Best Mulching Blade Reviews 2017 – 2018

A neat lawn does not depend on a high-powered lawn mower alone. Technique and precision come in handy, but the real deal comes from the vital part of a mower’s system – the blade – and you might not be using the right one. In this case, we recommend you the mulching blade.

A mulching blade, unlike others, has the ability to decompose grass clippings faster. This way, the soil is nourished naturally – you trim the grass while it gets the nutrients it needs from itself. Are you excited to achieve that perfect lawn you have been dreaming of? Then this article is for you!

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Best Mulching Blade Review

After careful research and product testing, we have come up with the top 5 mulching blades that you can consider on your next clean up, so read along!

MaxPower 331713X Heavy Duty Mulching Blade

MaxPower offers the best mulching blade in the market. That’s straight to the point, and yes, they deliver. They have been in the business for more than 5 decades, if that isn’t enough of a guarantee.

This 2.5-pound blade is manufactured by the Rotary Corporation in Georgia. The company takes pride of its compliance with requirements for OEM.

MaxPower 331713X Heavy Duty Mulching Blade fits 42-inch riders. This product is thicker and heavier compared to the other 4 on this list. Though brute, the MaxPower Heavy Duty 331713X Mulching Blade surprisingly balances well – no need for corrections.

The thickness also promises you that it would not be bent by any lawn obstacle. This blade has been tested and abused on tough conditions. Just imagine mowing acres full of grass with branches, stones and ant mounds – that kind of abuse.

Maintaining this blade is not that much of an added workload, too. May it be for industrial or domestic use, it is okay to clean it up every other day and to be sharpened every season. The carbide edges assure you of a lasting, sharp blade.

Its durability is superb that you do not have to buy any replacements for more than 3 years. It is easy to install and is made for industrial and domestic use in any grass types. It can also replace Blades #134149 and #138971, and proudly made in the US.

However, this blade is not that compatible with older lawn mowers. You can try, but it might underperform if your riding mower is not a Craftsman, Poulan or Husqvarna and is older than 20 years. It may also struggle with grass that is taller than 6 inches.

MaxPower 331713X Heavy Duty Commercial...
281 Reviews
MaxPower 331713X Heavy Duty Commercial...
  • Replaces OEM #134149, 138971
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • 5 Point Star Center Hole

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Longer Life 595-605 3-in-1 Mulching Blades

The Longer Life 595-605 3-in-1 Mulching Blades is a product of Oregon, one of the most popular brands in the industry. This set replaces Blades #187254 #187255 #187256 #532187254 #532187255 and #532187256, and gives you three blades that look like gator teeth, thus the name.

This mulching blade goes well with 52” Craftsman Pro rider, but it also is compatible with a Poulan and a Husqvarna. Its mounting hole, shaped like a star, holds strong on your mower for that wanted grip on the mower.

Getting 3 blades for a price of one is indeed a good offer, and that is what this mulching blade boasts in comparison to the other 4 on this list. Aside from grass, it also mulches on leaves perfectly. You get more than what you pay for.

Unlike the MaxPower Heavy Duty Mulching Blades, the Longer Life G5 is only 164” thick per blade, so it isn’t that effective on stony or branchy lawns. But, when it comes to adaptability, Longer Life Fusion G5 is better than the former. It has been tested compatible to 26 brands out of 28 tested.

It can only be used on certain types of grass as its blade has the tendency to bend. You also have to balance it first before you start full mowing. It sometimes tips over when not correctly adjusted.

You might also find it difficult to restock because Oregon does not replenish their products on their website more often than necessary.

Set of 3, Longer Life 595-605 Gator...
71 Reviews
Set of 3, Longer Life 595-605 Gator...
  • Set of 3 Blades, Quality Gator 595-605 "Fusion G5" Mulching Blades
  • Replaces Craftsman Poulan Husqvarna Blade #'s 187254 187255 187256...
  • 18-1/2" Long, 3" Wide, .164" Thick, 5 Point Star Mounting Hole

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Rotary 12963 PK3 Mulching Blades

The Rotary Copperhead Mulching Blades, like the Longer Life Fusion G5, are also compatible with most lawns. The perfect fit goes to MTD RZT and Troy Bilt tractor series. This set is considered to be the stronger version of the 11719 models.

The Rotary 12963 PK3 specifically replaces Z6600 17ARCACK099, 1500 Tractors, 17AF2ACK099, 17AF2ACK099 for the MTD RZT Series; and 17ARCACK011 for Troy Bilt. It boasts an H hole at the center for that strong grip on your rider.

