BOSTITCH 651S5 Staple Gun Review

Staple guns are very useful tools in most industrial and professional jobs. The BOSTITCH 651S5 boasts its user-friendly feature and efficacy. You would be able to maximize its convenience for most of your tasks. Aside from this, the flip nose design makes it easy to remove jammed staples.

This is perfect if you are tired of using hand-powered staple guns. BOSTITCH 651S5 is considered as a professional gun powered by air pressure. You would surely enjoy working with this tool, and you don’t need to worry about sore hands. With an air-pressured staple gun like this tool, you would experience added convenience and comfort.

Anti-Jam Feature

Many staple guns experience jammed staples most of the time. If you are tired of experiencing this problem, then you should have the BOSTITCH 651S5 staple gun. This tool was built with an anti-jam feature. It lessens the tendency of the staples to get jammed in the magazine. Of course, occasionally, you would be able to experience this. The good news is it would be surely lessened.

The quick release nose piece would be the one responsible in removing the jam as fast as it could. You don’t need to waste time in trying to get the jammed staple. This feature makes this staple gun popular for most consumers.

It is undeniable that one of the customer’s frustrations is jammed staples. Instead of making your task easier and faster to finish, you end up wasting time with this problem. This staple gun is a perfect choice for businesses that need to have faster production.

Compact Design

If you really want to have the convenience of carrying staple gun that is very lightweight and compact, BOSTITCH 651S5 is the one that you should be looking for. Compared with other staple guns in the market, this is lighter in nature and presents portability.

You can even fit it in your bag. While working, you can hold it even with one hand. Even if you need to work for longer hours, you won’t feel that tired because of its compact design. That makes it the perfect choice even for home use.

If your job requires you to go to different places, then this is the right fit for you. It is very easy to carry around even if you need to carry it the whole time.

It’s true that it has a compact design, but you should not underestimate its power. It is an electric staple gun so you should expect a real performance from it.

BOSTITCH 651S5 Features

  • Designed for 16-gauge staples
  • Magazine that could hold up to 160 staples – This feature allows you to work without having to refill it every time. This would help you save much of your time.
  • Adjustable depth of drive – You have the option to alter or change the depth of drive. You can either increase it or decrease it as well.
  • Narrow nose – for those people who have trouble seeing things clearly while working, this is an advantage. The nose is made narrow to improve the visibility of the surface.
  • Very lightweight and compact – This staple gun is so easy to carry because it is so light. You can also bring it anywhere without being burdened by its weight.
  • Anti-jam feature – This feature allows you to remove the jammed staples. It would decrease the tendency of the staples to get jammed, thus, increasing your level of productivity.

BOTSTITC 651S5 Reviews

The BOSTITCH 651S5 was given a rating of 8.5 out of 10 by the users and buyers of this product. The reason why many users endorsed it is because of its compact design. It provides them convenience whenever they need to carry it around.

One review noted that this is a staple gun that is tremendously powerful regardless of its size. He is able to benefit from it for most of his home projects and tasks. He is awed by the rapid-fire engine of this staple gun. According to him, so far, this is his best stapler for his home errands.

Majority of the customer feedbacks highlighted the anti-jam feature of this tool. They are very satisfied with the efficacy of this feature of BOSTITCH 651S5. They even noted that they were able to finish their tasks early because of this feature.

Things to Improve

This staple gun is, like other tools in its league, is really prone to occasional jamming. However, it must be noted that this is really common for most of the staple guns in the market. The BOSTITCH 651S5 has the edge because of its ability to minimize the jamming of staples.


The BOSTITCH 651S5 is one of the most compact electric staple guns in the market. It is perfect for professional and home use. If you would like to experience the comfort of working, it is time to avail this tool. Try to know more about the best compact staple gun in the market. For more information, it is recommended to read the Best Staple Gun Reviews.