DEWALT DCHJ062B-S Camo Heated Jacket & Adaptor Review

The DEWALT DCHJ062B Camo Heated Jacket is a suitable apparel for taking on outdoor tasks. Its camo design, however, make it ideal for hunting use. Its water resistant outer shell provides the comfort and protection that you need against cold and other environmental elements while you are out in the woods. Through this, hunting will be safer and more entertaining for you.

This heated jacket is designed with 7 pockets to accommodate gadgets, wallets, phones, and other personal belongings. These pockets are also covered by the water-resistant shell of the jacket, which keeps your things protected even as you perform outdoor activities.

The pockets are located on the left and right waist, left and right stomach, left outer chest, and the left and right inner chest. Thanks to these pockets, you can bring along with you your necessities without having to bring additional bags.

Improved Comfort & Protection with Heating Function & Jacket Design

The DEWALT DCHJ062B-S can be heated in the different levels namely, high, medium, and low for better warmth precision. It also comes in a pre-heat function to allow you to warm up the jacket even before heading out. You can choose among these options through the LED controller of the jacket kit, which displays different light indicators for each temperature setting.

The heat is optimally distributed through the four core heating zones of the jacket, which are located on the mid-back, upper left chest, upper right chest, and the collar. This heating function enables you to go outdoors with a guarantee of comfort as well as protection since low temperatures contribute in the contraction of diseases.

Furthermore, the jacket design that features a removable hood and a face guard also adds to the comfort and protection provided by the entire product.

Extended Heated Runtime for Better Experience Outdoors

The DEWALT DCHJ062B is compatible with a 20V MAX battery that can provided up to 7.5 hours of heated runtime. The 12V MAX battery storage is in a dedicated battery pocket in the jacket. It can be expanded to accommodate the 20V MAX battery.

Routing ports for a USB cable are available so that the battery pocket can reach the inner left chest to charge your phone. Since there are two routing ports, you can use the other one to charge another portable gadget that you have with you.

DEWALT DCHJ062B-S Features and Specifications

  • Power Source – DEWALT 20V and 12V Batteries delivers hours of core body warmth and constant heat
  • Heated Runtime – extends up to 7.5 hours under the low setting
  • TRUE TIMBER™ CAMO Design – ideal for hunting activities. Water and wind resistant jacket outer shell – Soft and quiet
  • Four (4) Core heating areas – upper left chest, upper right chest, collar, and mid-back
  • Three (3) temperature settings – High, medium, and low, comes with pre-heat feature
  • Removable hood – delivers added protection from environmental and outdoor elements
  • USB Power Source – accommodates DEWALT 20V MAX and 12V MAX battery types
  • Comes with Battery fuel gauge. Two (2) USB power ports – allows for portable electronics charging
  • Battery pocket – can be expanded to accept the 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion batteries for extended heated runtime

DEWALT DCHJ062B-S Reviews and Ratings

The DEWALT DCHJ062B-S is reviewed by 48+ buyers already. Assessing customer feedback as well as the quality and functions of the jacket, we give it a rating of 8.8/10 stars. With this amount of reviews, a majority has been found to be positive comments about the jacket.

One customer said that for its price, the jacket surely is of great quality. He added that the batteries did not bulk up or make the jacket heavier than preferred. He concluded that he recommends this product to others.

Another reviewer said that he had the jacket for over a year now and so far, its performance has not faltered. Many other customers echo each other’s sentiments of satisfaction by describing the jacket as awesome, great, and highly recommendable.

Things to Improve

Just like other heated jackets, the DEWALT DCHJ062B-S also has its flaws. One common thing that customers observed was that its battery adaptor was larger than what they prefer. Another said that he would have loved it more if there were heat zones in the hand pockets.

Another customer expressed that he found the battery pocket positioning a little bit odd but it did not bother him. Other than these minor flaws, there are no great issues that overshadow the benefits of this jacket.


The DEWALT DCHJ062B-S, with its heating capacity, extended heated runtime, superb design, and compatible accessories, is a recommendable apparel for outdoor use during the winter season and other cold weather conditions. Its camo design make it a perfect outer clothing when hunting.

Overall, the quality and the features provided by this jacket make it a worthy investment for comfort and protection.

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