Best HPS Bulb Reviews 2017 – 2018

If you are a garden enthusiast or just a plain plant lover, you probably worry all the time if your plants are getting enough sunlight that is detrimental to their growth. In this case, the best HPS bulbs are created to supplement this.

HPS bulbs are commonly known as High-pressure sodium lamps that have been set up in the 90’s. It is primarily designed for indoor plants to grow. It is constructed with a narrow arc tube that serves as the support of the frame.

It is kept at a very high temperature and filled with different elements like xenon, mercury, and sodium. Through these chemicals, the bulbs can shine brighter.

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Best HPS Bulb Review

Eye Hortilux HX66785 HPS Spectrum Glow Bulb

As the best hps bulb, the Eye Hortilux HX66785 is a spectrum grow bulb that is perfect for indoor plants. This brand offers lighting that is an important part of the plant’s production process. They provide HPS spectrum that makes it multi-functional.

The light specifications include the bright colors green, blue, and violet. The good thing about this brand is that you have a lot of options. The high pressure grows lamps is one of the best options in for a 1000-watt HPS bulb.

The exclusive Eye Hortilux Spectrum Glow Bulb is proven to help indoor plants grow. Before it is shipped, the horticultural equipment is tested to ensure its good quality.

You can prolong the growing season of your plant within the whole year though these grow lamps. It can offer a new level of performance. It can maximize the spectral energy levels that are responsible for the growth of the plants.

It is an environment-friendly bulb because it doesn’t contain any lead, though there is a bit of mercury in it compared to the other ordinary HPS bulb in the market. They are considered to be environmentally friendly lamps that are disposable.

It can fine-tune your lighting system to increase the spectral energy level of your plant growth. Eye Hortilux HXX66785 can emit up to 17% more energy and 25% more energy in green, blue, and violet spectrum.

The notable thing about these lamps is that they passed the EPA and TCLP test as a non-hazardous waste. Using these HPS lamps will not be harmful to you and the environment.

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iPower 600-Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb

The iPower Super Grow HPS Bulb is considered as the best 600-watt HPS bulb because it is compatible with the inclusion of magnetic and digital blasts. It can give off 85,000 lumens in 2,100K red and orange spectrum. It also has a high PAR of Photosynthetic Active Radiation.

This HPS bulb can stimulate the growth of fruit-bearing plants and can boost the growth of the flowers. This is made specifically for the Professional Hydroponic Plant cultivation. Another feature is the extra-low lumen depreciation. It can maintain up to 90% of a lumen upon running for at least 6,500 hours.

If you want to set it for full bright light, allow it to shine 3-5 minutes after startup. Before striking again, wait for 5 minutes to achieve the desired light strength. The bulb can run up to 32,000 hours. The long-lasting life is one of its best features as well as its low energy consumption.

The iPower HPS Super Bulb allows you to grow your plant with ultimate performance and reliability. It concentrated its output with a yellow to a red wavelength around 550-600nn. It can give off the needed spectrum to induce plant elongation and photosynthesis efficiency.

This Super HPS bulb weighs 0.375 pounds and can give off a maximum of 600-watt of power that can grow healthy plants even if you grow them indoor. Aside from this, it has a base type Mogul of E39 and an initial lumen of 85,000.

This hps bulb is perfect for plant elongation and fruiting. It is also sufficient for flowering plants. The color temperature ranges from 2,100 Kelvin and has a life expectancy of 24,000 hours.

iPower 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium HPS...
381 Reviews
iPower 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium HPS...
  • HIGH LUMEN OUTPUT: 85,000 Lumens output, compatible with electronic and...
  • SPECIAL DESIGNED FOR PLANT GROWTH: Designed specifically for Professional...
  • EXTRA-LOW LUMEN DEPRECIATION: maintaining over 90% of initial lumen output...

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Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS 600Watt Grow Bulb

The Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS is considered as one of the best HPS grow bulbs because it makes it easier to grow indoor plants through its hydroponic lighting system. The fluorescent lights are developed to function as a grow lamp to your plants.

It has already established its brand in the market, and people kept on buying it, especially those with indoor plants. It acts by emitting an orange to red glow which can trigger the hormone in plants that induces budding and flowering.

This is best used in the reproductive stage of the plant. It functions by imitating the autumn sun. People who have used it noted that there was an increase in reproduction and flowering when they started using this HPS lamp. If you want to increase yields, then this HPS lamp will help you achieve that.

The Apollo Horticulture HPS lamps have a broad red-orange spectrum that is specifically for professional hydroponic plant cultivation. You don’t need to worry because it is compatible with magnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts.

