Best Windshield Wiper Reviews 2016-2017

An unclean windshield can result in poor visibility when driving and can be a real hazard that could eventually cause accidents. Thus, a dependable windshield wiper is a safety feature for every car. You need something that can withstand and do its thing even under heavy rain, the glare of the sun, or even the snow.

Buying the best windshield wipers is not as simple as going to an auto-parts store and picking just anything. There are features to consider that makes the best windshield wiper blades. There are also a lot of choices for these currently available to help find what fits your needs.

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Bosch 26A Icon (4.3 / 5)
4114+ Reviews
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Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid Windshield (4.1 / 5)
650+ Reviews
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Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude Water Repellency (3.8 / 5)
876+ Reviews
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Trico Exact Fit Conventional (4.3 / 5)
72+ Reviews
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Aero OEM Quality All-Season Beam (4.6 / 5)
385+ Reviews
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Best Windshield Wipers Review

Bosch 26A Icon Wiper Blade

The Bosch 26A Icon is a 26-inch wiper blade that is designed with an extreme all-weather performance. It has an exclusive FX dual rubber compound that can resist both heat and ozone deterioration, and remain as flexible in under all weather conditions. Because of this exclusive feature, the Bosch 26A has an increased life; about 40 percent compared to other premium blades, which makes it one of the best wiper blades in some wiper blade reviews.

This Bosch 26A Icon is built to be a do-it-yourself windshield wiper system. It has a weather shield double locking connector to make a quick and one step installation. With its patented beam design, you get an optimized visibility even during extreme weather conditions.

It is also designed to have a flexible asymmetric spoiler design that can effectively distribute downward force along the entire length of the blade. This is to hold the blade firmly to the windshield even at higher speeds. Only the Bosch Icon wiper blades are designed to take the full advantage of the windshield airflow. It is specifically designed to be aerodynamic, not like some other wiper blades that can lift at high speeds; there is nothing to worry about the Bosch 26A in that case.

The Bosch 26A wiper blade also boasts its bracket less design and exclusive enclosed tension spring arcing technology. This creates a custom contoured fit to the curve of the both side of the windshield. This feature of the Bosch 26A Icon can provide a superior wiping performance under any type of weather condition which makes it one of the best winter windshield wipers.

Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade

The Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid has a new Smart Flex design in its 22 inches long wiper blades to make sure that you say goodbye to that annoying streaks, smearing, and squeaking in your windshield wipers, which makes it one of the best-rated windshield wipers. It boasts the exclusive 3-parts Flex design that is specifically engineered to hold the ends of the wiper down. This gives the assurance that it won’t lift up and can still do the work effectively even when subjected under heavy weather conditions.

More than that, the Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid is designed with a sleek aerodynamic cover. This is not like the traditional windshield wipers that are prone to wind lift and clogging. This aerodynamic design is what keeps the Michelin 8022 windshield blade from being clogged with any debris like leaves, ice or even snow.

This is also designed with beam-like style wiper blades, the reason why there’s only too little pressure applied to both the outside and the center of the windshield. The Smart Flex technology of the Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid wiper blades can effectively clean all the surface of the windshield. It can adapt to the curve of the windshield to provide a superior performance.

All the features that were specifically designed with the Michelin 8022 Stealth Hybrid windshield wiper blade make it work as smoothly across the windshield to clean it thoroughly and leave nothing behind. It can do a great job of clearing any water in the windshield which will give you optimum visibility even during heavy rains.

Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blade

Since 1972, Rain-X has been providing products that can give drivers a confident step ahead of whatever Mother Nature brings on the road. They also boast of their original Glass Treatment water beading technology, glass cleaners, and wiper blades. Rain-X has been and is still one of the leading markets in glass care.

As much as the wide portfolios of car care products by the Rain-X, it also produces the top rated windshield wipers with its Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude Water Repellency wiper blade. The Rain-X 5079281-2 water repelling coating formula which the wiper applied into to the windshield and can last for months, a true plus on their side in Bosch Icon vs. Rain x reviews.

It has an improved universal adaptor which is pre-installed makes it even easier to start using it right away. You can install it in your car in just about a few minutes without any kind of a hassle and the Rain-X 5079281-2 wiper blade can fit about 96 percent of any types and brands of vehicles.

