Best Wood Router Reviews 2017 – 2018

Woodworking is the act of constructing items and structure using wood. For some, it is more than an activity; they consider it a craft as an intricate work of hands is involved. Woodworking is a combination of different activities such as carpentry, wood carving, and joinery. Many types of furniture, pieces of art, and other wood elements are created and completed through woodworking.

To perform woodworking, the best wood router is necessitated. A wood router is an essential tool in any woodworking project whether it is for home projects or commercial use. Any woodworker who is serious about making his projects need this in his workshop to turn projects into crafts.

A wood router can shape wood edges, creating joints, hollowing groves, and creating intricate patterns.  It can do a range of functions, which is why it is indispensable for a wood craftsperson. Here are the top wood routers to include in your selection. The features of the equipment are discussed along with wood router reviews from customers. Customer feedback will be a confirmation of the router stays true to what is advertised.

PictureModelEditor RatingsOur Review
Bosch 1617EVSPK  (4.6 / 5)
463+ Reviews
Our Review
DEWALT DWP611PK  (4.8 / 5)
425+ Reviews
Our Review
PORTER-CABLE 690LR  (4.6 / 5)
283+ Reviews
Our Review
Black & Decker RP250 (4.3 / 5)
173+ Reviews
Our Review
Bosch MRC23EVSK  (4.5 / 5)
78+ Reviews
Our Review

Best Wood Routers Reviews

Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit

The Bosch 1617EVSPK has a 2.25 HP-12 AMP motor that enables the user to work on even heavy and sturdy routing jobs because of the powerful motor. It has a variable speed that can go from 8,000 to 25,000 RPM, which makes it easy to set the rate at an optimal pace depending on the difficulty of the task and the material to be routed. Accuracy is ensured through the Constant Response Circuitry of the router, which keeps the speed at a constant rate as you cut through the material.

Versatility is offered by the Bosch 1617EVSPK 12 Amp by having a plunge and fixed depth bases. It has a microfine bit depth adjustment system that allows for accurate adjustments. The two bases have a precision centering design that is used to center the bit on the sub base or template guides. This functions to ensure that the bit is exactly on the planned cutting line as you utilize guidance tools like dovetail fixtures and templates.

The Bosch 1617EVSPK has had a fairly good feedback from customers. 66% of the 458+ reviews for this equipment was a 5-star rating. One customer expressed that this was the finest router suitable for anyone’s use. It was of superior quality at a reasonable price according to the reviewer.

The construction of the Bosch 1617EVSPK is built with durability in mind. Its accuracy features and variable speed makes it a versatile tool in woodworking. Read our detailed Bosch 1617EVSPK review.

DEWALT DWP611PK Compact Router

The DEWALT DWP611PK is one of the favored wood routers for home and professional use. It is one of the best wood routers for the money with its versatile features including its fixed depth and plunge bases, soft start motor, and variable speed.

Even being a small, palm router, the DEWALT DWP611PK has a powerful motor for its size. It operates on a 1.25 peak HP motor, which makes it suitable for small applications in shops and homes. To reduce the stress on the engine, it is equipped with a soft start feature that temporarily reduces the electrical load on the power train of the motor.

What do customers say about the DEWALT DWP611PK? According to one, he was able to build a guitar using this equipment. It had everything that he needed in this small router. He highlighted the excellent quality of the device.

The variable speed of the DEWALT DWP611PK ranges from 22600 to 2700 RPM, which helps you achieve accuracy and work on a variety of materials and projects since you can adjust the pace of the equipment as per requirements of the project. Even though two bases are present in this equipment, transitioning from one to another is easy. Just lock one of the bases down to use the other. With the capacity of this equipment at its size, it can be utilized for a majority of the projects done at home and in the shop. Read our Dewalt DWP611PK Review.