All three blades must go in to fit a 54-inch cut but you don’t really need to worry too much. The set lasts for more than 3 years for a regular mowing action. You don’t need to sharpen your mulching blade so often, too.

The Rotary 12963 PK3 Mulching Blades are pretty affordable, too. You can get all three for the price of one, usually free of shipping. And speaking of which, delivery is no hassle because this product is continuously produced by Rotary.

Each blade is 18.5 inches long, 3 inches wide and 0.204 inches thick. It promises a good cut to your lawn without that much noise on the tractor. You can also consider using it for mowing battery as it withstands abuse on endless acres of grass.

However, you would have to clean up the blades every now and then because clippings might build up if you are mowing a large space. Though thick, the blade is still susceptible to bending. It might not survive chunks of branches or stones, but is a good universal blade for home use, nonetheless.

Rotary 12963 PK3 Copperhead Mulching...
64 Reviews
Rotary 12963 PK3 Copperhead Mulching...
  • Replaces: MTD 742-0677A, 942-0677
  • Fits: MTD RZT Series, Z6600 17ARCACK099, 1500 Tractors, 17AF2ACK099,...
  • Length 18-1/2"; Width 3"; Center Hole "Star" Pattern; Thickness .204"; Set...

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Stens 335-859 Mulching Blades (2-in-1)

Now, this one may come as a surprise to everyone. The Stens 335-859 Mulching Blades is on our list because of its reasonable price, fast shipping, and adaptability to a lot of mowers. The mulching blade goes well with Troy Bilt, MTD Mower, and Cub Cadet Models.

The Stens2-in-1 Blades are just 4 ounces in weight. These two blades bear a simple design for easier cleaning and storing, so don’t judge the book by its cover. The blade looks boring but it is designed to cut your lawn clean.

You will get a pack of 2 blades which are painted after they were sharpened. This process is done to prevent rusting. Your next sharpening maybe scheduled after more than 3 years – making this set a nice catch.

Each blade is 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. Unlike the Rotary 12963 PK3 Mulching Blades, the Stens 2-in-1 Mulching Blades are 0.5 inches thick.

Unfortunately, these blades cannot tolerate twigs and stones. They have the tendency to bend and break easily when being pressured with obstacles other than the greens. You also need to be careful when you pass by ant mounds or rough patches.

Due to its thickness, the mulching blade cannot be used on rocky lawns. It is recommended on soil surfaces. It can tolerate small leaves, but may bend even on little stones and branches.

You might also think of playing your favorite music on while you use this mulching blade. This set is a bit louder than the first 3 blades mentioned above.

Stens 335-859, 2-in-1 Mulching Blades...
61 Reviews
Stens 335-859, 2-in-1 Mulching Blades...
  • Troy bilt models: Super bronco, big red gt50, mustang rzt-50, mustang xp,...
  • Mtd mower models: Rzt-50, zt-50, zt5000, ztl7000, lt-5000, lt-950h, gt-950h
  • Cub cadet models: Rzt-50, rzt-l50, rzt-s50, rzt-22 - lgt1050, lgtx1050,...

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USA Mower Mulching Blade (4 Pack)

The USA Mower Mulching Blade comes with a 7.5-pound mulching blade made from local steel by local workers – all-American. You will get 4 21-inch-long blades in one pack with a star center hole for better grip on the deck.

This 0.140-thick mulching blade replaces multiple riders – AYP, Poulan, Craftsman, and Husqvarna. Two blades, which are 2.25-inch wide each, are required for a 42-inch mower.

Aside from it being made in the USA, it also boasts of its easy-to-clean design. This is a good blade when used in your garden.

However, the blade’s softness is noticeable. It is sensitive when you hit a rock or a root. It bends but not to the extent of breaking, so it is still good to use on tiny stones. It is best for basic mowing, not on huge acres of mowing torture.

You may have to replace the blades more often that the other 4 blades mentioned above. Since it is bendable, it tends to become less sharp over time. It may fail your precision expectations when used more often.

You have to check if the blades need replacement or sharpening after half an acre. It also needs you to have an initial clean up to avoid branches that would definitely ruin this product.

But among the blades on the list, the USA Mower Mulching Blade can be considered the most affordable. You get 4 blades in one pack for a price of one MaxPower Heavy Duty Commercial Mulching Blade.

USA Mower Blades (4) Mulching for AYP...
45 Reviews

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Mulching Blade Buying Guide

Best Mulching Blade Reviews 2016 – 2017

Now that you are familiar with some of the best mulching lawn mowers in the market, you are now ready to understand what your lawn actually needs.

