Decor ideas to embrace autumn in your home

Just because summer has gone, it does not necessarily mean that it is time to close up in on yourself and simply wait for the darkness of winter. Autumn has an atmosphere and with it, a real sense of its own character and, while we are more than likely going to be spending more time indoors, it makes a lot of sense to embrace this season within our homes.

Here we share a few ideas on how to bring an autumnal tone to your humble abode and put your own personal stamp on this already distinctive season:

1. Creating the right scent

Whether you consider it to be the death of summer and simply a stop-gap before Christmas, or if you look forward to the season, you cannot deny that autumn has a range of its own unique scents. Ginger, Halloween candy, bonfires, and pumpkins are all extremely popular scents that many of us fill our homes with, whether it is through candles or a reed diffuser.

Whatever tone you wish to set in your living space, you have an almost overwhelming variety to choose from. But, there is certainly a scent for everyone, from those wishing to create a fun atmosphere – with trick or treat candles – to those who prefer a more cozy and homely feeling, by lighting up a Cedarwood and orange blossom scented candle.

2. Colors. Colors. Colors.

If you are considering painting a part of your home for autumn, as with any season, colors are everything. A feature wall in a teal green or an earthy brown can set your home up for an incredible season. If you would like to be on trend, you could opt for increasingly popular cobalt blue, to match the changing skies.

Likewise, yellow or orange accessories, such as cushions, throws or chairs can marry beautifully with the changing colors of the leaves outside.

3. Bringing the outdoors in

Just because it may be darker and colder, it does not mean that the fun has to stop. Autumn is an excellent chance for you to be creative. By styling your home’s decor in Autumnal accessories, you can truly embrace the changing of the season and give your living space a new look.

Pressed leaves collages can make a very effective wall hanging and by placing acorns in mason jars or glass vases, you can add the finishing touches to a home that reflect the magic of autumn. What is more, potpourri and pine cones can make a cost-effective centerpiece.

4. Keeping the back door open

If you are not quite ready to say farewell to experiencing atmospheric evenings, throw your aluminum bi-fold doors open and let the autumn air into your homes. There is nothing quite like sitting in front of a wood burner with some extra blankets and taking in the changing colors of the sky as it turns from afternoon to evening tonight.