This has a long bulb life that can last up 0 24,000 hours. You will notice that the lamp life and lumen output improve while you are using it regularly. It runs with 110V power voltage just like other HPS grow bulbs in the market.

The high-pressure sodium of these bulbs is the main reason why they can stimulate flowering and plant growth much faster compared to ordinary lighting conditions. The best thing about this is that it is easier to start it. You just need to wait up to 10 seconds are everything will be all set.

Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS600 600 - Watt...
492 Reviews
Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS600 600 - Watt...
  • E39 Base 600 Watt Apollo Brand HPS bulb compatible with electronic and...
  • High Pressure Sodium's Light Spectrum Stimulates Flower Growth and enhances...
  • 2000K Red-Orange Spectrum, Designed specifically for Professional...

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Planet Light 1000 Wat HPS Super Light

The Planet Light has been hailed as one of the best HPS grow lights because of its excellent capability to produce extreme high-pressure sodium to induce faster fruit bearing and growth in plants.

The Planet Light1000-Watt HPS Super Light can expel a full spectrum of light with an initial lumen of 140,000 and has a color temperature of 2100K. It can stimulate flower growth as well as fruit production up to an area of 64 square feet.

It can produce balanced lighting effect and spectrum of light that is specifically meant for budding and flowering of indoor plants. The energy it can give off is enough to give the energy the plants need to start growing healthy.

Your plants can produce harvest compared to other plants that are not exposed to the high energy of Planet Light HPS Super light. This light can emit a red or orange light that can set off the hormones for faster growth and flowering.

It has a lifespan of 24000 hours for each of the bulbs. The initial lumen sets off at 140,000, and the color temperature measures 2100K. Aside from this, it has a PAR value of 1850. All of these are significant contributors to the plants’ growth and reproduction.

Planet Light aims to improve the gardening experience of users by mimicking the energy given off by the sun for indoor plants. The balanced light corresponds to the same level of energy that the sun produces.

The lifespan of this Super Grow HPS Bulbs can exceed the capacity of most of the HPS bulbs in the marker because they are built to last.

Planet Light Pro 400-Watt Super HPS Grow...
61 Reviews
Planet Light Pro 400-Watt Super HPS Grow...
  • 400 Watt of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) for Indoor Horticulture Gardening
  • 51,000 initial lumens; 2,100 color temp; 24 CRI
  • Covers up to 4 to 5 square foot area,Places 12 to 24 inches above the...

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Sunlite 03620-SU Grow HPS Light Bulbs

The Sunlite 0362-SU is known for its high-density light emission. This lamp or light is perfect for outdoor and commercial uses. They are made to be energy efficient, so you don’t need to worry if you require to use it 24/7.

The exceptional efficacy is what the people are noting about this light. Aside from this, the color rendition is also notable and incomparable to other brands in the same league. Regarding lumen maintenance, it improves as you use it regularly.

It is made with 150 watts of high-pressure sodium medium based ED17 that produces a light output of 15000 lumens. It also has an average life capacity of 20,000 hours. You can use this, especially for your commercial interior.

The type of lighting fixture should match with the interior. Aside from this, you should be able to decide if your plants need bulbs or lamps. Bulbs like the Sunlite Grow HPS Light Bulbs can be put together in a horizontal to create an even distribution of light to your plants.

Most users of this HPS lamps are commending it for its capacity to induce speedier growth and fruit-bearing of the outdoor plant. They noted that even their garden plants are well-maintained through the sufficient energy it produces. The energy levels are just enough to maintain the plants healthy.

If you are planning to improve the commercial exterior of your home or building, you can also use these lighting fixtures to add accent and focus. You will be amazed on how it can change the ambiance of the place.

Sunlite 03620-SU LU150/MED 150 Watt HPS...
61 Reviews
Sunlite 03620-SU LU150/MED 150 Watt HPS...
  • 150-Watt; 15000 Lumens
  • 20000 Hour Average Lamp Life
  • ED17; Clear Finish

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Best HPS Bulb Buying Guide

Best HPS Bulb Reviews 2017 - 2018

The HPS Technology has proven that the use of these grow lighting fixtures has improved the quality life of both indoor and outdoor gardeners. If you would like a consistent and fruitful harvest, try using these lights and see the difference.

In this buying guide, the most important information about HPS bulbs is gathered to help you choose the best lighting fixture for your needs. This buying guide will serve as your reference about the right size of lamp and their applications.

What is an HPS Light Bulb?

This lighting fixture was invented last 1964. The acronym HPS stands for High-Pressure Sodium. This technology has been used to cultivate the indoor plant in a very positive way. The light bulbs are made with a narrow arc tube that is supported by a frame for the lamp.