You would think that buying the right mulcher blade is as easy as buying ice cream. Think again because there are many things to consider especially when it is your first time to buy one.

This guide is not only for beginners, some buying mistakes are done by old users. Most of them decide based on what other people tell them and ending up buying the wrong kind of blade.

Not all lawns are the same. Let’s check how different a mulcher blade is different from the others. Here are some guidelines to make sure that you are getting the right tool based on what you need:

Types of Blades

Best Mulching Blade Reviews 2016 – 2017

Let’s start with the basics – knowing your blade. There are three types of rider blades: standard medium lift, high lift and mulching.

1) Standard medium lift blades are the ones usually used in old manual lawn mowers. Yes, the ones that you see in a neighborhood scene in old movies. Some of the clippings do not shoot in the bag, so if you prefer traditional mowing and all the extra work, this one is for you.

2) The high lift mower blade, on the other hand, has an airflow that keeps clippings more effectively. The angle at the back of the mulching blade stays upward so that it could propel the clipping directly to the bag. This is less annoying when collecting grass because it avoids clogging.

3) The last type is the mulching blade. Unlike the other two, this blade makes sure that it mulches the grass it cuts. You do not need to keep them on a bag; the grass directly goes back to the soil and acts as its fertilizer.

Mulching Blade Benefits

So now that we know that the best mulching blades for riding mower is the best option ever, let’s check out the summary of its benefits in improving the look and quality of your lawn:

  • Aside from the fact that it turns clippings into fertilizers, the mulching blade can also cut sideways. The angle the blade makes it possible to cut your grass to the left or to the right.
  • The clippings decompose after a few weeks, which save you more time and energy. Unlike when you keep them on a bag, the soil absorbs the clippings faster when mowed through a mulching blade.
  • Your lawn will look more impressive with its healthy grass because of the nutrients it gets from the clippings. You don’t need to spend much on tools, fertilizers, and landscape artists. You will finally achieve the perfect lawn you have been dreaming to show off to your friends during barbecue weekends.

When you buy mulching blades, you are guaranteed with the quality of the product. May it be a local or an international brand, you are sure that the steel used is of good quality.

It is because these companies have been in the industry for half a century and they keep a good reputation in the world of manufacturing.

Your Mulching Blade Buying Criteria

Best Mulching Blade Reviews 2016 – 2017

There are many mulching blades made by different companies all over the world available today. However, Just like any products, you should smartly pick the right mulching blade for your mowing needs. We suggest you review this checklist when you buy your next set:

1) Quality and Warranty – Even when you can afford the most expensive brand, you don’t really need to buy based on the cost. Remember: amount does not equate to quality. Always go for the perfect blend of quality and longevity.

2) Know what fits – If it is possible, try the product first. Make sure that you are buying the right material that would fit the lawn mower that you have. Some local stores agree to visit your place and test their products so grab that opportunity. Not all product testimonies apply to you; you might end up buying a new lawn mower altogether!

3) Never mix blades -Choose just one type of mowing blade; never experiment. This is not like animal breeding, wherein you can interbreed with other species. If you prefer mulching blades, stick to them. Leave the testing to the scientists. Using a high lift blade and a mulching blade at the same time in one rider may end up with you getting an injury… and an uncut lawn.

4) Always ask for specs – It is very important for you to see the specific measurements of the blades, particularly the slot. Check the length, width, thickness, holes, and the number of the model series. You might end up regretting your find. That is also a waste of time and effort on your end.

5) Trust one Supplier – Of course, it will not last a lifetime, so make sure that the supplier is well-stocked. This way, you only have one manufacturer to go to when you need to replenish.

You also do not have to worry jumping from one deal to another. Some manufacturers offer discounts to patrons. Never miss that chance.

Before you buy the best mulch lawn mower, read this article again and reconsider your decision. We may have shuffled your own list, but at least you know which ones are considered best buys – and that’s according to amateurs and experts. Make your DIY lawn mowing experience a hobby instead of an obligation; use the best mulcher lawn mower.

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The strongest is always the best mulching mower. When it comes to quality, durability and cost, there is no doubt that MaxPower 331713X Heavy Duty Mulching Blade indeed is the most impressive of the five listed. It delivers what it promises to give to its users.

Why buy a lot when you only need one blade to do the job? MaxPower Commercial Mulching Blade cuts grass with precision and mulches clippings that would be beneficial to your grass and your soil. Its thickness and strength are enough testimony of how heavy duty this brand is.

Also remember that with the MaxPower Commercial Mulching blade, you do not need to adjust the blade as it balances perfectly on the slot. Even when it is heavier than the rest, it gives the best results.

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