Best Mosquito Fogger Reviews 2017 – 2018

There have been recent outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases today, and if you are not careful enough, these insects can transmit diseases to your workplace and household without even infecting themselves. People get rid of insect bites by applying common insect/mosquito repellants. But if you want a quick fix, a propane mosquito fogger is the best option.

A fogger can quickly eliminate mosquitoes through the use of a chemical sprayer. It is not the permanent solution when it comes to dealing with mosquito problems, but it is very effective and is the fastest way to clear a great number of mosquitoes all at the same time in a wider scope of area. If you don’t have any idea what fogger works best, mosquito fogger reviews like this can help you make the right choice. The following are just a few of the best mosquito foggers in the market.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane (3.8 / 5)
39+ Reviews
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Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger (4.7 / 5)
104+ Reviews
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Cutter Backyard Bug Control Fogger (4.1 / 5)
172+ Reviews
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60+ Reviews
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Black Flag Outdoor Fogging Insecticide (4.4 / 5)
167+ Reviews
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Best Mosquito Fogger Reviews

Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane Insect Fogger

One best insect fogger that can easily be found at any hardware store is the Bonide 420 Fog-Rx. A thermal fogger that uses heated insecticide into a smoke or fog. This fogger should be partnered with Stable Insecticide Fogs, Bug Beater, and/or Fly Beater Barn, and Bonide Mosquito Beater.

It is made from a durable nylon and a translucent bowl that helps you see unused insecticide. Because of its trigger action, microscopic particles are easily dispensed leaving a clean and residue-free device. The fog produced by this device is so dense that it can reach all mosquitoes hiding even in crevices, cracks, and foliage.

To start using it, click the igniter switch to create a spark that will light the heater coil that will soon enough produce a fog. This lightweight and portable insect fogger is not only effective for other mosquitoes but can also be used for eliminating moths, gnats, and flies. Foggers work best during gardening treatments, campsites, picnics, and any outdoor events.

The Bonide produces a good fog, but you have to wait until the fogger is heated up at least 5 minutes before you can start fogging. Keep pumping the trigger 4–5 times to a have continuous fog. Because it is light enough, you can bring it anywhere. The tip is hot, sometimes you can notice small flame, so be careful fogging in dry areas because it might catch fire. It can cause flare-ups if you tilt it forward. Let the tip cool down before storing. The fog is not too hot in order to burn mosquitoes, but it can effectively repel them and drive them away.

The product does not have free propane canister as you buy it, but you can easily buy one at Walmart or any hardware store. It is very good in controlling Varroa mites in beehives if you fill it with food grade mineral oil. You can even use it to fog your attic. This is also safe to use in or around plants while fogging insects that hide in plants, and it does not harm the plants.

Tri Jet ULV Non Thermal Fogger

This propane bug fogger has been UL rated, which means that it has passed a certain standard of safety. It has been recommended for customer use. This unit is versatile enough that it can be used for fogging both water and oil-based materials either indoors or outdoors. It can be used for many functions such as insect fumigation, concrobium mold control, pest control fogging, sterilization/sanitizer fogging, and mold and mildew control.

This cool outdoor mosquito fogger has a tornado action nozzle and adjustable valve that will enable you to maximize the mist up to 30 feet far. Tri-jet fogger can control humidity and make fogging simple. One thing that is very good about this product is that it is rust proof, so you don’t have to worry about rusting problems. Aside from that, you can use it even in longer and tedious work because it’s heavy duty. It’s highly durable; its all-metal build helps it to be sturdy enough to survive accidental drops on the floor.

Tri-jet fogger works best from fogging to eliminating mildew and mold in the basement, plus it leaves a good smell. Some users use it to fog the crawl space under their houses to control the growth of molds. Others say that it is also good for treating mite and flea infestations. Some also attested that it is actually good in removing scents in an isolated room and deodorizing the area with a fog of concromium.

On the other side, Tri-jet runs out of liquid every 30 minutes or less, so you have to get ready for the refill. It clogs up when the residue is not properly cleaned up so the best thing to do is to wipe up residues. For better performance, use Permethrin. It is safe to use, is not harmful to animals, and does not leave a residue. Its residual effect reaches up to 6 months. For your safety, always wear a protective eyewear and mask when fogging.