PORTER-CABLE 690LR Fixed-Base Router

The PORTER-CABLE 690LR is one of the powerful and efficient tools that users favor for their woodworking projects. The 690LR Router has a power capacity of 1 ¾ HP, which is enough to accomplish most home and shop woodworking projects. It has a fixed speed at 27 500 RPM, which is critical in attaining consistency in the performance of the equipment.

You can route several tasks with ease with the ¼ and ½ inch collets and bits compatibility of the wood router. The changing of the router bits is easy as well with the equipment’s auto-release feature. Moreover, it features a microfine adjustment system that guarantees precision and accuracy of the depth adjustments for precise cuts.

Customers have positive things to say about this fixed-base router. One customer stated that the quality of the PORTER-CABLE 690LR was shop production standard. The customer highlighted that it was durable, capable, and simple. Further, he added that it was one wood router to beat.

The overall key features of the PORTER-CABLE 690LR make it an easy router to handle. If you are wondering what is the best wood router to attain accuracy, this is one of the tools that you should consider. Aside from its consistency, you can expect good control from it. It is also durable since it has a sealed bearing that blocks and other small particles from entering the router’s system. Read our Porter Cable 690LR Review.

Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router

The Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router is viewed as the best plunge router in the market by many customers. It is a unique router that can handle advanced functions of fixed based router handles. To make it easier to perceive its versatility, just think that when you own this equipment, it is like having two tools in just one unit.

The speed of the router ranges from 8000 to 27000 RPM. It has a spindle lock mechanism that allows users for easy shifting of the bits. Its longevity and protection are guaranteed with its dust collection system, which prevents the motor from accumulating dust and overheating. The visibility of the user is aided by the sightline base that provides a clear view of what you are working on.

The Black & Decker RP250 10-Amp has received good feedback from customers, garnering an editor rating of 4.3/5. One customer said that the unit was worth its price. According to the customer, there was no power shortage when using the unit and that was able to deliver with the cuts that it makes.

The plunge base of the Black & Decker RP250 makes it usable for a variety of applications, which can also perform tasks available in fixed-based routers. If you are concerned about the durability of this equipment, know that the motor has a housing that protects it from damage. There is also a dust collection system that ensures there will be no minute particles that will damage the interior of the router. Read our Black Decker RP250 Review.

Bosch MRC23EVSK Variable-Speed Router Pack

The Bosch MRC23EVSK is an attractive piece of equipment for many woodworkers with its positive features. The unit features a trigger control system, which has a power switch that allows the user improved control on the routing and the equipment. The trigger is located at your fingertips to make it accessible without having to let go of one hand to reach for the machine first. The unit also has a precision centering design, which allows you to use subbases, fixtures, and templates.

Under the plunge base of the Bosch MRC23EVSK 2.3 HP, an after lock depth adjustment is featured for the precision of any adjustments to the plunge settings. As for the fixed-based depth adjustment, a microfine adjustment range is used for accuracy. While routing, the constant response circuitry guarantees the consistency of the router’s speed.

About 65% of this fixed-based and plunge router reviews were 5-star ratings for the Bosch MRC23EVSK One customer stated that the unit was powerful and of great value. Another customer expressed that although it is not a perfect combo router, it is a magnificent model.

One of the best features of the Bosch MRC23EVSK is its variable speed. It is important to suit the requirements of the woodworking task at hand such as what type of workpiece will be routed. The soft grip handles of the machine make it easier to hold on to while improving the user’s control and comfort when routing. All of these make the Bosch MRC23EVSK a quality tool to work with. Read our Bosch MRC23EVSK Review.

Wood Router Buying Guide

Understanding the Different Types of Wood Routers

Understanding the types of wood routers is important when choosing the appropriate equipment to purchase. The choice of router design must be based on the project and task the buyer wants to accomplish. The two primary types of the best woodworking router are the plunge and fixed base routers. The design of the router will determine how the router operates and which tasks it is most suitable for use.