With the advanced and modern beam type blade technology of the Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude wiper blade, it can contour to the curve of the windshield of your car. This will make sure you get your smooth windshield through the wiper blades streak-free method of wiping.

This Rain-X wiper blade model is also designed to have a synthetic blend type of rubber squeegee that has an ultimate all-weather performance. The Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude wiper blade can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. It can deliver a longer-lasting and excellent wipe performance to give you a clear view of where you are going.

The aerodynamic spoiler design of the Rain-X 5079281-2 Latitude wiper blades is what makes Rain-X one of the best wiper blade brands in the market. It provides you both noise and wind lift reduction. This wiper blade gives a smooth and quiet wipe on the windshield and prevents any wind lift even in high speed.

Trico Exact Fit Conventional Wiper Blade

Trico is a well-known brand in creating the first in the industry of windshield wiper technology innovations all over the world as a maker of top windshield wipers. They have been considered to be a leader in manufacturing wiper blades that can protect more drivers in North America than any other wiper manufacturers.

They have created a wide array of wiper blade styles to fit every driver’s needs. They can offer everything from hybrid wiper blades, beam blades, conventional wipers to specialty blades. With the Trico’s varied wiper blade styles, lengths, and wiper arm types, it provides good wiper coverage.

One of their best-rated windshield wipers is the Trico Exact Fit Conventional wiper blade. It is a 16 inches long wiper blade with an easy and quick one-step installation with a blade receptor that precisely matches every vehicle’s specific wiper arm. This Trico Exact Fit wiper blade refill is specifically manufactured to precisely fit into the original equipment wiper assembly. You can install it by yourself in just a few seconds.

With the Trico’s advanced wiping technology, this conventional wiper blade model is built to be a long-lasting blade with an exceptional wiping performance.

Aero OEM Quality All-Season Beam Wiper Blade

This Aero wiper blade product is designed to provide all the quality and durability in a windshield wiper blade which makes it one of the best wiper blade brands. It is already an all-season windshield wiper blade that is specifically designed to withstand any weather condition. With the Aero OEM Quality All-Season Beam wiper blade, there is no need to purchase another blade for snow or summer seasons; it is basically an all-season wiper blade.

This Aero wiper blade also boasts its OEM quality which makes the fitment in the installation and replacement of the blades guaranteed. Aero Beam wiper blades are created with durable materials to offer a much longer product life, more than the other basic wiper blades. It is designed with a specially-blended kind of rubber that can effectively deliver smooth, chatter-free, and streak-free wipe over your windshield.

The Aero OEM Quality Beam wiper blade has the features you need from the best wiper blades for winter. It has a frameless beam design that is effective in preventing any snow and ice buildup. Its flexible spine design also makes it fit into the windshield and provide superior windshield contact like no other.

With its Aerodynamic design, the Aero OEM Quality All-Season Beam wiper blade can reduce the noise and wind lift at the same time.

Types of Windshield Wipers

In choosing for good windshield wipers, it is important to know the types of wiper blades available. This will help you identify what is the precise one to fit your needs.

  • Conventional Wiper Blades – The conventional wiper blades are the most common design available in the market. It has a replaceable rubber blade that can fit into the frame assembly or bridge which has a spring tension.

Most of these have a metal spine that helps in supporting that rubber element and runs along the ribs of the blade’s contact points.

  • Winter Wipers – The winter wiper blades are basically a substantial upgrade of the basic kind, which can function effectively during the winter weather. It boasts of the traditional blade but is now encased in a rubber shell for protection. This feature lets the wiper framework remain ice-free and snow-free during winter.

Although winter wiper blades are quite unappealing than a regular one, it is a more conventional windshield wiper for this type of season and can get the tough job during winter weather done as effectively as you need it.

  • Beam Wiper Blades – The beam wiper blades are the opposite of the conventional wiper blades. It doesn’t have any external frames. Instead, it has a spring steel that is incorporated into the rubber. Because of this, the beam wiper blades can provide a more even pressure, especially on curved windshields for better wiping performance.

Beam wiper blades have become more popular these days. It is also commonly called the bracket-less windshield wiper blades. Although they can be more expensive compared to the conventional types, it has innovative features to work just as well and even more than compared to the typical ones.