Cutter Backyard Bug Control Outdoor Fogger

One of the great outdoor bug foggers out there is this Cutter Backyard Bug Control. This kills mosquitoes instantly after contact. Also good in exterminating annoying insects such as ants, gnats, and flies, but it cannot kill carpenter, fire, pharaoh, and harvester ants. This is perfect for your picnic areas, patios, decks, and backyards. Terrible bug problems in the backyard will disappear if you spray this after mowing. It does not harm the birds, animals, or plants. It is safe to use wherever you spray.

If you have garden or lawn parties, it will absolutely thin out the insects for you. Spray 45 minutes before the event, and you will literally see bugs flying up from the grasses just to get away. An average of 2 cans will cover the whole yard, but one user says that she made it to 4 cans, and it did work from morning to evening. It leaves a good scented smell, so no need to worry if your visitors can smell it.

Silver Bullet ULV Non-Thermal Cold Fogger

Good mosquito fogger reviews will never be without Silver Bullet ULV. This is an improvised version of other ULV foggers existing in the market. It is made up of powerful motor and robust materials that enable it to spray 40 feett. Aside from that, Silver Bullet competes more because it has been equipped with more powerful vacuum pump motor, improved jet nozzles, and stainless steel hardware.

It is a must have insect fogger in the market for concrobium mold control, Pest control fogging, sterilization/sanitizer fogging, and mold and mildew control. The good thing about this is that it can be used with almost any solution or chemicals such as insect fumigation, cedar, oil, and water-based solutions.

One ideal approach with a silver bullet is clearing out mold problems in crawlspaces, attics, and musty basement. Concrobium mold control is very good in large and inaccessible spaces that need mold prevention and remedy. Black molds don’t survive when you pair this propane  fogger with Ozone generator or Hydroxyl generator.

Because this is a Non-thermal insect propane fogger, what comes out of the nozzle is a mist-like volume and unlike a fog like a volume produced by a thermal burgess fogger. It is very lightweight and also free from any kind of corrosion because of its stainless steel and aluminum build-up. With the free gallon fluid tank when you purchase one unit, it would be easier to kill fruit flies, lice, bed bugs, fleas, mites, and other insects.

This works for professional use in areas like hospitals, parks, barns, stores, homes, hotels, food, plants, and greenhouses. For more creative functions, this can be in humid and dust control, neutralizing odors, plant/tree misting, black mold killing, and fumigation of mosquitoes and other insects.

Black Flag Outdoor Fogging Insecticide

One of the best foggers is this Black Flag outdoor mosquito fogger. This is ready to use for controlling and killing flying insects like mosquitoes and flies. It cuts down spider population as well. Black flag produces liquid dry fog with active ingredients such as odorless synthetic pyrethroid. If you are looking for a premixed and ready to use insecticide, this is  the best choice for your lawn and patio  areas. It drives the mosquitoes away for at least 24 hours and more if it does not rain.

Mosquitoes will disappear if you fog around the house and twenty yards away in your murky, swampy areas where stagnant waters abound. Some users found it effective with Malathione insecticide. Spray at night or around midnight in a sweeping action and make sure that it is not windy.

However, it is important to note that this product is not safe for garden plants, flowers, and humans too. Bees can’t also be killed using this spray. If you want to find the best fog bugger that is suitable for your needs, you must first know and distinguish two types of foggers, and these are the thermal foggers and cold foggers.

Mosquito Fogger Buying Guide

Thermal Foggers

Thermal foggers utilize techniques such as hot fogging in order to vaporize an insecticide solution and therefore create tiny particles of cloudy fogs. This kind of fogging is more suitable for outdoor because the heating process involving a quite high temperature might cause fire when applied indoors.

Cold Foggers

Cold foggers, on the other hand, don’t use heat in the process; instead, it atomizes fogging solution using swirl nozzles and high air pressure. Also known as Ultra Volume Foggers (ULV), these foggers can be practically used anywhere and can work best in either water or oil-based solutions. Cold foggers are best used as greenhouse humidifier, insecticide, eliminating bad odors, sanitizer, disinfectant, and for mold and mildew control.

