wool Pad, PlastX, Headlight Protectant, and Microfiber Tower patented by the brand.

You may need a little bit of effort in order to make this product work, but the results are guaranteed exemplary. There are only three steps involved in the restoration process, which are sanding, buffing, and protecting. You may need to skip heavy sanding if the condition of your headlight is not serious.

Sanding involves the removal of scratches, oxidation, and yellow stains. The second step involves clarity restoration and sanding marks removal. Lastly, you will apply the headlight protectant with UV ray solution for longer clarity.

Meguiar’s G3000 headlight restorer aims to solve your issues with other expensive and unnecessary equipment for restoring your yellowish, foggy, or cloudy headlights. Even if your headlights will yellow after restoration, the kit has a restorer that you simply have to apply regularly. Unlike other products, its restoration effect may last for a month.

You may use the restorer not only on headlights but also on boat windows, taillights, windscreens, and clear plastic materials.


  • May be used from five to 10 times.
  • Ideal even for worst cases.
  • Can work in less than 30 minutes.
  • Improves car illumination.
  • Can keep headlights clear up to two months.


  • Sanding paper tears easily.

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Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Restoration Kit


This could also be your best headlight lens restorer since it also guarantees to remove the yellow stains, dullness, and fogginess of your headlights. It is marketed as the number one selling headlight kit. Turtle Wax boasts that it does not require a power tool or drill to work.

Turtle Wax T-240KT restoration kit will remove the medium oxidation of headlights. After polishing, protection will be enforced to prevent further yellowing. Turtle Wax aims to help you have a safer driving experience with enhanced lighting and lens appearance.

The components included in the kit are three restoration pads from 1800 to 8000 grit, 4 fl.oz. Spray Lubricant, 4-inch by 4-inch Lens Sealing Wipe, and a 4 fl. oz. Lens Clarifying Compound. Each of the products is made from advanced chemistry for highly effective headlamp restoration. Moreover, the components are only among more than 15 Turtle Wax products meant for car maintenance.

Turtle Wax T-240KT is very easy to use with its three steps. Primarily, you have to thoroughly clean the headlights. Then, you have to prepare it for polishing by covering surrounding painting areas with a masking tape.

Then, you will apply the Lens Clarifying Compound to one headlight at a time, and target problem spots with Restoration Pads. You may use a spray lube if the headlamp remains unclear. Lastly, you will add a protectant using the Lens Sealing Wipe.


  • Works on headlights with films.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Minimal effort required.
  • Usable for taillights and fog lamps.
  • Inexpensive


  • Abrasive pads are small.

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Mothers NuLens 07521 Headlight Restoration Kit


The restoration kit is designed not only to quickly and effectively bring back the clarity of headlights but also to maintain it. It could work on both acrylic and plastic headlights. Mothers Nulens 07521 targets buffs, yellowing, stains, rust, and oxidation, among others.

Included in the package are 8 oz. PowerPlastic Polish, PowerBall 4Lights Polishing Tool, 3-inch Backing Plate, and Restoration Discs. It primarily makes use of drill-mounted polishing foam that precisely gets rid of plastic headlight issues. As claimed, it will work in just a few minutes.

The polishing tool of the product is reusable and washable, giving you more savings. Mothers NuLens 07521 is also formulated with a polymer material that inhibits future oxidation. Simply add enough polish onto the headlights regularly and these will remain untainted for years.


  • Works for as short as five minutes.
  • Comes with drill-mounted buffer and sandpaper.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Requires very little effort.
  • Restoration lasts for few months.


  • Does not come with a microfiber

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Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit


The package may give the best way to restore headlights that are yellowed or scratched headlight to its brand new condition. It could be used to improve the clarity of headlamp lenses and improve light distribution for enhanced night-drive visibility. Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit boasts that it could make your headlights 3.4 times brighter, with night view 140 percent better.

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit includes 1 oz. UV block clear coat, 1 oz. surface activator, applicator towel, 0.5 oz clarifying compound, polishing towel, waterproof premium sandpaper with 400, 1000, and 2000 grit, vinyl glove, and protective tape.

It could work in three steps within 30 minutes. First, you have to wash the headlights and cover the painted areas. Next, spray the Surface Activator to soften corrosion present on the surface.

Afterward, you have to proceed with the wet sanding to create a smoother and less cloudy finish. You also have to apply the Clarifying Compound, which will already show how clear your headlights could be. Lastly, apply the UV Block Clear Coat to give long-lasting results.


  • Easy to use.
  • Improves night time visibility.
  • Restoration may last for three months.
  • Has several grades of sandpaper.
  • Detailed instructions.


  • Requires extra effort in polishing.

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Types of Headlight

Headlights are also termed as headlamps, which are mounted in a vehicle’s front area, such as vans, cars, trucks, or any other fleet. Included in the headlight is a special lens and reflector. The main purpose is to light up the road so a driver could carefully and safely traverse the highway, particularly in unlit areas.

Nonetheless, others know little that headlights have various types. Before buying a kit that will restore your headlights, better understand more about the car component. Below are some of the different types of headlights:

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlights – These headlamps are also termed as xenon headlamp. Xenon is an extensively unresponsive gas that has no odor or color. In the atmosphere, it could be found in small quantities but may be converted into liquefied air for commercial applications.

HID headlights are known for generating white and clean light. Compared to halogen lights, HIDs produce twice to thrice the output of halogen lights. In spite of a very bright glare, HIDs use less power of about 35 watts.

It could also last for an estimated 2000 hours. You will distinguish this light easily since it always comes with a unique blue tinge surrounding its white glow. Many car owners choose this headlight since xenon gas avoids flickering during use.

  • Halogen Lights – This is a type of headlight that contains a tungsten filament. However, it contains a halogen gas enforcing the condensation of evaporated tungsten into the filament. This results to a longer lifespan of the bulb and resistance from premature breakage.

