Best Rated Car Wax & Polish Reviews 2017 – 2018

There is no better duo in keeping your car at the top of its game than the combination of car wax and car polish.

Car polish, in its own right, keeps your vehicle from having irregular bumps and dirt by cleaning it through abrasive actions. This maximizes the shine from your vehicle by ensuring a smooth surface for light reflection. Car wax, on the other hand, protects the paintworks from any harmful elements that might cause scratches, oxidation, and swirl.

These two products work hand-in-hand by ensuring that the shine you get from a car polish will be retained for periods through the protection offered by the wax. This article will discuss several brands of car wax and car polish you need to try in order to have the best output that will make you go back for more.

This will also discuss the major considerations you need to understand in order to choose for the brand of auto wax and polish you will patronize in the long run. Some of these factors will not only save you money, but will also give you the capability to tailor-fit the specifications you will demand from your product.

Finally, the article will give you an insight on what you need to remember before attempting to do the application of the car polish and car wax on your own. Observing the proper steps and procedures in applying it to your vehicle’s paint job is as equally crucial to the overall output of the products as having the best car wax and best car polish in the market.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish (4.5 / 5)
584+ Reviews
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Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax (4.7 / 5)
810+ Reviews
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Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax (4.5 / 5)
677+ Reviews
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Mothers Reflections Car Wax (4.6 / 5)
103+ Reviews
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Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish (4.8 / 5)
843+ Reviews
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Best Rated Car Wax & Polish Reviews

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

Termed as “The-Once-A-Year Car Polish,” Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish boasts of its two major qualities: first, the formulation does not contain any wax at all, and second, it has one of the cheapest retail values in the car polish market.

Nu Finish’s top rated car polish does not employ any wax in its formulation. It uses a series of cross-linking polymer emulsions that help it produce abrasions that are effective in just a few applications. Other than its hi-tech formulation, the fact that it doesn’t use wax makes it not prone to the problems of usual car polish of not being able to withstand the extremes of temperatures and conditions.

The product can also be applied gently without any heavy rubbing or buffing. You will only need a small amount of it applied to the vehicle’s exterior with a cloth, and the formulation will work its own magic.

Users reviewed the 4.5 product because of its availability and affordability in the market, saying that this provided them with a smooth finish than the other known brands. The product, according to them, lasted for about 30 or more days even during the winter time without faltering. They also noted of its easy removal and its 30-day money back guarantee, ensuring the consumers that Nu finish car polish will give them the longer lasting shine than the usual.

If you are entering the market of car polish for a try, the affordable and ever-reliable Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish should be at the top of your list. The car polish brand never made it to the top of the rank in leading consumer’s magazine for nothing.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax provides a car wax finish providing synthetic protection, durability, depth of color, and reflectivity in just one step application.

The popular auto wax uses the brand’s ThinFilm technology providing for an ease in application and removal even under the intense heat of the sun. This also gives the material extended protection and amplified reflectivity, without leaving any white residues on the plastic materials of the vehicles. The product also employs Hydrophobic Polymer Technology, increasing surface tension for dirt and roadside elements and making it highly resistive to water. With this, you will never have to worry about the wet-look finish the product will surely bring you, as it will also enhance the color and depth of the vehicle’s paint, providing a more holistic car care.

The 4.7 product is noted by consumers and users to its durability and affordability. At a cost that’s surely worth its features, you will have a top rated car wax that offers the same shine as the more expensive brands – but can last up to two weeks longer. It gives equal quality treatment to cars of different ages and models, and vehicles of different color. The final result left the users with a finish that is comparable to most professional car waxing.

With its very affordable cost, the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax provides more than what a typical car wax can do. The product’s cutting edge technology gives the users additional margin to do what they want wherever they will be, without the pain of having to reapply over and over again.

Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

Who says that oil-based auto wax is inferior to the synthetic ones? Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax says otherwise. The carnauba-based wax provides an exceptional, deep-wet look without compromising its premium level of protection.

The special blending of Carnauba, polymers and resins give your vehicle that wet look in an easy-to-remove formulation. The car wax derives its name from its butter-like texture that makes it easier to melt in your paintwork. With it, you are sure that it will stick to your vehicle after application thereby providing long-lasting protection against bird droppings, road tar, UV solar rays, and water spots.

The Butter Wet Wax can be applied by hand or machine. It is coupled by the wax’s easiness to apply and remove, which makes it more ergonomic than the other brands.

