Best Tire Dressing Reviews 2017 – 2018

Tire dressing, also known as tire shine, prevents the wheel from being worn out by road elements such as road tar, dirt, grime, break dust, and even ultraviolet radiation. It also gives the wheels the newly purchased look.

Wheels also deserved to be maintained not just for the sake of its looks but for its performance as well. It is recommended that the tires be replaced after six years no matter how much the owner had used it. In order to shield the tire rubber, it is advised to choose the best tire shine product in the market as it is a determinant how long the tires will last before needing replacement.

Applying tire shine can best be done by the local auto detailer, but it can also be done at the garage by the owner. This article will provide the steps in order to effectively put on the tire dressing.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Aeroso (4.2 / 5)
157+ Reviews
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Meguiar’s Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating (4.5 / 5)
215+ Reviews
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TriNova Tire Shine Spray (4.7 / 5)
145+ Reviews
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Griot’s Garage Long Lasting Tire Dressing (4.3 / 5)
59+ Reviews
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Turtle Wax Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit (4.3 / 5)
223+ Reviews
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Best Tire Dressing Reviews

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Aerosol

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Aerosol is a quality tire shine that’s not as expensive as the high-end tire shine in the market. At its market price of about five dollars, Extreme Tire Shine gives the user with a product specification you will expect from expensive tire cleaners.

This protects the wheel from harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading. It is also fortified with the brand’s Armor All® gloss enhancers furnishing the blackness and shine that is preferred by detailers and show car owners for their high-end tires. The tire shine product also boasts of a precision applicator to evenly spread the product where the wheel needs it most. Related to this feature is its easiness to apply – you will not need to wipe it any further as it sticks to the wheel instantly.

The 4.3-rated product is noted by the users as a cheap alternative to the expensive quality products they are using for the past years. Although it will not provide the ultra-greasy look than some more expensive products, it will give the wheels that new-tire looking effect that will surely be neat and pleasing to the eyes at all times. Although it features a quick-dry formulation and precision applicator, users should be wary, according to the reviewers, in doing a DIY application. If not properly executed, the product may leave stains in the driveway or residual droplets will stain the concrete.

Overall, the Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Aerosol is a quality product that should be noteworthy of its competitive price in the market.

Meguiar’s Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating

When it comes to the best tire shine product, Meguiar’s Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating is at the frontline. The famous tire shine spray delivers long-lasting shine without the mess and overspray of a typical product.

Even in a rainy condition, the Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating provides the wheels with black and glossy look that lasts for weeks due to its water-resistant polymers combined with antiozonant technology (UV inhibitors). Simply applying the tire shine product will be keeping the tire young and resilient, protecting the wheels from the effects of neglect.

The tire protectant also features a patent-pending adjustable width spray nozzle which helps the detailer do a clean job by providing him with the prerogative to modify the reach of the product according to the girth of the tires. Basically, Hot Shine prevents the user from having drips, runs, or overspray which will not only be critical to the wheel but to the driveway as well.

Users rated the product as a 4.5, noting that Meguiar’s Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating is easier to apply and will not leave any mess behind. It gives the wheels that brand-new, deep-black look and will leave it that way for weeks, which is a long period for a typical tire shine. However, it is best for it to be applied hours after a car wash as the water drips will render the tire shine ineffective.

If you expect weeks of gloss and protection with just one application, Meguiar’s Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Coating is the best tire shine to go.

TriNova Tire Shine Spray

If you are looking for a tire dressing that also functions as a tire cleaner, then you have TriNova’s Tire Shine Spray. The tire shine spray brings with it exceptional features that not only protect your car, but gives it the professional, sleek look that will prove its market value worth it.

TriNova Tire Shine Spray provides the high-end tires with advanced coating and protection, preventing it from other deteriorating signs of aging, making it perfect for use on wheels of heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and performance motors. Imagine what it can do to the other medium-use vehicles. The tire cleaner also gives the wheel the ability to repel dirt, residues and any damaging externalities which might be problematic to the longevity of the wheel itself. With this, you should not worry about any water spots and salt stains which make unprotected cars look dirty.

Other than cleaning the tire and giving additional defense, it also provides a realistic shine by bringing back the moisture of the rubber with one application. Thus, it has a reasonable ground to become the best tire cleaner in the market by providing a long period of shine than the other cheaper ones out there.

Users rated it as a 4.7, saying that other than being an effective and long lasting tire shine and tire cleaner for their high end tires, they also noticed the products’ cleanliness when it comes to its application. There will be no more dirty driveways especially after using it with a brush applicator.

If you have a little budget allowance for a quality item that will surely have a lot utility and benefits for its additional cost, TriNova is the most reliable one to begin with.

Griot’s Garage Long Lasting Tire Dressing

Meanwhile, if you have an additional amount for a further quality product in the market, you may give Griot’s Garage Long Lasting Tire Dressing a try. The tire dressing is specifically formulated to last tough weather conditions. The thickness of its consistency, other than making it stickier to the wheel than others, causes it less messy than others, which makes for the use of a sponge for a more consistent application.

By using a blue detail sponge, the detailer prevents the tire shine from over spraying, dripping or marking on the driveway or the garage. It has a natural satin finish to the rubber wheel for the first application. Further layers of the tire shine will provide that glossy look similar to the high-end wheels in its brand new condition. Albeit sticky in nature, the Griot’s Garage Long-Lasting Tire Dressing dries fast and will not need longer waiting time than other cheaper alternative.

Aside from being used as a tire shine, this can also be used with the rubber bumpers, black plastic rims, and other plastic and rubber parts of the engine.

Users’ 4.3 review includes its professional-looking mid-gloss finish lasting for a very long time. One even praised it as even better than a normal tire wax.

