Chicago Electric Industrial Tile/Brick Saw Review

The Chicago Electric Brick Saw ensures that your struggles with wet tile saws will finally cease. There’s about a significant $500 difference between the more affordable Chicago Electric Brick Saw and a comparable DeWalt saw. As far as tool fiends go, this is the powerhouse they should favor even though they can afford the more expensive DeWalt offerings. After all, the Chicago Electric wet tile saw provides more bang for your buck plus it’s not junk at all if it’s capable of cutting entire bricks in every which way as well as the softest, most brittle of porcelain tiles. Simply put, the Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10″ Industrial Tile/Brick Saw is a great saw for a great price. It makes sense and cents in savings.

A Decent 10-Inch Plunge Saw

If you’re in need of a decent 10-inch plunge saw, then this wet tile saw from Chicago Electric that could handle both industrial tiles and the thickest of bricks should do the trick. It’s able to adapt to cutting the hardest of stone work pieces and the most delicate of porcelain tiles with the right adjustments. It won’t cause breakage on either its own saw on stony materials or on ceramic tiles that have a tendency to break when too much uneven force is exerted upon them. Your renovations will have a professional touch to them every time you make use of the Chicago Electric Brick Saw. It’s something that also lasts you for over a few years.

An Amazing Blade 

The key feature that allows the Chicago Electric Industrial Tile/Brick Saw to be able to cut through brick (aside from it being a powerhouse of a workhorse wet tile saw with 2.5 horsepower to spare) and stone tiles is your ability to choose only the best katana-sharp blades that can cut through anything with minimal wear and tear with the right RPM and adjustability with its head pivot and cutting head options. As long as you invest on a great blade that does premium cuts and you’ll be able to do all sorts of stonework and masonry with absolute ease. What’s more, it’s worth every last penny thanks to its multitude of quality specs, as shown below. 


Here are the specs of Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10-Inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw.

  • Oversized Steel Frame:The smoothness of your operation is assured with its big, stable frame and precision linear bar system that ensures that everything is squared up.
  • Powerful Dual Capacitor Motor: The motor of the Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10-Inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw features thermal overload protection and sealed bearings for ensured power that won’t easily overload.
  • Head Pivot: The head of theChicago Electric Brick Saw is capable of pivoting to allow for 45 degree and 22.4 degree bevel cuts as required by your job.
  • Adjustable Cutting Head: In order to cut up bricks that are up to 3½ inches in thickness, you need an adjustable cutting head that can cut the thickest of bricks or standard tiles without breakage.
  • Cutting Capacity: TheChicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10-Inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw has an amazing cutting capacity of 24 inches.

Customer Reviews 

I had my reservations when getting the Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10-Inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw. Why should I buy a $750 saw that I can only use for short bursts for 50 hours in the coming years when I could buy for an extra $500 a DeWalt? I eventually gave in and bought the Chicago Electric Industrial Tile Saw because it’s easy to setup; it’s a worthwhile 50 hours of smooth cutting action, and when everything is said and done, it’s worth every last penny. Besides which, its table stayed square to the blade whenever it travels back and forth, ensuring uniform machine cuts every time. 

The Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower Tile/Brick Saw has received 51 reviews and has a 4.5 rating on


There are customers in—the so-called Amazonian users— who are verified purchasers of the Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower 10-Inch Industrial Tile/Brick Saw and who claim that there are times that you might get a dud for every great Chicago Electric saw offered. Yes, it got a high 4.5 rating among 51 reviews, but for something that’s a good deal for its price, there are units that have missing parts when delivered to some of their customers. You might also need to buy six ⅜ inch machine bolts separately in order to just make the unit work. What’s more, it doesn’t come with a blade, so you have to buy that separately too.


You will save hundreds by buying this unit, but you will have your share of headaches. You have to buy certain parts separately and certain items that should be included might be missing, like six ⅜ inch machine bolts. If you’re willing to deal with these annoyances, you will save $500 (more or less, since you’ll have to buy a separate blade too, but the upside is that you can get the best blade possible) compared to buying a more expensive model. It’s a good deal depending on your priorities: Are you more concerned about savings or are you willing to pay loads of money for better saw convenience? Still, check out more best tile saw here with detailed buying guide.