Users have to say that the 4.6-rated auto wax is easy to apply and wipe off. It also renders a service that will make your vehicle look like ‘it came off a showroom floor.’  Other than being affordable, the product also helps you save on costs by having a thick formulation – one bottle should be enough to cover 20-30 mid-size vehicles. Users of vehicles of varying model from 2007 Nissan 3507 to BMW even recommended the product for producing thick, wet-like finish suitable for the surfaces of their cars.

Chemical Guys’ renowned brand produced yet another masterpiece in its Butter Wet Wax, giving the consumers an option to try a unique, ever-excellent product that will surely not hurt their pockets from purchase until the car wax’s last drop.

Mothers Reflections Car Wax

The Mothers Reflections Car Wax is created specifically for detailers who are highly particular with details. The car wax uses surface enhancement technologies to further raise the product’s eminence in the auto wax domain.

The genius of Mothers produces protection greater than other cheaper car wax products in the market. With its latest liquid polymer technology, Reflections Car Wax sticks to your paint for long thereby giving your vehicle that shiny, wet-look coating for months. The synthetic polymer puts the enthusiasts on top of its consideration; thus, Mothers recommend that the Reflections products (Car Wax, Top Coat) be used in conjunction with each other, putting the latter on top of the former for best results.

Its strength involves its economy of use – needing only a thin portion of the car wax for it to produce desirable output. The 4.8-rated premium car wax thus, albeit expensive, gives the users some significant savings in the long run. They also noted that the product offers deeper finish and more wet-looking coating than any other synthetic options in the market. To add to that, the product is relatively easier to apply – users do not have to buff and press hard enough to produce the results that they wanted.

Mothers Reflections Car Wax never failed the standards of the brand that made it known for years. The product being pricey might scare you at first, but looking at the specifications and capabilities of this high end car wax, it is all worth it.

Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish

Finally, we have a product that will surely shock users and patrons of other market car wax products out there. Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish protects your vehicle like how it is supposed to protect firetrucks, boats, and even airplanes. The $26-product entails with it unique characteristics which made it controversial and highly elusive.

The top car polish is noted for its one-time application only. Yes, it lasts for so long you need not to replace it after one application. Other than its resilience, it highly insulates the vehicle from external elements that will deem harmful to the paint job. It is known that about 25 layers of the Auto Polish/Finish will make the vehicle resistant from chips. It is also highly hydrophobic, that not even paint can stick with it. The gloss of the product as a result of its glass-like texture is exceptional, albeit application should be well taken care of in order to prevent swirls.

The Liquid Glass is also ergonomic, as you do not really have to take some effort in applying the car polish to your vehicle. You will only need to spread it with a cotton cloth, and then buff it with just the right amount of effort needed. Note however that you should do the process under the sun, as the peculiar product demands it to be ‘baked’ under the sun for about 4 hours or so.

Users are intrigued by it, saying that the 4.8-rated auto wax/polish is highly durable. They also remarked its ease of use, saying that they can apply and remove it just about in any conditions of the environment. They also said that they never had any problems with residues that typical products usually have as a by-product.

The initial cost of Liquid Glass Ultimate Auto Polish/Finish makes it a reason to not be your first choice. Will the cost hinder you from getting a product that is durable, resilient, and produces a glasslike appearance which, to top it all, will never demand any replacement? You decide.

Car Wax and Polish Buying Guide

It is not really difficult to select among the multitudes of products out there the best among the rest. Users just need to have a critical mind in determining which ones to patronize despite the continuous entry of newer and more high-tech products. In order to be critical, you need to keep in mind several considerations that shall help you tailor-fit your item according to what you really want for your vehicle. The next section will guide you from having a smart choice regarding your next purchase of car wax and polish, and the steps you need to undertake in order to maximize the potentials of the product you will have.

Types of Car Wax

  • Natural Carnauba Wax – This type is a naturally-occurring wax derived from leaves of a palm tree from Brazil. This is ideal for vehicles that have a darker color, as the car wax gives a deep shine to its car paint. One should take note; however, that natural car wax only lasts for weeks. It cannot withstand extreme conditions, which makes it cheaper than the synthetic variables. It is best utilized for short-term usage only.
  • Synthetic Wax – This is a variety that uses polymers that can bond to the paint. Synthetic wax can last to up to 12 months depending on the brand, and can withstand harsh external environment. However, the shine it provides cannot be compared to the shine that a natural wax can produce. The durability of the synthetic car wax makes it more preferable to consumers and showroom managers who want extreme protection to their vehicles.

