Best Jointer Reviews 2017 – 2018

In some configurations, the jointer is very useful in woodworking activities, especially in Australia and United Kingdom. They sometimes call it as a buzzer, and this is primarily used to produce a flat board surface. In its operation, the actual work is done in a very narrow board. The best jointer could be purchased from the different stores that cater the top brands of jointers.

To make it simple, the jointer is used to make literally flat surfaces. The main job is to join them through their edges. The machine starts by working on the edges of the boards, and then, the panels will be glued. The arrangement of this woodworking machine goes with two levels that determine the thickness. The tables are paralleled with each other.

The jointer reviews provide insightful information about these machines. You can also get information regarding the best jointers in the market. The planner and these jointers have unique purposes. The jointer can actually make it possible to create a solid fence out of the adjacent faces of the board. Woodworking could really benefit from this woodworking machine.

If you want to know about the jointers, then, this article would provide you the different brands of jointers available online. There are actually a number, and it’s up to you what to pick. Maybe it would depend on the project you are going to work on.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer (3.9 / 5)
27+ Reviews
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TruePower 01-0102 Biscuit Plate Joiner (4.3 / 5)
49+ Reviews
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Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer (3.4 / 5)
11+ Reviews
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Festool 574432 Domino Joiner (4.5 / 5)
71+ Reviews
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JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX HP Jointer (4.3 / 5)
35+ Reviews
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Best Jointer Reviews


This jointer is made by Porter-Cable Company, and it received 4.3 stars out of 5. This woodworking machine has a normal body built and gives the user an option to control the speed with the variable speed of 6000–11,000 RPM. It also includes the two-knife cutter head, so it would be easy for you to replace the knife.

A small jointer can actually work on not so thick flat surfaces. The built in feature of cutter head lock makes it possible to have a smooth transition and replacement. The cut was supported by the cutting fence, and it gives further support on the fence as well. This could be the best jointer for the money because it would not be too expensive in your side.

According to some of the users, if you are able to set it up correctly, the machine would work just fine and great. You just need to be keen with the blades because they easily become blunt and dull, so they will be subjected for replacement from time to time, especially when you use it frequently. The fence of this machine is made up of aluminum, and it is quite reflective as well.

This can be considered as the best cheap jointer in the market because the price is relatively cheaper than the others, so basically, it is already a bargain. If you are just going to use it for hobby, then, this is really advisable to have. The table adjustment is also working alright. If you have a home shop, then, you should go and buy this product.

With its price, PORTER-CABLE PC160JT can work on making surfaces flat quite great and very convenient. This is a cheap jointer, and as a starter, it is highly advisable to start working with this one. Professionals are advised to use a heavy duty one.

TruePower 01-0102 Biscuit Plate Joiner

This product is made by TruePower, and it gained 4.5 stars out of 5. The physical body of this jointer is quite different from others. It runs with 1010 Wattage and has a cutting angle of 45 degrees in maximum. The maker provided a 1 year warranty for this product. This can be your best value jointer.

You might be wondering what a biscuit jointer is. It is actually a plate jointer, and it is primarily used in woodworking to stick or bond together two woods. Of course, they need to be flat surfaces. Small blades of saw can be used to accomplish this. The goal is to cut a moon shape hole in it. The jointer review provides a lot of useful information in the kinds of jointers in the market. This kind of jointer has a wider range compared to all the jointers.

You need to be particular with the budget that you need to spend. This current joiner’s specifications are 0, 10, and 20. They incorporate a 4” 6T C2 Tungsten carbide sharp edge that has been tipped for effective working capacity. The woodworking machine can cut the roll in a simple and time savvy approach to guarantee real durable joints; the T Joints were also subjected to cut the edges.

It additionally includes a tidy port, a do-it-yourself fence, and a tidy pack to guarantee simple project outcome with the different sizes available. This biscuit blade joiner amazingly has 1010 watts, 11000 rpm, 120v/ghz, and the most extremely efficient cutting capacity of 0.55”.

This tool is indeed protected by a 1 year warranty, and it can be actually used for different projects without causing major issues and concerns. The TruePower 01-0102 is a hearty instrument, and everybody is content with the outcomes that they get from it. This is considered as the best jointer in its league.

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer

This is a woodworking tool created by Shop Fox, and it was rated $3.9 stars out of 5 by the users. The product is overwhelmingly expensive because of its remarkable specifications. If you are a professional, this tool might be the best one for you. This is hailed as the best bench top jointer in the market. In line with other bench top jointers, the capacity of this machine is quite evident to surpass others. Compared to other jointer available, the tables on this one aren’t dashed on, so they can’t be shimmered. The out feed table is part of what you can’t adjust, so in this case, you can’t balance it.

The in feed table is the main priority because it can do wonders to your task. Subsequent to study on the parts that exploded, you could see that the in feed table is attached to a carriage that contains the option for the cut alteration process of surfaces. This bench jointed has received praises from the users because of its completely adjustable fence.

The built of woodworking machine is very solid and durable. The top fence is made up of steel iron, and you would love how stable it is and how it would not cause any vibration. The attached dust port really works great. The handles are made up of plastic for the fence. Jointer reviews have noted the important uses of this machine to different applications.

Shop Fox has their focus on bench top jointers ever since they start manufacturing. Specifically, the purpose is slightly different from other makers and brands. The directions for setting up Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer are quite and very easy to follow, so this is really a real value for your money.

Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF500 Q Set

This is a woodworking machine made by Festool, and its price is really in the high end level with an a little higher price. Surely, Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF500 Q Set is one of the most expensive jointer in the market. The users have given it with 4.7 stars out of 5 due to its great capacity and durability. The performance is up to the extreme level.

