DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L Black Heated Jacket Kit Review

The DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L is a suitable jobsite apparel if you want to stay comfortably heated as you work in harsh environmental conditions such as winter.

The heat that this jacket kit provides is enough to keep you from contracting diseases and illnesses that are common when exposed to extreme cold. Thanks to the features of this jacket, your work performance will not be affected by an uncomfortable low temperature.

The unit features a pre-heat function that allows you to warm up the jacket before you head outdoors or into an area with low temperatures. Through this, you can prevent going into a cold environment and having to heat up the jacket just then and there. This jacket is ideal for those working in the warehouse industry and similar jobs that subject them to extreme weather conditions.

Ergonomic Design for Utmost Comfort & Protection Against Cold

The DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L was design with jobsite conditions in mind since it is highly suitable for harsh temperatures. The jacket is made from a heavy-duty material, cotton twill, which provides the water and wind resistance of the outer shell. The jacket is also flexible since you can adjust the cuffs and the waistline.

The hood of the jacket has a good size, enough to provide coverage and protection for the head and neck. Its five pockets also have enough size to contain personal gadgets and other belongings.

One of the inside pockets of the jacket is designed with leads and 2 slots for USB charging as well as plugging headphones. This pocket can be used to provide a power boost for your electronic gadgets while you are working. This also enables you to listen to music as you perform your tasks.

Not only does the jacket design provide comfort and protection, it also delivers convenience and an avenue for simple entertainment while doing your duties.

Optimized Heat Zones for Effecting Warming

The DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L has fur core heating zones positioned at the left and right chest, collar, and mid-back. These zones are heated through an LED controller, which allows you to choose among the three temperature settings.

You can choose from high, medium, and low heat settings depending on how warm you want to be.

DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L Features & Specifications

  • Four (4) Core Heating Zones inside the Jacket – mid back, collar, and upper left and right chest
  • LED Controller with 3 temperature settings – high, medium, low
  • Pre-heat Feature. Two (2) USB Routing ports – for cellphone and other portable gadget charging
  • Five (5) Pockets – for convenient and sufficient storage of some personal belongings
  • Material – Water and wind resistant polyester. Power Source – 12 V/ 20 V battery
  • Comes with Battery Fuel Gauge. Heated Runtime – up to 7.5 hours
  • Warranty Description – 1 year limited warranty (jacket); 3 year limited warranty (USB charger) 

DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L Reviews and Ratings

The DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L already has 164+ reviews, which is composed mostly of positive feedback. For this and our own assessment of the product, we give it a rating of 8.4/10 stars.

One satisfied customer said that this jacket kit was worth every penny paid for it. He said that it was an ideal apparel for those working in cold environments. He mentioned that the outer shell was tightly woven enabling it to withstand dirt and water.

Another customer commented that its design was really attractive, making it a good gift to give. This is the cherry on top of its heating capacity. According to one other customer, he used this jacket to work outside and it kept him warm even without turning the temperature control.

Many other customers had positive things to say about this jacket, as they were impressed how it stayed true to its promises and provided additional benefits for its supplemental features.

Things to Improve

Even with the many noticeable good things about this jacket, it also has its setbacks. One comment made by a customer was that he found the battery pack a bit too bulky. One other comment was about the positioning of the battery packet. According to the customer, it would have been better if the battery pocket were more accessible.

These issues are a matter of preference. But surely, these are aspects that the manufacturer should take note for improvement. Other than these, the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L is a worthy apparel to invest in.


The heating capacity of the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L has been well-thought off since it provided sufficient warmth—not too heated and not too cold. The durable material of the outer shell, make it suitable even when work under harsh conditions. It will not easily get damaged even with regular wearing.

For this, its features and functions, and overall quality, the DEWALT DCHJ060C1-L heated jacket kit is a recommendable product for tough jobsite conditions.

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