  • To give much efficacy, the arc tube is subjected to high pressure. The elements inside the arc tube consists of xenon, mercury, and sodium. These items are used to improve the lighting spectrum.
  • You can jolt the bulb with a pulse start. It jumps an arc through the lamp turning sky blue after mixing with the xenon gas. The arc will then be heated by the mercury, and that is the time the light will turn up. The bulb will turn into blue color.
  • As soon as the bulb heats, the evaporation of the sodium will also start, and it will strike an arc over 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The other impurities will be mixed with the Mercury to produce white light. Remember that the mercury also helps in making a blue spectrum light.
  • The powerful light technology provides the plants with enough energy to induce flowering and reproduction. Aside from this, budding will also be observed as well as fruiting.

You can choose from the different sizes of bulbs like 400W, 600W, and 100W. The most common of all is the 400W HPS bulbs, but the most powerful of all is the 1000W bulbs. They can also produce faster harvest and flowering of plants.

Benefits of HPS Bulbs

Best HPS Bulb Reviews 2017 - 2018

These bulbs can provide a good spectrum for growing budding and flowering plant. They are also very easy to be obtained because of their relatively affordable prices that depend on the wattage that you are going to buy.

These bulbs can also produce a higher lumen output that can range from 80-100 lumens per watt. They are proven to have higher efficiency compared to fluorescent bulbs. This is the reason why they can grow plants.

Spectrum of Glow Lights

You should be aware that different HPS bulbs have their spectrum of lights. The growth of the plants depends on the color of the range of the lights. This process is commonly known as photo morphogenesis.

  • HPS bulbs emit yellow light that is exceptionally beneficial to the budding and flowering of plants. The spectrum is the one responsible for the golden color light emitted by these bulbs.
  • The PAR spectrum simply pertains to the Photosynthetically Active Radiation of the light bulbs. The measure can range from 400 to 700 nanometers which are the actual ration needed for photosynthesis to occur.
  • The good thing about these bulbs is that they can also produce light even outside the spectrum. However, this light is not that helpful to the reproduction and budding of plants. It just contributes to the heat production.
  • The light produced by HPS bulbs are usually red and yellow. This is the reason why most growers opt to use HPS bulbs for their indoor gardening tasks. They can harvest faster and produce flowering plants.

Choosing the Wattage

Best HPS Bulb Reviews 2017 - 2018

As the size of your garden grows bigger and better, it is a must to increase your lighting source. In this case, you need to distinguish the right wattage needed by your garden according to its size

1) 150 Watts HPS Bulbs – The 150-watt HPS bulb is recommended for an area that measures 1.5′ x 1.5′. The plants are also recommended to be at least 6” away from the canopy of your house.

This light bulb often comes with its ballast and a reflector. It doesn’t get too hot compared to other bulb sizes. This is already considered efficient as an HPS bulb, but not as effective as the others.

2) 250 Watts HPS Bulbs – This also comes with its ballast and reflector. It is straightforward to find in most stores, and it works better than the 150 Watts HPS bulb. The thing about this lamp is that it can get significantly hot. For this reason, try to monitor your pants to ensure that it will not get too hot. It is recommended for an area that measures 2.5” x 2.5” of garden area.

3) 400 Watts HPS Bulb – This kind of light bulb is the one that can get productive. It can also get sweltering already. This is also commonly sold in most stores, especially in gardening stores. The efficacy of this light bulb is also notable. It can emit a lot of heat that will be beneficial to your plants.

You can avail this bulb in kits where you can find a ballast and reflector. You can even find them in lighting fixture stores around your neighborhood.

4) 600 Watts HPS Bulb – This is considered as the middle-range of HPS bulb. They can be used in most grow systems and are preferred by those who want to get results a little bit faster. The best 600 watt hps bulb is usually budget friendly and can emit a sufficient amount of light.

5) 1000 Watts HPS Bulb – If you are looking for the most powerful and efficient grow light bulb for your garden, then you must check out the 1000 Watt grow lights. It can emit higher lumen and can give off a superior light spectrum that can be used to induce budding and flowering with plants.

Remember, that it can get scorching so always be cautious in using it. Most farmers expose indoor plants that are hard to grow with this kind of lighting condition.

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Being the most proven to be effective inducing growth and reproduction of plants, the best HPS bulbs can be considered as the panacea for a variety of indoor growing plants. It also solves the problem when it comes to excess energy consumption as well as lower luminosity.

The HPS bulbs have a significant impact on the fast growth of both outdoor and indoor plants. The spectrum of energy that they can release can produce higher harvest and yields. It can even make plants bud early or bloom with flowers.

One of the best HPS Light bulbs is the Sunlite 0362 because of its ability to produce higher lumens and spectrum of energy levels that range from orange to red.

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