Best RV Air Conditioner Reviews 2017 – 2018

The best RV air conditioner will be able to keep you cool and refreshed even through a hot summer’s day. Unlike other types of portable air conditioner, an RV air conditioner is specially built for an RV and is usually installed on the RV’s ceiling. Because of the high demand for the best RV air conditioner, many manufacturers created their own versions

Admit it; even though you have your mind set on your fun trip, there are times when summer is simply too hot for you. When you would be driving an RV for hours through miles and miles of land while the sun is bright and the air is humid, you need to ensure that your RV’s air conditioner works well so you and your family can travel comfortably. Check this article for a list of RV air conditioners available today.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
 Dometic Brisk II (4.3 / 5)
121+ Reviews
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Coleman-Mach-Power-Saver-Roof (4.4 / 5)
11+ Reviews
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TurboKool Evaporative (3.8 / 5)
13+ Reviews
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ICON Brisk Dometic (4.6 / 5)
98+ Reviews
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Maxxair 00 325001 (4.8 / 5)
119+ Reviews
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Best RV Air Conditioner Reviews

Dometic Brisk II Polar White Air Conditioner B59516.XX1C0 (15,000 BTU 410A)

If you are looking for the best RV air conditioner that is compact, lightweight and environment-friendly, the Dometic Brisk II will work for you. It is made with high-quality materials and has an innovative design that allows it to make the most of the air flow for a better performance. This air conditioner gives you an airflow increase of 15% so you can be sure that you and your family will be comfortable as you travel together. It is also lighter by 19% compared to other RV air conditioners and is known as the smallest available RV air conditioner today.

It is very easy to install because it is compatible with standard air vents. It also gives you a ducted or non-ducted option so you can choose which one works for you. The Dometic Brisk II is built to have a stronger base for better durability so it is sure to last for a long time. It is compatible with most Dometic accessories like the Dometic Comfort Control Center thermostat or the Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat, which is both sold separately.

You can choose from two colors, black and polar white, so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting your RV’s interior. It also comes with a two-year protection plus warranty so you can have peace of mind that you are not going to waste your money with this product.

Coleman Mach III Power Saver RV Roof AC (13.5k BTU)

This is the best RV air conditioner when it comes to big RVs because it offers better cooling compared to other air conditioners with 13,500 BTU.  It is also great for traveling during extreme heat conditions or if you are planning to go through the desert as it works perfectly in this condition. Coleman is a well-known company when it comes to different camping products, and the Mach III Power Saver is another one of their great products.

This RV air conditioner uses less power so you can have more electricity to use with your other appliances. This is great because you don’t have to worry too much about charging your batteries often or bringing a lot of spare batteries. The Coleman Mach III is a great choice for those who are looking for an RV air conditioner that is sturdy and durable. It is made from high-quality materials, which Coleman is well-known for.

Although it offers better cooling than other air conditioners, it is still made to be environment-friendly. It has a simple design that will blend well with any RV’s interior décor and it comes in a beautiful white color. If you are still unsatisfied about Coleman’s popularity and fame, you can rely on the two-year warranty that comes with your purchase to make sure that you are getting a quality product.

TurboKool RV Motorhome Battery Evaporative Swamp Air Conditioning Cooler (12-Volt)

If you are very much into dry camping, you’d think of the TurboKool Evaporative Air Conditioning as the best RV air conditioner for you. This is a 12-volt Swamp Cooler that can be powered by either battery or solar energy. It’s also great to use during summer because it can transform the stuffy, dirty and humid air to cool air that you and your family can enjoy. The built-in spin spray pump is responsible for spraying water into the system’s foam filter.

 The TurboKool Evaporative Air Conditioner comes in medium size and is able to fit over the standard size opening of an RV’s roof vent. Perfect for extreme heat, this air conditioner promises a temperature reduction of up to 30 degrees. Although it is made from high-quality materials, this air conditioner is lightweight weighing only 16 pounds. You don’t have to worry about having a power source of 110 volts if you install this in your RV.

It works wells with all types of RVs, Pick-ups, Trailers and other types of vehicles. This is known to be the best choice for Americans when it comes to swamp coolers. If the weather is cool enough, you can use its reversible fan feature to use it as an exhaust fan. The TurboKool Evaporative Air Conditioner is made to be quiet and eco-friendly. It is also very easy to install so you can expect that you won’t encounter any problems through installation.

ICON Brisk Air Dometic Duo Therm RV Air Conditioner Shroud (Old Style)

This air conditioner is built to last and is considered as one of the sturdiest, most durable RV air conditioner made today. Built by Dometic, this is the best RV air conditioner if you are looking for a long lasting product that you can use for your road trips. It can easily be the best product that you can choose to upgrade your old Dometic air conditioner as it is made with the same size.

 The Icon Brisk Air Duo Therm RV Air Conditioner is made with high-quality, UV resistant materials that are known to be stronger and thicker than other types of materials. This RV air conditioner is sure to give you a total peace of mind that you can enjoy all of your trips. You don’t have to worry about your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of the desert because of unknown reasons.

If you do experience some inconvenience and flaw in the product, you are sure to be able to rely on its lifetime warranty for replacement or repair. If you own an old BriskAir air conditioner for your old RV, this can be a replacement as it easily fits into the old installation. Purchase Icon Brisk Air Duo Therm and you will be able to keep your family safe and worry free during long trips.

