Best Woodworking Book Reviews 2019

Woodworking simply means a skill of making crafts out of woods.  It is a simple act of designing and applying techniques to come up with different wood products, including cabinets, furniture and more basic finish of this carpentry.

This article will help you choose the best woodworking books that can help you in studying the basics and fundamentals in woodworking.

Many authors have written numerous books and journals about woodworking; they only vary in forms and techniques in woodworking.

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Best Woodworking Book Reviews

Joint Book

This book speaks for itself, rated 4.6 of 5, written by the famous writer, Terrie Noll, who himself ventures in woodworking.

This is considered one of the best woodworking books because this best fits every carpenter and woodworker’s needs, including those easy DIY steps in woodworking.

The book boasts with simplicity and easy-to-access functionality. Photographs and images provide an easy-learning manual, which is best for beginners as well.

The book also contains a step-by-step guide in making edges and craft joints, which are usually done by woodworking specialists, or the so-called master woodturners.

Joint book is made to be detailed enough for the convenience in learning the practical and handy information and knowledge in enhancing the joint-making skills.

Every tip mentioned is easy to follow and is standardized. Illustrations are clearly presented in different angles to get a clearer picture of the outcome while the application of techniques mentioned in the book is perfect in creating joints for houses and buildings.

Wood joinery is one of the most difficult, yet fulfilling sub-category of woodworking, where every small detail is important to achieve in this kind of craft.

Woodworking Basics

The Woodworking Basics, authored by Peter Korn, rated 4.5 out of 5, is second to Joint Book.

This talks more on heading start in learning woodworking craftsmanship; the book focuses on the development stage of woodworking. The author uses an integrated approach in presenting the knowledge that he himself has learned during his early learning-stage in woodworking.

If you are yet a beginner woodworker, then this book is right your needs. This highlights a-step by-step manual in woodworking with an integrated technique that is easy to follow. Every woodworker has a particular skill, which is basically different from other woodworkers.

This book best fits those who would like to technically learn the theories, considering the different skills, in woodworking.

This book also includes the safety techniques and methods in woodworking, thus providing in-depth information for beginners that would help them prevent from accidents while working.

The uses of hand tools are also explained in clear and concise manner, including the easy-to-follow milling of foursquare technique in cutting the dovetail. These are important aspects in woodworking that you need to fit the two ends of the log together in a perfect cut.

The Anarchist’s Tool Chest

Christopher Schwarz book rated 4.3 out of 5, “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest”, noted as one of the best woodworking books, presents the first-hand experiences of Schwarz in woodworking.

The book is story-telling the author’s tool chest. Furthermore, Schwarz explained the reasons why woodworkers should continue making furniture even the world is being modernized.

If you are looking for a good reading material for tool selection, then this book is right for you.  Schwarz provided a list of tools that every woodworker should have. These are sets of tools needed to finish and construct a tool chest.

Working with the appropriate hand tools is an essential need in woodworking. Schwarz used his own experiences to give his readers a hint on what tools to use.

In addition, Schwarz utilized effective analogies and humor all throughout his book, which is all, is quite effective in entertaining while delivering knowledge to his readers. New and amateur woodworkers are the target audience of his book.

Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings

So far, this book got the highest rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. The book, Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings, written by Aldren A. Watson, is ideal for long time woodworkers.

The title best describes the content of the book, which is all about the extensive explanations on the uses of hand tools. This is also perfect for those who are looking for expert experiences in hand tools.

This is undeniably one of the best woodworking books in the market. All information is written in a rich manner where questions regarding hand tools are provided by definitive answers.

You basically get what you ask for, hence, the book is perfect for woodworkers sporting for straight and concise answers to their dilemma in hand tools.

The book is affordable; hence, the perfect choice for individuals with a tight budget. The great thing about this book is the information is made clear to provide multiple answers.

Watson also provided manipulation techniques of the different tools to better understand and maximize the uses of every hand tool. The best thing on having this book is the fine illustrations showing the actual lines made.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery, authored by Gary Rogowski, explains the guide to joinery. The book is rated 4 stars out of 5, which is slightly lower than the former books.

This book talks on the methods of joinery, which is a special skill in woodworking. Joinery is done where a timber and lumbers are joined together to produce an integrated complex of a finished product.

Numerous books are available but still, this book of Rogowski made its way to one of the best woodworking books. This is because of the in-depth explanation of joinery mentioned in the book, which is hard to perform for most beginners in woodworking.

The author used a lot of photo essays to provide details joinery and woodworking. He also wittingly provided sample projects that woodworkers could use to create their crafts like simple boxes.

Of all the mentioned books, this one could help you in deciding what kind of project you should work on in joinery.  It is actually very hard to begin working on a project if you haven’t fully decided what you want to work on.

The functions of the pieces were also strategically included in every project to provide learning while in the actual joining of pieces. In this case, you would be able to apply it to other projects as well.

Types of Woodworking

Here are the types of woodworking techniques that you try as you learn your way in this wonderful craft.  Woodworks can be divided based on the process, either for the production or for precision.

If you are dealing with production woodwork, you need to work with machines. That would definitely be time savvy. If you’d rather choose the precision woodwork, bear in mind that this is a very tedious process since you are manually working on details.

Decide for yourself whether you are after production or precision before you start looking for the best woodworking books to use as a reference material.

Consideration in Buying a Book in Woodworking

Remember that woodwork is a vast versatile skill.  It is easy to choose the best book; as easy as to regret from buying it. It is a smart move if you could take a while on thinking and clearly deciding what area in woodworking will you be focusing on before buying a book.

There are many different books available for every specialization in woodworking. If you are not sure on what to buy, try to hit your internet and check on credible customer reviews; you may opt to compare them. Try also to check on the comments received especially those came from experienced woodworkers.

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In finding the best woodworking books, it is important to consider the area of specialization in woodworking that you actually want to learn and practice.

Make use of the best woodworking books available in the store to fully get the most of this wonderful craftsmanship. It takes practice to be good, so better have a good book on hand.