Griot’s Garage Long Lasting Tire Dressing is the tire dressing to go if  superiority is at the topmost of your priority other than your budget (and the neatness of your hands, too).

Turtle Wax Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit

Concluding the review is the tire shine that is at the farthest end of the cost spectrum – but never anywhere near the bad end of the quality line. The Turtle Wax Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit provides a service that deems its price negligible as it gives the wheel the shine that will be visible for long and the protection from external conditions and elements that will help the user save costs in the long run.

The Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit employs an advanced black-tinted acrylic technology that helps it cover the faded appearance of old, brown tires, and provide 5x longer lasting shine than conventional silicone tire shine products. In addition to that, the technology also provides for an easier maintenance in the future as it creates a protective barrier from road dirt, extreme temperatures, and other external elements which may damage it along the way.

Users rated it with a 4.3 saying that other than its lifespan of about 3 months or more, the Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit is more of a professional kind than the typical ones, with the kit inclusive of a sponge applicator and a pair of plastic gloves. The downside of it is that the detailer will take about an hour or so doing a tedious work on the wheels – but the effort and time will be worth it with the end-product looking more of a showroom wheel than it is before application.

Customers will find Turtle Wax Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit worthy of every dime spent on it, especially for consumers who want a long lasting tire shine than most popular kinds out there.

Tire Dressing Buying Guide

In order to have the best value for your money, several considerations should be taken when looking for the best tire shine product. Here are the types of tire shine or tire dressing products and their differences which the consumers need to take note of, and the major factors in deciding for the product you will be patronizing in the future.

Types of Tire Dressing

  • Water-Based Tire Dressing – Water-based tire shine or tire dressings are the ones that are often in the form of milky-white liquid. These are from combined naturally-occurring oils and synthetic polymers which create more of a satin finish than a greasy output. Also these are noted for being environmentally friendly. Water-based types do not harm the rubber of the wheels in general.
  • Solvent-/Oil-Based Silicone Dressing – Solvent-based silicone dressings are those that are petroleum distillate solvents and are usually in the form of a clear, greasy and sticky liquid. They are also made to be water resistant and are more resilient than water-based tire shine, which makes it more expensive. Recent advancement in sciences made oil-based silicone dressings to be both long-lasting and quick-drying upon application which prevents dirt build up.

Major Considerations

Looking for the best tire shine and the best tire dressing should not be difficult for anybody, if the following factors and considerations are well taken note of. Remember, however, that it is really recommended that you combine several factors in order to arrive at your exact type and brand of product according to your specific needs, so you will never have to constantly change tire shine brands in the future and build patronage:

  • Budget – If you are on a tight budget, you should know by now that it is recommended that you buy water-based tire shine as it will provide similar protection and appearance as the more expensive oil-based tire dressing, but provides a shorter lifespan. If you are not considering financial aspects in choosing your best tire protectant, you might still be interested in keeping note of the additional benefits per cost added to the product. For example, a $20 product might be more expensive than a $15 product just because it was manufactured overseas – yet, they provide the same type of service and function.
  • Customer Reviews – Customer reviews are crucial in that they offer unsolicited, unedited and unbiased opinions about the product. Through reviews, you will also be noted of the various types of vehicles that a particular tire dressing caters to. You will also note how the product actually fares in real life and how long the tire shine will live when exposed to various conditions.
  • Type and Purpose of Vehicle – Some vehicle will need more expensive brands of best tire shine especially when they are for professional purposes, like racing, off-road biking, or for exhibitions. These need the dressing to address external conditions brought about by the nature of the usage of the vehicle which might cause damages to the wheel such as wearing of the tread. However, others might not need too much of it especially when it is for aesthetic purposes or short-term functions only. Thus, the cheaper ones that will provide weeks of shine and protection are recommended.
  • External Conditions – are the road slippery or bumpy? Is the general weather at the moment humid or rainy? These are some of the important considerations when choosing for a tire shine according to the external conditions outside. When the conditions of the road are rough, it is recommended that you choose products that will offer maximum protection such as the oil-based types. Those might be costly at the moment, but in the long run, will be worth the savings brought about by not applying any further layers or by not changing the wheels itself.

DIY Tips

It is best to leave the changing of the tire shine to the local detailer or any professional mechanic. If you fancy doing it yourself, you should, however, observe these DIY tips in order to make a desirable output, as the preparation and proper observance of each step itself is as crucial as the quality of the product in determining the longevity of the effect.

  • Clean the tires as hard as possible. Use stiff bristled brush (SBB) in order to remove dirt that had penetrated the holes and pores of the wheels.
  • Apply degreaser. Prepare anything you need, like a bucket of water, before applying the degreaser during hot days, so the degreaser will not dry up on the rubber.
  • Wash the tires again with soapy water so as to neutralize the effect of degreaser.
  • Allow the tires to dry. Do not put any tire shine yet, especially when you are using water-based tire dressing.
  • Next is to apply the product. Note that you have to dilute the tire shine in water in a 1:1 – 4:1 ratio so it will spray than stream out of the bottle.


Determining the best tire shine is a tedious and cumbersome process. It involves weighing down your needs over the availability and accessibility of the product, among other factors that are essential to maximizing your utility over the product.

However, having the best tire cleaner or the best tire dressing does not guarantee you the success in keeping your wheels ‘healthy’. It has to be the combination of selecting the best brand and type of tire shine and the proper application of it all over the parts that needed it most.

That is why reviews online and in person should be well noted before purchasing the product. It is also best to read reviews such as this article so as to have an extensive knowledge on what tire shine brands and product characteristics to patronize in the future.

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