Explaining the Router Design

The wood router is constructed with a router case that encapsulates the motor. This insulates the motor while it is also used as a guide to move the router across the materials being worked on. Inside the case, the router’s blade (bit) spins to make the cuts, holes, and other changes on the piece of wood. The metal clamping sleeve that holds the bit or blade at the base of the router is called the collet.

Types of Wood Router

Plunge Router

A plunge router has a spring-loaded base that can be pushed down into the piece of wood. It can reach a particular depth and hold in place by locking the spring-loaded base. The bit depth can be adjusted in this type of router by unlocking the depth release and also moving the base either in or out. Because of the adjustable features, the plunge wood router is versatile and hence costs more.

Fixed Base Router

Unlike with the plunge router where you can adjust the bit depth while the router is running, the fixed base router requires you to set the bit depth before you use the equipment. You cannot adjust it once it is already running. Straight line precision is best achieved with this type of router. This is an ideal choice for beginners because it is lighter than plunge routers and is also much easier to work with.

How to Search for the Ideal Wood Router?

Now that you have discovered the top wood routers in the market and the elements of the router design, your next task is to decide which is best suited for the nature of your woodworking and what materials you commonly work with. As you shop for a wood router, let’s take a look at the factors you need to consider:

A router that matches your needs.

Be realistic about your skill level and your actual needs. Compact wood routers are more affordable and easy to use. Combo router kits enable you to benefit from the features and functionality of both the plunge and fixe-based routers. You also have to consider other features, the price, functionality, size, and many other aspects that will affect the quality of your task.

A router with flexible features

Consider if the wood router has variable speed. This is important for the user to work with different materials and under varied requirements of the project. Check for the features of the router that will sustain its durability and longevity. Some wood routers have protection elements. Some have dust collection systems to ensure the smooth operation of the unit.

Does it need to have electronic feedback circuitry to suit variable needs of techniques? Some wood routers include a soft start in the features of a good router. A soft starter will reduce the noise and stress upon the startup of the unit. Another feature is the spindle lock. This is important in making bit changing easy and straightforward. There are several other features that you need to consider depending on your budget, preferences, and project requirements.

Bits that match your router

The bits come in different designs, which create varied cuts in a piece of work material. The router bits include round nose, Roman ogee, Dado, dovetail, round over, cover, beading, chamfer, rabbeting, and V-Groove. These are available in a variety of sizes to match the size of the router.

The right router brand

Different manufacturers with various brands offer a range of durability, capacity, and levels of ease of use. Some brands have patented mechanism and features that make wood routing more precise and easier. Considering what brands have to offer will lead you to better knowledge on what to expect from wood router models that come from a particular manufacturer.

A router with the right size

Some routers are compact and lightweight while some are bigger and heavier. You have to consider your level as a woodworker when choosing the size. Compact and light router sizes are ideal for beginners as this will be easier to control. You also have to take into account the available space in your area. If you have little space to spare, compact units will be better for you. Otherwise, you can purchase bigger wood routers.

 A single router or combo kit

In dedicated bases that just has a single routing base of either fix-based or plunge, you will only be able to explore options for adjustment in one type routing that you have chosen. On the other hand, combo kits allow you to transition from one base to another. This is an element of versatility that many wood routers want to achieve.


Wood routers are essential tools in the creation of furniture, intricate patterns, cutting, edging, and many other tasks involving wood, and even plastic. The precision of the details of projects relies heavily on the use of the right wood router. Wood routers can be utilized for the accomplishments of both commercial and personal projects including woodworking DIYs. The aesthetic sense of a woodworking project will depend on the control and maneuver of the wood router.

Thus, precise changes through bit depth adjustments are critical for wood routers as they create a craft from the project at hand. This woodworking resource is not something the world could live without, especially in furniture and sculpture making, and if you are aiming to invest in this tool, you need to choose the model and unit correctly. This will enable you to make a masterpiece or a right project from the workpieces that you have.

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