Maxxair Tuff/Maxx AC Replacement Shroud 00-325001

This is a great replacement cover for the best RV air conditioner installed in your vehicle. The MaxxAir 00-325001 Tuff/Maxx is great for replacing the air conditioner covers of products made by Coleman.  It is made to fit 11,000, 13,500 and 15,000 BTU models from Mach 1 to 15. This cover is made tough by high-density polyethylene materials that are UV resistant so you can use it longer under the sun. You don’t have to worry about your RV air conditioner not looking like the original one when you buy this replacement as it looks exactly like the original cover.

It is built with a protective back intake grill that makes sure the condenser coils are damage-free. It also has a unique front design that can deflect branches or other hazardous obstacles you may encounter on the road. The MaxxAir 00-325001 Tuff/Maxx has an integrated rear fin guard for added protection. It is made with high-quality, tough materials so you can be sure that it is strong and durable enough for long trips.

Because of its popularity, some people buy one or two of the MaxxAir 00-325001 Tuff/Maxx along with their Coleman RV air conditioner purchase for security. It is also protected by a separate lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about factory defects or manufacturing damages that you might find later on.

The Best RV Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Why Do You Need an RV Air Conditioner?

Traveling with your family on a road or a camping trip can be fun and memorable. It is a great way to bond with your children while you and your partner relax and have a good time. These trips are usually done during summer when the sun is up and the weather is pleasant. Summer is also the perfect season for a beach trip. However, there is only one problem that anyone can think of—the extreme heat.

This is where the best RV air conditioner comes into place. It can relieve you and your family of the extreme heat in an instant. Most RV air conditioners can handle overnight use without losing its battery charge.

Types of RV air Conditioner

  • Non-Ducted Units – This is the simplest type of RV air conditioners and is usually installed through a hole in the roof of the vehicle. However, most of the latest models are made to fit through already existing vents of an RV. This type of air conditioner includes a condenser, compressor and a blower that are enclosed in a casing that sits on top of the RV. This comes with a control that is installed inside the RV. Non-ducted air conditioners carry cold air from its control unit and have vents that can be used to direct the air in different directions.
  • Ducted Unit – This is another type of RV air conditioner that is common nowadays. The ducted types are also enclosed in a casing that is then bolted on top of the RV but it does not come with a control unit. This type gives you more room inside the RV because of the lack of bulky control units. The cool air is passed on to a duct system which runs through the walls or ceilings of the RV. You can choose to install multiple ducted air conditioners to cool different parts of the RV.

Things to Consider Before Buying an RV Air Conditioner

  • Measure its Power by BTUs – An RV air conditioner depends on its British thermal unit specifications to know its power. The standard RV air conditioner models have 13,500 BTU, which translates to a good amount of power. If you are a camper that likes to go on trips during summer to hot places, you may want to opt for an RV air conditioner with a higher BTU. A higher BTU air conditioner is also advisable for those who own larger RVs.
  • Size – There are smaller types of RV air conditioners that use smaller amounts of electricity as well as consume less fuel compared to bigger ones. It is good to consider the size of an RV air conditioner because you might want to calculate how much money you are going to spend on fuel during long trips. If you go on trips on a tight budget, you might want to buy a smaller or “low profile” air conditioner to save money on gas. However, if you choose to be comfortable and you have a budget for gas, you can choose a bigger profile to install in your RV. You can also take a look at the size of your vehicle so you can get the best RV air conditioner that fits it.
  • Dual Use – If you are the type of person who travels for a living or if you live in a motor home, you might want to consider buying an air conditioner with a heat pump. There are four seasons and not all of them are hot. When the temperature drops, you best be ready with your heating system to keep you warm through those winter nights. To make the most out of the best RV air conditioner that you purchased, you can buy a separate heat pump which turns it into a heating machine. It’s a good thing to know that heat pumps are sold separately.
  • Brand – RVs have been around for a long time and most of them are built by well-known manufacturers that also make other camping products. This is the reason why some people’s decisions are affected by the brand. You should know that RV air conditioners that were built by well-known brands have their own integrated advantages compared to the competition. A good example is the aftermarket and replacement parts that are available for these products. Coleman is the most popular product manufacturer when it comes to anything related to camping.
  • Maintenance and Installation – Just like when you are purchasing any kind of appliance, you have to consider how you are going to install it first. Most RV air conditioners are very easy to install so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for a professional. However, if you are absolutely clueless on how to install the air conditioner even with the instruction manual, you best consult someone who is well-experienced. Any type of repair can cost you a lot of money so you want to make sure that you have an air conditioner that is easy to maintain to avoid damage. The best RV air conditioners are made to be easily maintained so you can do it yourself without having to pay or hire anyone else.


In summation, everyone needs the best RV air conditioner to rely on during long trips. Although you may not use these air conditioners 24/7, it’s good that you have the option to turn them on through uncomfortable heat. When you have to travel for hours under the heat and humid air, you need to make sure your RV air conditioner is always turned on and working well. The best RV air conditioner will keep you cool and refreshed through a hot summer’s day.

When buying your first ever RV air conditioner, it’s best to make sure that you do enough research so you get the product that suits your needs. You should take a look at the installation and maintenance guide that comes with your product. Any type of repair can cost a lot of money so make sure that you have an air conditioner that is easy to maintain and does not get damaged easily.