DEWALT DW735X 13″ Two-Speed Planer Package Review

Here’s what you should expect from the DeWalt DW735X. It has a 20,000 RPM, 15-AMP motor with 10,000 RPM cutter head speed. What this means is that its motor is extra powerful and can cut fast and accurately. The accuracy of the DeWalt 735X comes from its changeable, replaceable knives, two-speed gear b ox that allows you to speed up or slow down cutting depending on which way is more accurate in gauging thickness, and you can get cuts per inch (CPI) at 96 to 179 CPI.

15-AMP 20,000 RPM Motor with 10,000 RPM Cutter Head Speed

The main claim to fame that the DeWalt DW735X has its 15-AMP 20,000 RPM Motor with 10,000 RPM Cutter Head Speed for sure; after all, it’s faster and more powerful than many of its competition, plus there are makes and models from DeWalt that it beats out in raw hardwood-planer action. It handles a wider array of materials and cuts wider materials easily. You’ll get your money’s worth with this tool after two small projects guaranteed. 

Convenient and Replaceable Three Knife Cutter Heads

Just like it’s more convenient to replace your shaver or razor for trimming down your facial hair so that you won’t end up with a perennial five o’clock shadow or look like a hobo after a few weeks of not shaving, so too is it less time-consuming and more savings-friendly to have a three-knife cutter head that delivers 30% longer knife life than other brands, yet can be changed faster and easier than them to boot.

Effective Wood, Dust, and Debris Management 

This is arguably the best thing about the DeWalt DW735X. Customers everywhere are raving about it, especially on the Verified Purchases comments on the review section of DeWalt DW735X‘s page. If you have a dedicated shop vacuum or dust collection system in your tool shed, the dust hood of the DW735X makes cleanup a breeze. The shavings tend to pile up, and it’s great to have fan-assisted chip ejection vacuums available to handle everything for you. 

Product Specifications

Here are the specs of the DeWalt DW735X.

  • Manufacturer: DeWalt
  • Item Model Number: DW735X
  • Dimensions: 24 inches by 22 inches by 18 inches
  • Planer Type: Benchtop Planer/Thickness Planer
  • Cutting Head Type: Three-knife cutter head
  • Knife Thickness: 13 inches
  • Cuts Per Inch: 96-179 CPI
  • Warranty: 30-day no-risk trial, one year service contract, and one year warranty.
  • Power Source: Electric cord
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • Shipping Policies: It can be shipped within and outside the USA.

DW735X Customers Reviews and Scores

Based on customers review, the DeWalt 735X garnered a 4.6 ratings.

There is one user who find this planer as, “…a fantastic planer for DIY/semi-professional workshop.” He also added that the DeWalt DW735X handles its work load very fine. Another user also stated that the machine was very easy to setup and it only takes about 5 minutes then it is ready to use.


Even though it has loads of advantages, the DW735X by DeWalt does fall short on certain aspects. You don’t really need all-hardwood-cutting action afforded by the DW735X. Furthermore, depending on your needs, there’s no need to “upgrade” from a DW734 or DW735 if you already have them. This is especially true with the more affordable DW735, which is practically the “vanilla” version of DW735X without certain extra trimmings.

Head To Head Comparison between DeWalt Benchtop Planers 

  • DW734: It has a 15-AMP, two-speed motor as well, making it a decent benchtop planer with prerequisite three-knife cutter head and a 10,000 RPM speed for said cutter head. It’s arguably the basis for the DW735 and DW735X, since they share many of the same specs, only slightly better than their “parent” predecessor or prototype. You’re given 96 cuts per inch, while DW735 and DW735X can go all the way to 179 CPI – See detailed DW734 Review here.
  • DW735: This is a well-built machine with a cast aluminum base that the lighter DW734 lacks. It also has a better base in comparison to the 10-inch bases of similar machines from manufacturers other than DeWalt, since it has a 19.75-inch base that’s several times more rigid than the average benchtop Dewalt planer. It even has an automatic carriage lock that takes away your need for manual engagement when making use of the device.
  • DW735X: Heavier than the DW734 but a virtual clone of the DW735, the DW735X delivers 96-179 CPI, thus allowing it deeper cuts in hardwoods compared to DW734, which can only go up to 96 CPI. Furthermore, although it shares attributes with the DW735, it outdoes its previous version with an extra set of 13-inch knives (disposable) for its cutted head and in-feed, out-feed tables found in DW734 but isn’t found in the more rigid DW735.


In terms of raw power and speed, it seems like the DW735X is the improved versions of its predecessors the DW734 and the DW735. It’s like comparing Windows 98 and XP to Windows 7 or comparing your iPhone 4 and 5 to your iPhone 6. It’s supposed to be better. It has the best of both worlds, with the rigidness and specs of the DW735 but with the in-feed, out-feed tables of DW734. The bottom line here is that with a little extra investment, you can get both the DW734 and the DW735 in one improved machine. It fills in the weaknesses of either tool, although if you don’t necessarily need the extra trimmings of the DeWalt 735X, you can always settle for either model. See more detailed planer reviews, where we touched on the Makita 2012NB & the Bosch 1594K for a broad and fairer comparison! Or see the list of the best planers here.