Types of Car Polish

  • Heavy Cut Polish – Heavy cut polish are designed to remove surface materials quickly. This is used for paints that have been exposed to sand abrasives, acid rains, or heavy scratching. Due to the aggressive nature of the product, this automotive polish leaves behind small scratches on its own, which will need further finishing polish. It should, however, be used cautiously.
  • Medium Cut Polish – This type of automotive polish is used for light to medium scratches from the surface of your car. The product uses robust, precision-milled abrasives to cut thin layers of paint. It is also used to remove normal washing, drying, and wear & tear.
  • Light Cut/Finishing Polish – Light cut polish is used for light swirls and scratches. It is also used to neutralize the effects of the heavy cut automotive polish and to bring back the shine from the paint after considerable time.
  • Paint Cleansers – This type of polish uses chemical abrasives instead of the usual mechanical ones. Users can opt to have this automotive polish to remove oxidations, wax and sealants.

Major Considerations

It is best to know first your primary considerations in buying your next car wax and polish. You might be tempted to buy the most affordable brand or product, or you might be lured to purchase the ones with too many specs on its label, but you should keep in mind what you really need first according to the list provide below, so you will never have any regrets in any of your future patronage.

  • Usage of the Car – In order to determine your next best wax for car, you need to know first the purpose of your car or the travel load it undergoes. If you are using your car under on a longer period, exposing it to the harsh elements of the roadside, you might want to invest on your wax and polish. Some more expensive wax and polish helps your vehicle paint from retaining scratches and dirt and keep it from being exposed ever again. If you are using the car for shorter periods of time, or are using it for leisure, some low-end, budget wax will suffice. You will only need to protect it from light exposures to harmful elements. If you are using the vehicle for a road show or for the showroom, you might need a light cut polish for any possible light swirls, but more high-end wax for extreme shine. By determining the purpose and usage of your vehicle, you’ll get to have a product that should be worth your every penny.
  • Material of the Vehicle/Paint – some materials might not be compatible with the composition of your wax and automotive polish. If you are dealing with a highly sensitive paint, you need to use finishing or medium polish only. If the paint has a thicker sheet, which can make scratches visible, you will need heavy cut polish. For vehicles with observable oxidations, it is best to use chemical-based paint cleansers.
  • Budget – considering your budget does not mean opting for the cheapest car wax or polish out there. It simply means that you need to weigh in other factors before opting for that extra cost. If you are operating on a very tight budget, you obviously have to choose the cheapest ones that shall answer your immediate demand. If you have enough money, you should keep track of the additional features each product is getting as it gets more expensive. One product might have the same features as its more expensive counterparts, so always observe and be smart in purchasing.
  • Wax-Polish Combination – If you are to buy a car wax, you should see to it that the product goes well with your car polish, and vice versa. This will ensure that your car paint gets its maximum shine through the proper combination of the two mentioned. Most wax and polish products of the same brand line go well with each other, but it does not have to be that way all the time. The products have to do well with each other or otherwise, you’ll have an undesirable finish.

DIY Tips

Having the best car wax or the best car polish is not enough to keep your car paint at the top of its game. The preparation and application of the product to the affected surface should be taken with care as this is a crucial step in determining the output or finish of the entire process. Here are some of the DIY steps and tips you need to remember if you are to do it on the comfort of your own garage instead of bringing it to the retailer.

  • Make sure that the vehicle has been washed all over, and dried. Before applying any car wax or polish, you need to keep the vehicle first from any agent that might render the polishing/waxing process useless, and that involves even the cleaning water used.
  • Some brands demand specific types/brand of applicator pad. You have to keep track of the instructions on the container of the car wax or polish, as the specified type of applicator is crucial to maximizing the potential of the product.
  • Apply the car polish and car wax evenly to the concerned surface. Take care of the direction of your application, as some products like Liquid Glass produces undesirable output when applied to the vehicle in a circular, spiraling manner. It is best to apply the product in a unitary direction.
  • Take your time to stop and rinse off the foam pad when using a polishing wheel. This will prevent accumulation of compounds. Take note as well that the outer portion of your polishing wheel should be applied with enough automotive polish as these portions of the wheel generate more friction than the center – thus, might create scratches to areas of your surface if not given proper attention.


Your car deserves the best car wax and polish in the market. The harsh conditions on the road make your paint job dull and lackluster; in order to prevent it from keeping any scratch, swirls or oxidations, you have to determine first the extent of the damage, and then apply the appropriate type of automotive polish and car wax.

The wax and the polish serve the same purpose as the makeup products to the human face. The preparation, application and maintenance are equally as important to the success of the output and finish as the brand of the product itself. Keeping an eye on the welfare of your paint job manifests how you want it to look in public, and how you want to protect it in the long run.

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