A halogen light functions in the same way as xenon lamp, but its gas emits a brighter light. The illumination from halogen lights may sometimes be too intense due to an incorrect installation of the bulb.

One of the advantages of halogen lights is lesser consumption of battery despite a higher light output. Approximately, it could last for as long as 1000 hours. This is another reason why it is the commonly used headlight at present.

  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) – This type of headlamp has a humble beginning as a computer case lighting. The headlamp makes use of a semiconductor diode that generates light when a voltage is employed. LED could emit lesser illumination than a hemisphere, which requires back cooling.

Among the advantages of LEDs are the small power consumption and considerable energy use. They are also smaller compared to their counterparts. Their design may also be variable due to reduced dimensions.

Big car names, such as Lexus, Audi, and Toyota, have used LEDs which have made the headlight type more popular nowadays. Moreover, the earlier issues regarding the headlight have been solved, such as heat dissipation and brightness. Recently, it became a component to the Corolla Sedan.

What to Look For When Buying

Buying the best headlight restoration assemblage requires various considerations. You cannot simply settle a selection based on price. Alternatively, the package must have all the things you need to make the headlight restoration process successful.

  • Polishing Cream – This component is usually made from non-abrasive compounds, which will clean, polish, and protect your headlights’ surface. A high-quality polishing cream will work in different types of materials, such as fiberglass, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, sterling, bronze, and nickel, among others. The agents found in a polishing cream will remove fingerprints, rust, oxidation, stains, bugs, and all sorts of tarnish on your car’s headlights.
  • Spray Wax – The wax protection must at least be present in your headlight kit for it keeps the vehicle’s headlights glossy for a longer period. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, the spray wax is also useful in getting rid of minor or hairline scratches on the surface. Most of the top-of-the-line spray wax formulations today are made not to leave white-like residue on the glass.

Although by and large made from cleaning materials, spray waxes are usually water-based, making them safe for your car. Furthermore, they cannot be harmful to the environment. You may apply them on acrylics, fiberglass, marine finishes, or clear coat.

  • Scuff Pads – These are materials that will somehow work like steel wool but will not rust. They could also be considered as sandpaper meant to make the headlamp restoration process easier and faster. High performing scuff pads are made to distribute equal pressure over a surface.

Moreover, you should look for scuff pads that could work consistently regardless of the situation, either dry or wet. Scuff pads are best used if you want to have clear hazy, cloudy, foggy, or yellowish headlights. They are reusable, making them a perfect addition to a long-term use restoration kit.

  • Buff Ball – The buff ball is commonly added to a headlamp restoration kit for it polishes tarnish, oxidation, pitting, scuffs, and even corrosion on various materials apart from glass. Buff balls could work on both smooth and textured surfaces. In seconds, it could bring back the clear-looking surface of your headlight.
  • High-Quality Tape – You need a high-quality clean to get rid of paint flakes or residues after polishing your car’s headlights. The material should at least be compatible with plastic, metal, and rubber.
  • Microfiber Cloth – You still need a wiping cloth for further cleaning and beautification. Apart from using it during the restoration process, you should also utilize it for maintenance.

Users’ Safety Tips

You will only get the most out of the best headlight cleaner or entire kit itself by following various tips and advice from experienced users. In order to make your headlamp restoration worth the time and even better than bringing your car to a shop, make sure to follow these tips:

  • Clean the Headlights First – Prior to the restoration process, you should clean the headlamps first. You may use water with soap. Afterward, rinse them and dry with a clean fabric.
  • Do Not Restore Using Bare Hands – Always wear rubber gloves while performing the restoration process. If you could use a cloth or cotton ball to apply polishing liquids, you should do so. This is not difficult to do since complete kits often come with a microfiber cloth for application.
  • Use Tape to Cover Surrounding Areas – Before you scrape the dirt out of your headlights, you should use a tape compatible with an automobile and which may also be included in the kit. This will prevent the exposure of car paint to chemicals or substances present in restoration formulas.
  • Check If Hand Polishing Is Enough – There are headlamps that could not be restored just by simply using a cleaning or polishing solution to wipe off stains. You must test first if the headlamp gets clearer after liquid-solution cleaning. Otherwise, you should use a sanding material.
  • Prevent Substituting Materials – In order to make the restoration process more successful, do not try to substitute materials present in the kit. For instance, if there is a scuff pad included in the package, you should not use sand paper. Alternatively, do not just simply use other chemicals on your headlights’ surface if you run out of cleaning solution.
  • Do Not Touch the Newly-Restored Headlights Immediately – If you have used cleaning and polishing solutions for the headlight restoration, prevent touching the surface within two hours. You may only hold the surface after the given period or during the drying stage. This is necessary to keep your skin from being exposed to chemicals you may be sensitive to.
  • Repeat Cleaning When Necessary – You may repeat removing stains, dirt, spots, and roughness if these are not completely gone. You may likely see the missed areas once the surface begins to dry.
  • Restore Headlights in Your Garage – If you do not have a garage, you may use a shaded area. This is imperative to keep the temperature of your vehicle low. The headlights themselves must be at room temperature as well.


Out of all the products given above, 3M 39008 Headlight Restoration Kit is the most recommended to purchase. Besides its high-quality results in headlight restoration, it is offered at a considerably lower price. Even the positive reviews of customers will not be able to deny how convenient it is to use the product.

The package features everything you need aside from the drill. It is sufficient for two headlights, which is most likely the general requirement of users. It works perfectly and never missed in providing great results, unlike other restoration kits.

Otherwise, it is your choice whether to try out the rest of the products. Simply evaluate them while considering your preferences so you could solve your headlight problems, which are the main reasons why you are looking for the right kit.

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