Thermal Foggers vs. Cold Foggers

Whatever type of fogger you use, it can greatly help you clear out those annoying insects and help you restore a good and safe outdoor space. Best mosquito foggers like this present to you each fogger’s different features and styles that would really affect your preferences. Because both of them operate differently, they are compared based on the following different categories.


In terms of fog visibility, a cold burgess fogger can produce an invisible fine mist while thermal foggers output a cloudy visible fog. For mosquito control, a thick and denser fog is more advisable. Because it’s visible to the eyes, it is easier to control and easier to avoid when substances are harmful. ULV invisible fogs, on the other hand, do not cause any hazards in many urban areas.

Droplet Size and Density

Thermal foggers produce more dense tiny particles of approximately 0.5-micron size. There will be increased chances that these tiny particles will reach many mosquitoes and other insects. They can even penetrate very small spaces indoors when clearing pests and molds. But due to these tiny particles, they can be easily swept away by the strong wind that’s why it would be harder to use them during windy times. It is more effective if it will be used in low winds or windless conditions.

Moreover, according to insect fogger reviews, the 5-micron size cannot effectively kill a mosquito because it takes 5–25 microns to do so. Cold foggers produce an average of 20–40 microns, so it won’t be able to float in the air for a longer time compared to the small particles and cannot penetrate small spots and gaps that a thermal fog can access. It is much better to continuously keep on pumping thermal fogs for produce, but it can be immediately used up.


Thermal foggers can be more efficient compared to cold foggers in many ways. They use less concentrated active ingredients and less effort and lesser time to produce the same amount of solution. However, a cold propane insect fogger is cheaper to use because they require less fogging liquid and doesn’t need to be refilled by with gas cylinders and petrol. On the other hand, thermal foggers easily run out, so you could incur much higher fuel costs.


It will be much easier to operate a ULV fogger than a thermal fogger. With a thermal fogger, it would take time to light the burner if there’s no automatic igniter. On cold or ULV foggers, you only need to turn on the switch. With a thermal fogger, you still have to wait until the coil is heated up before you can use it while cold foggers start immediately. Thermal foggers need to be used at intervals so that the fog remains dry; otherwise, it will produce wet fogs that tend to drip solution that could stain the floor. Thermal foggers are also loud to use than cold foggers.

Most cold foggers can be easily used with oil and water-based solutions, so most liquid solutions can be sprayed using a ULV fogger. Not only ULV foggers are simpler to operate but also easier to control. However, cold ULV foggers are made with more complex parts such as advanced nozzles, air pressure pumps, and electric motor, which make it more difficult to maintain or repair.

Price range

It is also important to consider what burgess mosquito fogger would cost you more. For home or personal use thermal foggers, they are much cheaper than ULV foggers. Because ULV foggers can be used for whatever purposes and have been complexly constructed designed for numerous functions, they are sold at a higher price. The price of a ULV fogger is usually two times more than the price of a thermal fogger. For an instance, you can buy a thermal fogger for a minimum of 50 dollars while a cold fogger starts at 200 dollars.


For safety concerns, the better option is to use a cold fogger than the other. Thermal foggers operate with high temperature that’s why they can cause the risk of fire or burns. It is so hot that it cannot be touched with bare hands while in use. The thick fog it emits can bring traffic hazards in urban places. Another risk is that they can drip harmful fogging solutions when the coil is not properly warmed up first before use.

Final Tips on Mosquito Foggers

Here are few tips to remember for your safety and effective use of your fogger:

  • Read and follow the manual
  • Always warm the electric/propane fogger before using.
  • Use an extension cord for electric foggers.
  • Make sure that the fog should be dry.
  • Ensure that parts are tightly in place before use.
  • Pump the fog every 3-4 seconds or as specified in the manual.
  • Know first if it is for indoor or outdoor before buying.
  • Clear the mosquitoes away before using outdoor areas.
  • Fog during low winds or at dusk.

By choosing the right fogger and what type you would like to use, you can do your fumigating task well. The above-mentioned tips are just a few of the considerations that will help you maximize your mosquito fogger potential that will help you make the most out of it. Remember that these tips will enable you to secure a safe and healthy environment for your home and work.

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