This could be the best wood jointer you’ll ever have in your woodworking kit. The machine is uniquely made with its great cutting action and can be rotated in order to result in flawless mortises. Incredible, fast, and perfect are the appropriate description for it. If you turn the dial, the mortis could be adjusted and could make a perfect alignment right away.

Angled mortises could be created with the pivoted fence up to 90 degrees in angle. Accurate placement is always the key in creating a correct alignment. Glue adhesion could be managed because they provided a system that would prevent the dust from obstructing the holes.

In terms of jointer comparison, this tool amazingly surpasses others due to its high performance and really outstanding results. This is also applicable for heavy furniture because it is really meant for heavy duty task. The stop pins are retractable for accurate positioning and alignment. Joining is indeed a very difficult process, and it can take so much of your time to finish the job.

The Festool Domino joiner would remove all odds due to its capacity to finish the task in such a faster pace. The combined cutting method and unique indexing feature could produce perfect mortise for every output of the work. The gluing surface is also very wide, so you could work on it with ease and comfort. The spiral cutter is made with a carbide tip to ensure efficient cutting of materials.

The Domino system of this joiner is indeed proven to be effective and very time saving. The joint placement could be carried out in a perfect manner in which other brands cannot do effectively. This is considered as one of the best jointers in the market as well as one of the heavy duty woodworking machines.

Many users have already commented the great use of Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF500 Q Set, and it has exceeded their expectations.

JET 708457DXK JJ- 6CS

This is a product by Jet, and it also comes with a price of almost thousand dollars. Quite pricey isn’t it? The iron is longer than the usual because the maker would like to achieve stability and consistence. This could be your best 6 inch jointer. JET 708457DXK JJ- 6CS is equipped with the latest innovation in woodworking, and it provides a comfortable working experience.

The motor is powerful enough to make it work in longer life because it is a 1 horsepower motor. There are buttons for industrial purposes as well. The device comes with steel knives that can be set in three different speeds. You can easily change the knives in this product if they become blunt or dull already.

The jet jointer reviews have included the different feedbacks from users of this woodworking tool. Most professional woodworkers prefer this device because the features are highly innovative. The assembling process is just easy to follow and not complicated. It is easy to follow, and it would not cause you any frustration.

JET 708457DXK JJ- 6CS is relatively a small jointer, but the capacity is indeed amazing and impressive. Most people choose tools in terms of the great performance, the size, as well as the weight. This is not a bulky jointer, so it would not consume much space. Some users also testified how smoothly it works and how accurately it joins longer boards.

There are actually many factors why the public just love this product. In this present time, everything is getting highly innovative because technology could make your life easier and less stressful. Some jointers are operated manually, and of course, it would consume so much time to finish your work load. This is the edge of this small jointer because the pace of working is doubled, and the time of producing the output is much less.

How to Choose the Best Jointer

Factors in Choosing the Best Jointer

Jointers are very powerful tools in cutting and modifying most lumbers and timber. It is an option if you would like to create durable and flat surfaces for your woodworking projects. The problem is how you would know what jointer is the best for you. The best jointers are of course created by the leading brands and the most reputable ones.

  1. The knives or the blades are essential in producing flawless job output.
  2. The fence used for the proper alignment
  3. The length of the table
  4. The width of the base
  5. Measure of the lumber

The knives are relevant in choosing the jointer because it will be the one that you would use in cutting the lumber. If it isn’t good, then, the quality of the woodwork would not be good as well. The fence should also be considered because the alignment of the wood greatly depends on it. It is also used in holding it in place without unnecessary movements.

The length of the table should be appropriate to the length of the lumber or timber. If you are not able to calculate it correctly, it would be uncomfortable to work on the task. Just like in the case of small jointers. You should make sure that the lumber would fit on it.

The base where the jointed would be placed should be matched with the size of the jointer. These factors greatly depend with each other, so you must ensure the accuracy of all the measurements. You could check out the jointer reviews for some tips and advices from the experienced users or even the professionals.

Key Terms in Jointers

It is important to familiarize the key terms because this is a highly technical tool. Planers should be greatly identified from jointers because they are contained in exactly different models. The straight knives are not required to be sharpened anymore. They can even be assembled as well.

The dust collector is literally the one collecting dust shavings. It ensures that the holes would not be clogged. Sometimes you need to de-clutter it as well because it might have collected a great deal of wood shavings already. The blades that are helical could have the changing heads based from the range.

Planner or Jointer?

  1. Type of Wood Finish: There are a lot of resources where you can actually collect the lumber that you would use in your project. Rough lumbers are easier to work with especially for beginners.
  1. Surfaces of the Wood: It is better to choose a smooth surface than a rough surface because you need to put much effort on it.
  1. Bending a Wood: You can in fact bend a wood

What Is the Best Jointer to Use?

  1. Type: this is the most important factor that you need to consider before starting to work. Not all woods are compatible with a particular jointer even if it is the best jointer in the market.
  1. Reputation of the Brand: There are popular brands in the market, and you just need to choose wisely. Different brands feature different capabilities as well as different sizes and weight.
  1. Size: Size always matters. It is relevant to know the standard size of most lumbers that are used in woodworking to determine the right size of the jointer you would use.
  1. Base Length: The cutting bed should be easy to adapt with. Be sure that it is sufficient to provide the correct output.
  1. The Cutting Action: This determines the passes needed to perfectly produce straight lumbers. It could be repeated a number of times until the desired result is achieved.
  1. Power of the Jointer: Most jointers have standard horsepower. However, heavy duty jointers require higher horsepower.

Choosing the best jointer is not as easy as it seems because not everyone knew about this woodworking devices. If ever you would be working with woods, it is recommended to check out jointer reviews to get ideas on what jointer to buy. Preferably, buy the starter ones and start practicing first. Leave it to the experts and be an expert yourself!

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