Beam wiper blades have a lower profile than most types which makes it more out of the view. This kind is also designed to provide an all-weather performance.

Shapes and Styles of Windshield Wiper Blades

Aside from the types of windshield wiper blades to consider when buying one, there are other features of wiper blades to consider. Windscreen wipers are created to look differently than the others. These different shapes and styles of the wiper blades are specifically designed to perform on a different shape of windscreens. The wiper shapes and styles also depend on the arrangement of the wipers.

  • Standard Wiper Blades – The standard wiper blade or most commonly called the conventional blade has a curved blade feature. It is also designed with a triangular metal arm or frame where the wiper blade runs almost into the entire length of the frame. There are several attachments that firmly hold the blade in the frame.

On the driver’s side wiper blade, it features a spoiler which keeps the blade firmly into the windshield.

  • Flat Wiper Blades – The flat wiper blade is considered the more modern wiper blade style. It is designed without a metal frame inside the rubber which makes it a little extra smaller than the standard wiper blades. Because of this, it adheres into the windshield better and is less affected by wind pressure, thus, reducing any wind lift.

There are also some versions of the flat blade or what are commonly called the retrofit flat blades. They are designed to work with vehicles that are built to have standard wiper blades.

  • Hybrid Style Wiper Blades – The hybrid wiper blades are considered the latest style. It is designed to be a combination of the reliable performance a conventional wiper blade can offer and the flat wiper blade’s aerodynamic properties. It is also designed to fit just as precisely as the original wiper blade equipment of most cars.

This hybrid wiper blade design also features an integrated linked spoiler which runs along the whole length of the blade. This is to produce a smooth and chatter-free wiping action against the windshield and to also give the blade a longer performance life.

  • Multi-Fit Flat Wiper Blade – From the flat style wiper blades, there are also the multi-fit flat wiper blades available. It is the kind of wiper blade that comes with a complete range of adaptors which is usually pre-fitted to the blade.

Choosing the Type of Wiper Blade Materials

There are a lot of types a wiper blade is made up of. The most important feature to consider in choosing a wiper blade material is to have something that can effectively remove every molecule of dirt and water but should not scratch the glass.

  • Latex Rubber – The latex rubber is the standard and original material used in manufacturing wiper blades. This type of rubber can perform really well but is still relatively inexpensive. However, latex rubber often squeaks a little in some instances and this noise can be quite a bother for some picky users.
  • Silicone Rubber – The best silicone wiper blades is a much modern development that is designed to be more resistant to extreme weather conditions such as freezing temperature and direct sunlight. However, silicone doesn’t have the same long life as the latex rubber and can somehow be quite expensive.
  • Graphite – Graphite wiper blades are basically made using the regular rubber; however, it is coated with graphite. With the graphite coat on the rubber, this gives the rubber a smooth glide across the glass windshield to reduce the friction and the noise. The graphite also plays a great role as a rubber protection from deterioration and damage.

What to Consider When Buying Wiper Blades

When choosing a windshield wiper blade, it is important to ask what are the best windshield wipers have. Its dependability to do its work under any weather condition should be ensured. It has to have an excellent performance when new. Plenty of windshield wiper blades can do an outstanding job, so, perfection should be a quality to look for when the wiper blade is brand new.

When buying a wiper blade, it should be tested at first. Some new car models have greater windshield curvatures that some wiper blades can’t adhere to. Testing it before actually buying the wiper blades will make sure that you get what’s right for you which means has a consistent contact with the windshield of your car and won’t result in any missed areas that can cause poor visibility.

Another important point to consider when buying wiper blades is the connectors. It should fit into your vehicle. The most common type is the hook-style connectors but you can also find wiper blades with pins, bayonet mounts, or pinch-tabs.


A wiper blade should do its work effectively for at least 6 months. Although there are some wiper blades that can last longer, most can wear out after this range of time. However, it should excellently serve its purpose for its minimum designed time, something that is the best wiper blades for the money.

The beam type wiper blade has the most innovated features you can ask for in a wiper blade, however, other blade types can work just as well. In buying a windshield wiper blade for your vehicle, the most important thing to consider is to know what exactly it is the type your vehicle needs. This includes finding the fit, the shape and style, and the material used for your windshield wiper blade.

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